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1 hour ago

The only problem I have with this trail is you have to walk the road for a little bit

16 hours ago

A beautiful, forested hike to an impressive waterfall. We arrived at 8:15 on a Sunday morning and were surprised it wasn't too crowded. Be sure to bring $3 (exact change) for the parking permit (or you can use your national parks pass/America the Beautiful pass according to the government website). A sign says the lower trail to the falls is closed currently, but we saw folks on it. The trail to the observation area above the falls is currently locked. Part of the trail about .1 from the falls is washed out, but you can easily scramble through it (or go above it as others have done). Highly recommended hike!

Worth the climb

1 day ago

Very well maintained and beautiful trail. I am a beginner level hiker and this trail was perfect for me. It had been raining the day before so there were some slick rocks and muddy spots but even then it wasn’t very tough at all. Still definitely felt like I got some good exercise without struggling to much. Overlooks were breathtaking. Parking at Fern Creek meant the partial road walk back to the car was downhill.

on Endless Wall

1 day ago

Beautiful hike. I highly recommend going down the metal ladders to the rock climbing access area. You can hike along the bottom of the endless wall and meet/watch climbers. Lots of great views from the cliffs when you climb back to the top. This is a fun/adventurous trail for all skill levels.

Great trail even in the rain, take the upper trail up and the Lowe trail down.

on Poor Mountain Trail

1 day ago

Hiked blue loop counter-clockwise in 2 hours. Pleasant overlook toward beginning of hike. Then steep descent. Cascading water falls toward middle of hike. Then gradual ascent. Trail clearly blazed and well-maintained with numerous benches for breaks. Small parking area at start. Have to hike in a bit before reaching map.

2 days ago

This is absolutely beautiful! The route up is steep but the way back is so quaint and pretty. The falls are gorgeous and when its warm, the water feels amazing!

probably one of my favourite hikes to date. beautiful and full of everything good in the mtns.

started off as the only people on the trail, pretty eerie. but as we decended, we crossed paths with a handful of other hikers! a lot of bushwhacking to the summit, would recommend long pants if you want to avoid scratches! such a beautiful view, great place for photo ops!

nature trips
3 days ago

An awesome hike, lots of switchbacks on the trail and a lot of steep inclines. The last half mile of the trail is pretty much a scamper up some fairly tough rocks. But when you get to the tooth you’ll know why you did it. I almost stepped on a rattlesnake on this trail as well so my adrenaline was in a bit of overdrive. Highly recommended! Will be doing this again soon!

Took about 3 hours total out and back. Amazing views at the top. It's uphill for almost a solid 3 miles, the trail up to chimney top is marked by rock stacks along the trail. The trail is well marked the whole way and is even clear on the side trail to chimney top. The side trail is very very steep so be prepared. This trail is definitely difficult but totally worth it the the views.

3 days ago

Hiked this trail Friday, August 3. I had never been on the Snake Hill Trail before and had heard talk of it being in rough shape following the logging that took place a few years back. For this reason, I downloaded the AllTrails app and followed the map.

The trail itself is an easy walk, no real uphill climbs. For the most part, the trail is flat with muddy areas or grass. I did not come across any jagged rocks sticking up like the Ravens Rock trail.
There are two parking areas to the trail. Either one you park at, if you follow the loop, you will end up walking on the road back to the other parking area, to which there are blind turns on Rohr Road/Snake Hill and some traffic travels fast so be cautious with that. I tried to follow the path back to my car but made a wrong turn on the trail and ended up following the loop instead.

I did not make it out to what I think should be an overlook. We followed the map to the left corner and ended up on a big rock but trees blocked the view. I assume the overlook is across the way from there. Again, it was my first time on the trail and using the app and map so I think it was all user error.

The only other item I'll note that others have mentioned is the possibility of rattlesnakes or copperheads being on or around the trail. There are signs posted at the trail head warning of snakes and I have heard of people coming across them. We did not encounter any while walking this past weekend.

Will definitely walk this trail again. Very peaceful and beautiful

5 days ago

Beautiful area but the trail on a Saturday morning was very crowded and the parking lots filled up by 9:30 am. There is an entrance fee to enter park but it is included with a national park annual pass. I would recommend going either on a weekday or early morning on the weekend. The beauty is worth the crowds though

5 days ago

Absolutely beautiful views

Awesome trail with ladder access to climb down and explore other trails! Sights are incredible! Check it out!

Nice, short trail with water views. Perfect trail for kids.

Wonderful walk in the woods with a great view and waterfall. I walked it counter clockwise, the end was steep but did not take long. Took about 2.5 hours. The only difference I would make is to go clockwise so I could have seen the sun set at the overlook. Very peaceful trail

11 days ago

I love this trail. It’s my favorite in the area. It’s well maintained. The views of the Gorge are wonderful. We’ve had a lot of rain so it’s pretty sloppy right now though.

12 days ago

Amazing views and an easy trail. Well worth it. If you’re feeling adventurous there are ladders bolted into the rock face you climb down. Highly recommend.

Lower falls trail closed, but took the slow climb on upper falls trail. Trail is wide and good for groups, kids, and dogs. Waterfall is gorgeous. Was not too crowded on a weekday afternoon — but I could imagine the worst on a weekend. Highly recommend the trail for an easy hike for regular trekkers or harder hike for this less experienced.

Good trail, great views!

Such beautiful views! It was a pretty easy hike with really cool ladder climbs. Totally worth your time, you won't be disappointed.

15 days ago

My family and I enjoyed this trail. However, it is difficult in terms of physical exertion (coming back out). I counted 822 steps on the way out (there are different numbers floating around tho). There are also a few other sets on the trail that would add to that number. If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy yourself at the bottom. If not, you may not care as much. We LOVED the nostalgia of walking where miners did almost 100 years ago. At the bottom of the trail, if you take a right, you can see the old coke stove ruins. They are very neat. To the left at the bottom of the trail, you can see the old power house, tipple, and processing plant. Before you start the steps down (after coming out of the woods), you can see the entrance to the old mines on the left. I would recommend this trail to anyone that likes history who is in decent shape. As mentioned above, coming back out is very demanding. Happy hiking!

16 days ago

A bit of a disappointment. There really isn't much to see at the bottom of the steps. At the bottom of the steps are two collapsed buildings and a short metal structure. There are no trail markings indicating where to go. However, if you go to the right and follow the path (carefully) it will lead down to a row of coke ovens over a football field long. If you haven't seen coke ovens before, they are pretty cool. You can view them up close. There are also some signs explaining the area on the way down. Other than that, there's not much to see. I did encounter several people using the trail for fitness/exercise. One guy preparing for an iron man event. Yea, this trail is that tough. At the top of the steps is a carving in the railing indicating 813 steps. However, there are even more steps before you get to those. Plus, a decently steep trail that leads down to all of this. Is the trail worth doing? If you are in decent shape, yes. If for no other reason, do this trail for the bragging rights.

16 days ago

Great trail but it is not located in Babcock State Park as listed. It is in the New River Gorge National River Park NOT Babcock State Park near Clifftop WV. Please make this correction in the Trail description as it creates confusion and hikers are traveling 20+ miles out of the way to the wrong location to access this trail. It is located near Fayetteville WV where you can view the New River Gorge Bridge not at Babcock State Park. Really great trail but it is listed in the wrong location.

Lower Trail was closed due to wash out areas from rain. Had to go up and back via upper trail.

What a great, well maintained area. Relatively easy hike. So many little falls and pool areas to see. Amazing.

The falls are stellar. Just incredible.

Go. Now!!!

20 days ago

This is a nice trail that leads to some great views of Cheat Lake and the Cheat River Canyon.

Pros: Great views, varied scenery (alternates between thick forests and open meadows), loop trail, not too difficult or long

Cons: Part of the hike is along Snake Hill Road which has no shoulders, no blazes or signs to follow (use the AllTrails app to navigate instead), another part of the hike is along a gravel road

Even with the cons, it is still a nice hike with great views. Definitely recommended if you want a nice hike not far from Morgantown with fewer people than Coopers Rock.

21 days ago

Great view of bridge. Wide trail, Easy walk for littles.

22 days ago

Very enjoyable out-and-back. The sites are worth the effort. We visited in July however, the shade of the canopy kept the hiking cool. I reviewed the history of the area after the fact however, I recommend that you do so in advance of your hike. It will make more sense. I can only assume that a spring or fall hike would allow you to see more of the sites artifacts when the ground cover is not as plush.

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