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3 days ago

I just returned from a very upsetting hike at Pulpit Rock. I can only hope the people involved will see this and choose to reach out, although I realize it's highly unlikely.

I reached the rock with my leashed dog to find a large group of people with about 10+ unleashed dogs. They all came circling back and forth around me and my pet and one dog began to growl and attacked my dog causing several lacerations on her face and eye area.

I should have stayed and gotten information from the people at fault, but I was far too upset, didn't want to risk further injury to my pet, and knew i had to make it down nearly 2 miles to take my dog to the vet. As a responsible pet owner, I am fed up with people's inability to follow the law and leash their pets on this trail.

Everyone thinks their dog is too well behaved to need a leash, but the rules are in place for a reason. I just incurred a hefty bill and nightmare afternoon that could have been avoided had this group of people simply kept their pets leashed.

The hike itself is wonderful, but the popularity of this site means there are many, many people there. Today it was my dog that was attacked, but next time it could be a person or child. Unfortunately, I no longer feel safe hiking this trail due to the entitled nature of those who frequent it.

If anyone was present today, please contact me at chaye405@gmail.com. I did not get any information from the people involved.

Love the temperature. 50°F. Did not like all the rocks. Tried to run down the hill and hurt my ankle. There were Many dogs, I love that! Good view at the top, but only trees and rocks everywhere else. Did not see any wild animals. Disappointed. Over all a good hike, though!

Definitely recommended for families and friends. Moderate hike

Another trail that needs better marking. All trails map was also unclear after reaching the Pinnacle. Pretty outlook. Very rocky so good hiking shoes help.

It was ok. Wouldn’t do it again but it’s a good burn on the legs.

Great hike and very fun bouldering inside the cave at the pinnacle.

15 days ago

Beautiful trail with moderate hiking difficulty and abundant water sources and established campsites. Did the trail south to north parking my car in the northern terminus parking lot and using the Pine Creek Outfitters shuttle to be brought south to the start. Upon the shuttle drivers suggestion, I began on the Bohen Trail, a 1.4 mile trail a couple miles north of the southern terminus, which gives a really nice view of the Bohen run creek and saves a few miles of hiking through stinging nettles (according to the shuttle driver). Very glad I made the decision to start here. Bohen trail is technically “closed” due to a washout a few hundred meters into the trail, but it is very easily climbed over.

Did this trail as my first solo hike in about two and a half days. Almost all hiking through forest for the first half of the trail, then views of the canyon start peeking out along the second half after Bradley Wales campground. The trail does cross dirt roads a couple times and there are a few miles that you have to hike on dirt roads, but for the most part the trail is very secluded. Did the hike Saturday to Monday, and saw no one along the trail until I got close to the end.Best views are around Barbour Rock in the last couple miles of the trail. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good 30 mile easy-moderate trail with plenty of access to water!

Great hike. Start early if the weather is good. It does get crowded. Didn't have any issue keeping on trail.

Beautiful view at the top. Not pleasant if too crowded. We went on a Sunday morning on a beautiful day and we were surprised that there were maybe only 8-10 people up there. We took the white trail to pulpit rock from the parking lot at reservoir road. The blue trail is easier. The white trail which we took up was fairly challenging due to rocks. You can easily miss the pinnacle when you get up there. Look for a large pyramid shaped pile of rocks and it’s right near there. We had the trail to ourselves a lot, with the exception of some “loud talkers” from a group of about 12, some of which had obnoxious personalities.

Hard for me going up, and well worth it!

18 days ago

Not a super challenging hike, but perfect for a fall afternoon. The view from Pulpit Rock makes this hike worth the 5 stars.

Did 10 miles on this trail (5 out 5 back) in just under 4 hours. Definitely a little technical and parts are overgrown, but the it’s well marked. As others said, parts are very wet. THE DIRECTIONS FROM ALLTRAILS DO NOT TAKE YOU TO THE TRAILHEAD. Use 8147 Rattlesnake Pike, Snow Shoe PA 1687 instead.

good trail. it would've been better if jerks wouldve left trash behind

Great Hike, nice steady climb to overlook. Very crowded. Took counter clockwise route.

I was at the Pinnacle twice this past week. Be careful of snakes at the top on the right when you first get to the overlook. I saw a copperhead and Timber rattlesnake. However this is always a great hike with spectacular views both at The Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock! Wear good shoes!

My husband and I hiked this trail on a clear, winter day in January and nearly had it to ourselves. It was mostly flat and wooded -- very peaceful. The views from the top were lovely. Highly recommend.

Be sure to wear hiking shoes and stay for a couple of hours to complete this hike. The vistas are awesome. I went to pulpit rock first and then journeyed on to the Pinnacle lookout behind the huge pile of rocks.

I was unable to find my way back through the shorter route and wound up spending 7 hours and hiking over 8 miles or more because there aren’t really good markings for the shorter path back. There are quite a few spots with no cell service (at Pinnacle Peak for one) also, so don’t rely on your cell phones GPS for navigation.

Leave yourself lots of time and be sure to bring water and maybe a snack and you should be good. First time on the AT, so I think I learned a few lessons about how to prepare for my next hike. Enjoy!

Would do this trail again, but would make sure to go clockwise rather than counter clockwise

1 month ago

Did the whole trail starting at. Huckleberry Rd. The campsites can be few and far between, especially in the 8 mi swamp section so plan accordingly. Calling this moderate is a stretch, it gets pretty technical.

This is a great hike, with amazing views and lots of interesting rocks to navigate. The descent along the creek is peaceful and nice. A great hike 8-9 miles

Outstanding hike! The views at the pinnacle are amazing. I’m betting the views on the way to the pinnacle are also amazing but a lot of foliage. That’s ok, good excuse to go back in the fall! We prefer the clockwise direction of the loop, but fun either way. Take water!

1 month ago

Awesome hike, have done the entire trail point to point and have done half by starting at Bradley Wales. Awesome vistas and a lot of cool hikes through the woods. The trail can get a little close to the edge at times but all in all is safe, just watch your step. Will probably be doing it again in a few years.

Great views, friendly hikers along the way. Follow the white trail markers on the trees, or it is easy to get lost. Otherwise, a great upward trek with much satisfaction at the end.

1 month ago

Great hike! Not too steep. Great views once at the top. Watch out for snakes!

Great Hike with amazing views! Make sure to take water and a few snacks, it's a LONG hike if you do the full trail/loop. Make a pit stop at Pulpit Rock...absolutely incredible.

1 month ago

This trail is amazing!! We’ve done this trail twice now. The 1st time we didn’t leave ourselves enough time to hike the whole thing so we drove in and day hiked a couple of the spots with great vistas, it was the 2nd weekend in oct last fall, the colours of the leaves where still amazing. The 2nd time was this spring and we started our hike at the 16 mile mark and completed it in 2 days. Next time, the whole 30 miles!!
Also the staff at Pinecreek Outfitters are absolutely incredible, so helpful and friendly.

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