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Nice flat trail, great place to bring kids and dogs. Not much traffic on a beautiful sunny day!

Love this trail but as the weather is improving so is the traffic. It's easy enough my 6 year old can do it with ease yet we still feel like we're getting a workout while enjoying a nicely maintained path. The restrooms are also nicely maintained. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a basic trail.

We had a great time on this trail, cleared paths and the kids enjoyed it. Would love to go back and do the crossing “adventure” and “wetlands” trails too to make a little longer. Loved seeing the people “flying” from poo poo point nearby and appreciated much less foot traffic than poo poo point on a beautiful sunny Saturday!

Well, this trail is near a rifle range. LOL, I'm a veteran with PTSD sooooo no. if you can handle the gun fire then I'm sure it would be pretty.

Hiked in the spring with wild flowers blooming. Gorgeous and easy to navigate

Nice gravel trail around entire lake. State Park Discover Pass needed.

Well maintained trail with beautiful views of the lake from time to time. Saw about 15 people during the walk on a weekday afternoon.

Did it in 3min snow. Love It

1 month ago

A pleasant enough walk with some nice views, perfect if you only have an hour or so. If you have more time, definitely head out onto one of the longer hikes though.

2 months ago

Easy enjoyable walk.Dog friendly, nice play area for kids. Dock for fishing.

2 months ago

Simply beautiful!

Nice and easy hike to the falls for young kids!

Easy walking/jogging trail around a pretty lake. Nice park with picnic areas, fishing and play area for the kids.

I would say that this hike would have been amazing had there been no snow but since there was snow that was about 2 ft deep in a lot of places, it made it extremely hard to complete. Should have turned back around towards the beginning but boyfriend and I thought it would be fine for us with just simple hiking boots and some layers on. We were wrong.

nice easy hike for a six year old and his momma

4 months ago

Beautiful wildflower fields and views of Mount Rainier. The trail goes by the road in a few spots and comes close to the visitor center which can get very busy.

Tuesday 10-31-2017: My wife and I joined Trail Mix group to hike to Little Saint Helens. The weather was sunny and wind was calm. My wife and I reached both north summit and south summit. We enjoyed warm sunshine and good views.

Nice Fall hike with our 2 dogs. We went to the bark shanty area and back. Never did find a actual shelter though. Trail is well maintained and very easy walking. Views of river after the 2nd mile are nice.

Update to Directions... take the right at the 2nd fork not the first one you see!

Being from NY, with a little bit of hiking done in the upstate region, this trail was my introduction to Mount Rainier Park. It was perfect. Snow was covering the ground, so if you have micro spikes, it’s best if you bring them! The views of the mountain was breathtaking and it was good loop for beginners. Yay!

Terrific trail, based on a tip from a park ranger at Paradise Visitors Center! Plenty of snow but a sunny, warm day in mid-October. This trail starts in woods, then opens out to pretty glens with shrubs and big trees. Then you're back in wooded climbing, then more glens. There is quite a bit of climbing. Trail is never very wide, barely enough for two ppl side-by-side in parts. We passed high above a small lake that was partially frozen--probably prettier in warmer weather. Made it to Snow Lake and were the only ones there! Enjoyed a picnic overlooking the lake, seated on snow. Positively wonderful. Went down around some trees to a more narrow part of this lake, where it opened to a wide valley. But hard to tell in the snow where the lake ended and dry ground began! Carefully climbed on fallen trees across pristine snow-covered ground.

A very pleasant, short loop. The spur trail leads to the beach, which on a sunny day is really very beautiful. The road that leads to the State Park, East Yates Rd, is an unpaved, rough surface road with pebbles and rocks, but it is easily driveable for any type of car. Discover Pass is required to park at the trailhead.

We actually picked this trail for a sunrise hike to take our engagement pictures. It was perfect - short enough that we didn't look an exhausted mess when we got there, but long enough that the pics definitely didn't look like they were taken anywhere easy to get to. We were on our way out by 9am and other hikers were just headed in. So I imagine mid day it would be crowded. But there was NO ONE on the trail of at the lake when we went!!

nice walking or running trail. wouldn't call it a hike though.

5 months ago

First time at this park. Went on a Saturday late afternoon, so it wasn’t busy at all. Beautiful walk, but definitely not a hike. Trail was very well maintained! Lots of spots for picnicking. Bathroom facilities were very clean. Walked around lake twice to get in a little over 2.5 miles.

The app clocked this hike as 1.5k. It says easy but those of you just starting out, it's steep terrain down to water and if you take the loop back to the parking area, it's a gradual incline with brief spots of difficulty.

The trail is short but moderately steep (in places) to bench and snow lakes. Being accessible from the main road means there's a ton of people that will be on the trail with you. Ultimately, the beautiful mountain/ lake views and wildflowers make it a great place to be.

6 months ago

great for beginners and kids. fantastic for family get away, views and swimming. definitely go when its hot for the swimming part lol

Definately not marked very well and it was longer than we expected. I should have read all the reviews first to know that it was NOT 3.4 miles out and back from the beginning but from the locked gate. Very beautiful and relaxing though. I will know where to go the next time we are here.

Great trail with lovely mountains views and a steady incline. Not a lot of shade so morning hikes are better on hot days. Wild flowers, chipmunks, butterflies and more. Trail is really rocky at times. We started our trek by walking the path on the right; we got halfway through the trail then decided to turn around; couldn't chance some of the larger animal tracks we saw on the trail. They weren't kidding about "light traffic."

Parking lot was a little concerning; lots of empty shells from target shooting and broken glass everywhere. We just parked on the side of the road instead. Apparently this trail is also good for Quartz crystals. We met a bunch of seekers on our way back down.

I've finally figured out how to find the beach. It's a bit tricky due to poor signage. Never found Thompson Spit though. Great view of boats and Protection Island. Lots of mosquitos in this area, don't forget bug spray!

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