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This is a nice little/quick hike. It took my Son and I ~1.5 hours to complete.

4 days ago

Great trail that you can take to the top of Cowles - not as crowded as the main way up. Steep incline!

This was my first time doing this trail and It wasn’t that bad. It took me about 2 hours to do it.. The views were amazing!! I saw the sunset on my way down and couldn’t stop taking pictures. I highly recommend this trail.

Had a fun hike with the family and dog. Amazing views to the ocean

Easy, but boring for me minus the suspension bridge

17 days ago

I love this hike. The first part isn't actually that interesting, to me, but once you get to the top portion and start climbing up rocks it's really, really fun. And the cave is amazing! The second time I went I took a friend and he did not like the cave part, it made him claustrophobic and the wind was mighty that day so it may not be enjoyable to all (but try it for yourself!). I recommend this hike for sure. Also I got lost on the way and had no reception so take some screen shots of your directions.

love this place

Extremely rocky, so wear proper footwear. Steep inclines on the way up, great booty and leg workout! About 1:30 round trip.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Difficult. Have your cardio together before embarking.

It's a tough climb but worth it

Great starter trail for those looking to start hiking or just to get out of the house. Very family friendly and a good place to take your dogs on a walk. A little over 5 miles which has awesome features including a river. If you’re bored at home I highly recommend this trail.

Very pretty and relaxing trail. The views are lovely and there are many places along the river to both explore and kick back a little. We spotted some poison oak on the riverbanks, but it's easily avoidable if you keep an eye out.

This trail has some real beautiful views. There is a couple of parts that were rocky or felt like we were walking on a ledge but it’s so fun especially if you have kids. People go horseback riding here so it’s nice to see that.

If you’re looking for a good hike to see water in So Cal this is the one for you.

Easy trail with a small section that is narrow with a drop off.

This was a great hike. There is a lot of dog / coyote poop on the trail so watch out. The beggining is overgrown. Make sure to do this hike in cool weather as there is not much shade. The inclines towards the end get pretty steep and are very rewarding at the end. Some amazing views from the top. It is kind of a bummer though that there is no sign when you get to the top! While it was very enjoyable I am not sure that I will be back anytime soon.

This was an awesome hike. Very little people are on this trail, and it feels like an adventure not seeing the peak right away.

There's a false peek which consist of steep switchbacks. From there, you'll cross over some saddles before getting to the bottom of the final ascent. The view was incredible, and I even found a rock that was shaped like a chair making it perfect for snack time while overlooking San Diego

One of the better hikes I have been on. What I love about this trail, is the wide variety of scenery you experience. It feels like 4 hikes in one...So many trails to explore.

Ok I’m a pretty good hiker I’d say. This was more difficult then I thought. It is noted to be moderate but I believe it to be more difficult than moderate. The trail wasn’t occupied at all during our hike. This was on a Sunday morning starting at 6:30 AM. It ended 2 1/2 hours later. Beautiful views. The caves are cool . I’d tell you we’re to find them but that’s the adventure. Goonies “never say die” . Ha I was bummed there was no markers or signs but hey it was a fun hike and the caves are super cool.

1 month ago

Nice moderate hike. Good incline to make you feel like you did something. I would call the Blue sky ecological preserve a hidden gem. More crowded around Lake Poway but to be expected with the parking lot and snack shop. Too much dog poop around the lake trail. Lots of interesting birding and around on the trail. We then saw baby rattlesnake. It wasn’t too hot today so, it was very doable. In the heat of summer this would be not as much fun. Will come back again and do lake Ramona from this entryway.

Great place.

GREAT payoff hike! The first two miles are a little grueling, but once you get to the last quarter mile of rock scrambling, it's so much fun! When you get to the top of the 2-mile fire road, you will want to hike the trail to the right despite the arrow made of rocks pointing you to the left. Walk until you find the path that heads up into the boulder landscape. It's hard to keep track of the trail, but follow the road more traveled. You will need to follow it around the backside of the highest peak rock to find the ropes that lead you to the cave before climbing out to the top of the rocks...Be okay with heights. Have good arm strength. Bring gloves. DON'T bring your dog. Have fun!

1 month ago

Jamul's best kept secret. Easy hike up a washed out dirt road. Some vertical climbing is required to reach the summit. The views are worth it though. This isn't for those scared of heights. I also summited Gaskill. Trash collected: 5 beer cans, 2 water bottles, and a hand full of rifle shells.

My dog and i very much enjoy this trail. I have gone from 2 - 8 ish miles round trip on multiple occasions. We enjoy the river and other scenery. I am not a professional hiker... and find this trail to be on the more moderate end of the easy scale. Meaning there are some areas that require a bit of skill and athleticism,but I’m def not scaling boulders with specialized gear. Do not be intimidated but be prepared. Enjoy and be safe.

1 month ago

It's easy hikes thru til the last section to the Pancake Rocks, almost a vertical climbs "technical" but worth the 360° views. Over all beautiful sceneries with so much less crowds

Had never heard of this trail but was pleasantly surprised by the great views. Best to go early morning as you lose shade after 10am. Not too crowded yet not too far away the city.

Have done this trial twice! I did it early on a Friday morning and only saw 2 other people which was awesome! You’ll definitely have to rock climb a little but it’s pretty doable! Went with a group and with a buddy and had a great time both times!

nice loop, shade under trees but the trail opens up nicely for great views

Do NOT leave items visible in your car - my friend left her backpack in the backseat of my car, and someone performed a quick smash-and-grab. I came back to a broken window and her bag stolen. I talked to a local, who said it unfortunately happens often at the trailhead.

Hike itself is alright. There's no airflow in the beginning, so it feels pretty hot. I would not recommend this hike for a warm day.

Nice long stroll with some short steep hills and good views with plenty of shaded spots. Took us about two hours from start to the end of the trail marked by the All Trails map. Would definitely recommend for a weekend morning activity.

1 month ago

Hiking shoes and poles are recommended as the majority of this trail is a badly washed out truck road with a steady incline.

Also, bring at least of a litre of water per person!

Once near the summit the trail levels out and crosses the trail to Gaskill peak - keep straight and follow the wash up to the Lawson summit trail.

You may want to find a good place to leave your pack as this segment of the trail is very tight in places and requires one to either climb over large boulders, or go under them.

Pay attention to the app to stay on trail as there are some routes up that split off which are more difficult, and you will be faced with other areas where the trail seems to just disappear.

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