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Don’t be afraid to go towards the houses. You’ll take a pretty steep hike up to the swings that overlook SLO. Beautiful views. Fun hike.

This trail is straight up. Bring water because you’re in the sun most of the time. My Garmin watch clocked the mileage at 6.6 miles not 5.9.

Great, but difficult hike with a wonderful view at the top! Wear good hiking shoes!

14 days ago

The hike has a total of 14 river crossing to just get to the trail head. We took a non 4 wheel drive vehicle and made it. You do have to take the river crossing super slow otherwise the water will splash on the battery and you’ll have to wait to let it dry before your car will start (Found out the hard way). We only hiked to the big falls and then turned around. GPS was a little off and it is closer to 3.6 miles for the entire hike. This time of year the hike had no water from the falls but the river had a little bit of water. Overall great hike if you’re willing to drive through the crossings.

15 days ago

Very nice view at the top!

16 days ago

Great hike! Ends up being closer to 9 miles if you do oats peak as well. The oats peak portion is definitely more on the hard side. Pairs well with Coon Creek trail since it's a breeze.

16 days ago

Today we ended up doing the entire Coon Creak trail then climbed Oak Peak Summit. It was such a beautiful hike. It did get really hot towards the peak, so bring a camelback or a Canteen of water. Not much shade at the peak. The views are breathtaking. The Oat Peak is challenging since it is 2 miles upward. The peak ended up being around 110 floors. Enjoy the views!

Moderate hike with panoramic views. Great for a morning activity before lunch. Trail well maintained.

29 days ago

Amazing 360 view!

Best views are at the very beginning then it’s not very exciting after that.

1 month ago

We'll definitely go again because I have a CA State Park Pass. It is a great and somewhat difficult trail. My advice would be to bring cash because there is a $10 parking fee if you don't have a pass.

Beautiful trail! Harder than I had thought: better to bring plenty of water and a hat (shade is rare privilege over here). But you do get a wonderful view of the ocean once you reach the top!
Did it in four hours and I took my time.

Amazing hike. Did it as a very long day hike, took ~9 hours. Didn’t see any other hikers except for on the out-and back to the Causeway. Saw a couple friendly bow hunter groups on horseback. Amazing weather, mid-Sept is a great time of year to explore this area as the aspens have started to turn. A bit tricky to follow the trail along the Chinese wall, you’ll lose it and find it again if you stay in the general direction.

2 months ago

Finally made it up today! Pretty steep trail at certain spots but the views from the top are breathtaking! Highly recommend it.

This an moderate hike and the views are spectacular of the Central Coast and some Pacific Ocean. This hike is well worth doing, best in the spring when everything is blooming and it is not too hot, it was foggy on this particular day over the coast so could not see Morro Bay. This trail has both ticks and Poison oak as hazards if you get too close to the sides or go off trail. Rattlesnakes are very common here and warnings are out for Mountain Lions.
Ran into the Laguna Junior High Cross country team towards the end which was a shocker as I had the trail all to myself until I heard them coming! Narrow trail makes that more difficult.

Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

2 months ago

A very nice trail I would rate moderate. I ascended with a portion of the Valencia Peak trail to get a better workout and avoided that route down in order to save the knees. I look forward to returning in April to see the wildflowers.

Excelente ruta para dejar el estrés

2 months ago

This was a decent hike. It was mainly foggy, so we didn’t get a chance to see the “nice” scenery. We started at 8am though, so you may want to wait until the fog lifts to actually enjoy it. The incline was fairly decent. We hiked next to a tower too, so we were able to access the Wi-Fi on our phones. Pretty chill hike!

Nice trail - better in winter as it doesn’t have much shade

Always a pretty hike no matter what the weather or season

3 months ago

If you want a real hike to the top, take the Trespass Trail to the Peak and come down this fire road. The Trespass Trail goes to the right at the junction. If you love hiking the Trespass Trail to Gaviota Peak is by far one of the best hikes i have completed this year. It is not overly strenuous for the average hike although the last half mile to the peak is certainly grueling. I'm not sure how many times I asked myself we must be there, right? But the trail is very enjoyable, lots of true hiking experiences, many different things to see - fields, oak trees, rock formations, the ocean, other peaks, etc. It is not boring at all. The Wind Caves were a nice break in the climb up, and I highly recommend the detour to the Tunnel Overlook. It reconnects with the trail to the top and provides some great views. We took the fire road down which was fine, as we saw the sunset at the top so it was dark. I would think that the fire road up is arduous, great exercise, but by no means a true hike. Going down it was non-stop descent, so the reverse would be true. We did not visit the hot springs as it was dark.

The trail is clean and well maintained. The view was worth the work. Trekking poles are strongly recommended for slick downhill portions.

Walked up the firebreak road to the peak, and turned and walked same way back to parking lot. 6 miles total and about 2. 4K elevation change going up. If you hike during summer leave early as it warms up quick with lack of tree cover further up the trail.

3 months ago

An awesome trail that cuts through the inner valleys of the backside hills in Montana de Oro. Moderate elevation gain, and a few areas where footing can get a bit rough (loose dirt), but overall a relatively easy and well-maintained views. Really nice ocean views in the latter portions of the trail!

3 months ago

Very enjoyable hike... Loved how even though the parking lot was full, we were the only people out hiking on this particular trail.
DO pay attention while you're out here though. On our way back we encountered a mountain lion crossing the path. Pretty sure he was headed to get a drink, but wow!

All together spent 8 hours, started at church scrambled up loose rocks to properly insert myself on trail, I'm still sore! Came down near Costco went into wholefoods had dinner. Great views, great training exercise. Used Aveenza offline map app works great.

Great elevation changes to warm you up.

Good hike with some steep sections, and incredible views from the peak. As you get higher, the trail is more exposed, so bring enough water. There is a smaller path turnoff to the right, just before you drop down on the fire road about 1/2mile from the parking lot, where there are two hot spring pools. Fair amount of poison oak along that stretch, but very cool to see the springs.

Sunny, bring a hat and water, but very comfortable trail; I’d call the shorter loop easy, haven’t done the longer one so can’t rank that. Usually you’ll run into several bikers, runners, hikers, and a family or two. Very fun and casual hike

Solid 10 mile hike, not too technical, great views, fun workout..

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