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I love this trail - but only in the winter months. it is wide open with no shade so definitely something to hike in the cooler weather. dog friendly and again in cooler weather. you start at a park/rv camp and hike about 2.5 miles before you get to the Sweetwater Wildlife Preserve. from there you have several trail options that loop to Cactus Hill. in the rainy season the hills are like bright emeralds. you will see lots of local birds, and i have aslo seen deer and coyote at dusk. From this trail you can continue up to summit Mother Miguel, follow along Mount Miguel, or head out across the preserve to Rancho San Diego.

Great trail. Good loop around Lake Poway.

2 days ago

AMAZING walk! Perfect for a Sunday when you have lots of time to stroll around the city and balboa park. I loved the bridges and next I want to explore the beautiful canyons underneath them! :)

My sister and I came here a day after it rained here. Everything was green and beautiful. This is a pleasant trail where you have many different trail options.

Great trails with a lot to see. However there were some parts that would be difficult for children or seniors to cross. Enjoyed the river and not so congested walk.

4 days ago

Due to time constraints didn’t get to the top/fun Boulder portion of it, but we will. The trail itself is kick butt. Straight up hill the whole time. Loved it! Nice scenery too. The trail begins at a gate that is closed to vehicles and it looks like it says private property but it’s clearly not. Once you climb over that little fence, foot prints and dogs foot prints galore!

Great trail. Perfect for a morning hike to get the blood flowing. Not difficult, small boulders in a couple areas. Small elevation climb towards middle. Beautiful and well maintained!

on McGinty Mountain Trail

nature trips
9 days ago

Good nature walk that keeps steep fast but a great view from the top. Crowded at beginning but empty by the end.

Sweet hike! The view at the end is awesome and is not crowded at all.

15 days ago

This was a great hike. I’d definitely do it again. Got a bit lost climbing over the boulders but finally found the trail! Beautiful views and you definitely need to climb the rope to the cave.

15 days ago

Great loop walk starting at the bridge by the Rose Garden in Balboa Park, walk through the main promenade of Balboa Park, Bankers Hill and Hillcrest. My two favorite bridges are the wood trestle Quince Street Pedestrian Bridge built in 1905 and the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge built in 1912. The Vermont Bridge in Hillcrest has 28 laser cut stainless steel and colored plexiglas railing panels with icons and quotations that refer to the metaphors of time, walking, and bridging. Some of the quotations include Dr. Seuss, Audrey Lourde, Irving Gill, Kate Sessions, Pythagoras, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highly recommend this walk.

Exactly what I was looking for... great for trail running.

Nice trails for all levels of hikers, a little rocky so prepare and be careful.

Many different ways to hike between hills and great views. Great workout . Enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

17 days ago

the start of the trail is crappy....because dog owners either let their dogs poop on the trail or leave the bags of poop behind. other than the start , it's a nice hike. great views of mountains and one particular house.

Lots of poop, but really nice i went to lake poway also super nice and a little to crowded

trail running
21 days ago

Finally made it back with my fiancé! The first time I came up I was solo and didn’t want to risk trying to get up the ropes and into the cave without anyone else around - and I’m glad I didn’t.

We had a blast exploring together - and I highly recommend making sure you have an adventure buddy if you’re going all the way to the top and into the cave.

Like everyone else, we had a chilly and windy day at the top but the adventure was so worth it (even with socked in fog obstructing the view).

Took us less than 40’ to hike/run up the “fire road”, played at the top for an hour or so, and ran back down in about 25’.

One of my favorites, for sure!

Beautiful hike to Lake Ramona to start the year.off right. Cold and windy though.

Nice varied trail with a little climbing over rocks and lots of optional detours that lead down to the river. Partially tree covered and especially nice if there has been recent rain to green up the vegetation.

22 days ago

Very nice hike! The way up was a workout! We came at the end of December, so we didn’t have much of a view at the top. It was also cloudy and raining so we weren’t able to get to the cave and rope. But I definitely recommend this hike!

We did two river crossings! Probably went he wrong way but it was a blast. Doable for all levels and a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll through nature.

Great hike this morning! Beautiful views! Steep hills that were a welcome challenge. We had a great time! As someone else mentioned, watch for dog poop.

29 days ago

There are parts of this hike/walk that need to be omitted. My fault for not checking other sources. If you really feel the need for hiking through Florida Canyon, great, go for it. I would have rather stuck on the sidewalks and enjoyed an urban adventure. Would recommend avoiding Florida Canyon and go straight down Park Ave. The most interesting bridges, in my opinion are the ones west of Balboa Park. Enjoy!

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in the area - lots of shade on a warm day, beautiful Fall colors this week! we added the loop at the far end, starting just after the wrecked car, for a total of 5.8 miles.

nice trail, great view and good work. 80% rocky.make sure to wear good hiking shoes.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Not an easy ride. Hard up and black down. Gotta send it on alot of trail. Lots of drop drop drop drops. rocky steep. Gotta charge hard or risk getting off.

Such a fun and challenging hike/trail run. Great workout and nobody on the mountain!

I would love to rate this trail but the lot was closed and I couldn’t try it. The gate was still locked at 9:00 a. m. while it was supposed to be open at 8:00. Disappointing.

I did this hike a couple of weeks ago. This hike requires bouldering and is a full body workout. Wear good shoes and prepare to pull yourself up and through some large boulders. There is some decent incline on the trail. The view at the peak is beautiful. The wind was blowing strong that day and it felt great to stand up there and take in the view.

best hiking for my family and friends!

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