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off road driving
17 days ago

Really fun trail to explore different level of off roading. My Jeep Wrangler Moab Unlimited and we had a great time going off from the main trail with some of them intimidatingly steep with loose dirt and gravels. My Wrangler was slipping few seconds in the middle of the steep hill and got me worried but we pulled it through and conquered it! Main trail is pretty easy for any 4x4 with high clearance but side trails are the ones you will have some fun with your 4x4. We will be back to explore more fun trails.

Really easy walk, I wouldn’t consider this a hike.
Well maintained and really pretty views from the top of the hill.
Just a bit of dog poop on the trail. Please pick up after your dogs guys.

off road driving
2 months ago

Not sure why this is rated Moderate as it's more on the easy side with no areas that a standard 8-9" clearance will scrape on. Have done this several times in a stock Subaru Outback.

Highly recommend for any Crosstrek/Outback/Forester owners or anyone with an AWD vehicle who want to test their AWD and see some beautiful views.

There is a turn off around the middle of the trail where it's much more steep an turns into a black diamond trail.

off road driving
2 months ago

this was my first time trying to go off roading with my 2013 rav4 awd. for the most part it was easy I didn't scrape the bottom or spin out but their is a few spots that you need to get out and check before you cross.. it was fun

2 months ago

Great trail. Took my fj40.

Hike was quite nice but pretty easy. Started from the campground near spot #5. Was pretty hot and shade was at a premium. Lots of rock climbers near the top. One had loose dogs which added some excitement for our Boxer. Nice views.... My GF and our dogs liked it for a short stroll and recommend it for beginners for sure.

The direction button here takes you to Google Maps that will have you park in Bandido reservation only campground. This is not where you should park, and the camp does lock the gate early. Parking here added to the hike so we did about 4.5 miles. 1/3 a good climb uphill with good rocking and 1/3 on pavement. Excellent views and a lovely meadow at the top. Trail is mostly DG so it would be q good one for dogs.

off road driving
4 months ago

Had a great time. We found a steeper side trail that was more challenging. Watch for snakes...we came up on two rattlers fighting.

Easy to get to from Rancho Cucamonga. Looking for places like this to take our dog. Don’t go expecting a strenuous hike. On All Trails it says “Easy” for a reason. Felt safe because the USA Forestry station is there. I will go back.

Great hike! It was clean and right before the end there is a bench overlooking the mountians. Peaceful.

I would not consider this hike a work out but it does get your heart rate up if you continually stay to the left and walk over the peaks. It gets a little sketchy up there because your walking backbones in the heavy wind on top which adds an element of excitement. Watch your step on the ways down though it can get sandy and steep. It does have some great views of the obscure rock formations and being somewhat of a rock hound and geology nut it makes it a really nice 45 minute escape from the rat race. We did catch a really cool horned toad last time out. I’ll post some pics.

An Awesome Pit stop for those looking for an easy Half hour hike on a hill Top. May look boring but once on top there are beautiful Views of Rock formations and the entrance to the wilderness

5 months ago

No shade. Starting counterclockwise a nice trail thru canyon then fireroad to top. This app routed me thru residential landscape area near the end.

off road driving
6 months ago

This was a nice drive in the Jeep on gravel roads. This trail is not challenging at all. It is basically ungraded fire roads with some wash outs from rain. Any stock vehicle with ground clearance is fine. The first half mile is the most challenging. Views are nice as you climb the mountain! It took us about 2 hours up the hill and 1.5 back down. But we were driving slow enjoying the sights, didn’t see 1 other person on the trail.

off road driving
6 months ago

Took this trail as the maiden voyage for my 2008 2WD FJ Cruiser with A/T tires. The trail was fun - good amount of scenery, inclines, declines, bumps, and views. People recommend 4WD but I had no problem in my 2WD suv. Never even had to switch the transmission to a fixed lower gear or let air out of the tires. There isn’t much for cover and in the summer it was pretty hot and dusty. There are plenty of side trails fit for ATVs or motorbikes. Only saw one other SUV and two motorbikes the whole time. At the end of the trail as marked by AllTrails, you can go left towards the reservoir but there is a locked gate (apple maps shows it as an accessible road). The right turn direction back to the main road is tougher than other parts of the trail, but my FJ crushed it so I’d imagine any truck with decent ground clearance or a true 4x4 shouldn’t have a problem. Enjoy!

6 months ago

Fun trail, nice Mountain Views, however the moderate tag is definitely a bit overkill. The main trail is very easy, especially in a car designed for off road use (FJ Cruiser in my case) however there are some great alternative options that offer more of a challenge along the way. Definitely a great beginner route.

off road driving
7 months ago

Took my X5 XDrive40e out on its maiden off-roading voyage. Great road, I survived with all sensors and gadgets intact.

One tip: where the train “ends” in the app is actually a split with two roads you can take. I do NOT recommend the rightmost path unless you have a lift. The leftmost will take you to the resivoir, which is a locked dead end. The road narrows quite a bit and the rocks get bigger and sharper.

Excellent trail overall, many oh sh** challenges, but I survived. Turn back at the end of the trail in the app, or you will likely regret it

Gradually inclines. Easy to find off the freeway. Views are amazing! Better then I expected. Wear good shoes and watch your step because some areas have a steep fall. No shade. Free parking. Had two rattlesnake "warning" encounters. Didn't see one though. Over all easy trail for all ages. Definitely will be going again.

off road driving
7 months ago

Went out with a buddy of mine. I drove my 4Runner Trail and he drove his Xterra. I was in 4x4 he was 2x4. Both did great. It’s a great trail.

This is a nice trail that leads down to a creek. There was water but it was a trickle. Enough to refill my bottle. This trail is more moderate than easy. I would say it is easy for those in better shape and those who hike more often. I did this trail because it was rated easy and I wanted to work on ascending. This was not easy and can be somewhat steep in some places. It was a beautiful hike with fragrant spring blooms. I gave it 4 stars because some people use part of the trail to walk their dogs and leave doggie bags along the trail. Also, bring your own toilet paper as the vaulted toilet at Cooper Canyon didn't have any available.

off road driving
7 months ago

Course is a great moderate course for the new 4x4 driver. You will definitely want the 4x4 as the trail will get tricky. I have a Jeep Patriot 4x4 and the ground clearance(8.5) was just enough. Anything lower then that will rub a lot. Great place to go to

Beautiful views, nice trail.

on Del Sur Ridge

8 months ago

what a fun and challenging hike....

Great trail. Perfect for our 5 and 6 year old daughters. They loved it.

Nice easy hike. Parked at Inspiration Point and hiked to Grassy Hallow and back.

Fun route to get down to cooper canyon. The first part of the trail can be either the road or the PCT. I recommend taking the PCT the whole way.

I hiked his trail just after a snow melt and the stream was flowing heavy. The smell of spring was very strong in the air and there were clouds streaming over the mountain tops and a constant cool breeze. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

07 FJ Cruiser Base, my first time out with it, and it was awesome! Not too bad, went after a rain spell and there were a few deep puddles but the cruiser coasted through. Great scenery on a sunny day!

off road driving
10 months ago

I went the day after it rained. The Trail is clearly marked, and has half a dozen or so meanders that eventually bring you back to the main Trail. There were several muddy passages that I would expect to be dry a couple days after the rain so 2wd vehicles should be fine as long as you stick to the trail.

I followed the AllTrails.com track however there was more to do beyond the listed end point and a few trails that were off the beaten path to be explored.

This trail is listed as moderate but I think you can choose between easy and moderate, depending on which meanders you pick. If you only do the main Trail you could do the entire trek in a mid size SUV or crossover. You could also choose paths that require 4X4 and more clearance.

The roads are wide so you can always turn around if you get in over your head.

Keep it slow around turns, there are many blind turns and motorcyclists like to ride up there as well.

10 months ago

Nice Trail- went it rains and puddles look crazy and un passable. Juts power through as they are no hidden rocks

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