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on Del Sur Ridge

16 days ago

what a fun and challenging hike....

Great trail. Perfect for our 5 and 6 year old daughters. They loved it.

Nice easy hike. Parked at Inspiration Point and hiked to Grassy Hallow and back.

Fun route to get down to cooper canyon. The first part of the trail can be either the road or the PCT. I recommend taking the PCT the whole way.

I hiked his trail just after a snow melt and the stream was flowing heavy. The smell of spring was very strong in the air and there were clouds streaming over the mountain tops and a constant cool breeze. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

07 FJ Cruiser Base, my first time out with it, and it was awesome! Not too bad, went after a rain spell and there were a few deep puddles but the cruiser coasted through. Great scenery on a sunny day!

off road driving
2 months ago

I went the day after it rained. The Trail is clearly marked, and has half a dozen or so meanders that eventually bring you back to the main Trail. There were several muddy passages that I would expect to be dry a couple days after the rain so 2wd vehicles should be fine as long as you stick to the trail.

I followed the AllTrails.com track however there was more to do beyond the listed end point and a few trails that were off the beaten path to be explored.

This trail is listed as moderate but I think you can choose between easy and moderate, depending on which meanders you pick. If you only do the main Trail you could do the entire trek in a mid size SUV or crossover. You could also choose paths that require 4X4 and more clearance.

The roads are wide so you can always turn around if you get in over your head.

Keep it slow around turns, there are many blind turns and motorcyclists like to ride up there as well.

2 months ago

Nice Trail- went it rains and puddles look crazy and un passable. Juts power through as they are no hidden rocks

3 months ago

Fun off road trails close to LA

4 months ago

This trail is just all dry brush with no nice view or payoff. The elevation kicks in about a mile into the hike all at once so be prepared to go uphill around the halfway point.

Tons of dry brush and prickles ankle level so wear pants if you don't want your socks to be full of thorns.

Love this trail to the Waterfalls; hiked this trail 3 times, the last time I did it solo. Too bad it’s closed for now.

Very easy, pleasant hike. Weather was great.

Nice little loop for a quick jaunt. Vegetation is starting to recover from the Blue Cut Fire. Area is healing, but the iconic rocks are great for photo opportunities.

Fun for the kids to climb around. Cool to see the famous rocks from Star Trek and Bill & Teds Bogus Journey.

great spot for an easy hike with the family. it is better to park and start at grassy hollow visitor center then hike to inspiration point then back.

It's always great to be on the PCT. I ended up extending my hike to the whole section of the trail. The trail was nice and easy and there wasn't a lot of elevation change. The views wer amazing I recommend this trail to anyone looking for a nice easy hike.

The placerita to waterfall trail still is "closed" but easy to access behind a makeshift fence. There was a tiny bit of water flowing in the riverbed about half way up, enough to make one part of the trail pretty thick with vegetation. Since the trail is closed and has no maintenance activity and low traffic it is starting to get a bit overgrown in a few places in the canyon section. Still a great hike with lots of shade. Very few people on the trail and I got to see some blue birds, lots of lizards and a deer.

The "Heritage" trail was a very short paved walk to a tree. The trail on the map is something else that is closed due to the wildfires last year. Very misleading.

off road driving
8 months ago

Not sure why it's rated moderate. This trail is definitely very easy without the need for 4x4 but the views are great. if you're looking for an easy run with amazing views this trail is definitely it.

off road driving
9 months ago

Did this trail as the maiden voyage in my new Jeep. It was a scenic drive. Its pretty easy and you won't need 4X4 to do it. We packed a lunch and found a nice place on the trail to pull over and have a picnic.

First of all, don't expect peace and solitude in this location. It is located near some main roads and you will hear traffic, construction vehicles, trucks and trains from almost all locations. The area was burned a few years ago, but it is starting to make a come back. The main trails are in pretty good shape, but a few areas are fairly steep, unstable, and have loose rocks and sand from erosion. The trails are well marked but all of the interpretive signs are burned or illegible. Although listed as a 1-mile hike, you can easily get 3 miles of hiking if you explore all of the ridge top trails, add some out and back segments, and loop around a little. I was lucky to have a mild cloudy evening with a slight breeze in August. It made for nice evening walk.

I'm nice and easy hike, you going to explore more trail and is beautiful.

off road driving
11 months ago

We went on a dry day, but there was still a lot of green to be seen. Great panoramic views at the height of the trail. Mostly well-marked. Bringing water is a must, even in a vehicle. We didn't see anyone else around, but it does seem like a great location for dirt biking or horse riding.
This was our first off-roading trip and I'd say this trail was easy, we did it in our stock 2010 XTerra.

I followed TJ F.'s review below. I brought my six year old boy and my (almost) 4 year old boy in a kid carrier. Our trip ended up about 7.4 miles. Great scenery, beautiful views of the Mojave, forest, Baden Powell and Baldy. PCT is well maintained as usual. The fire road is a little lame but otherwise a great hike for the little ones!

off road driving
Sunday, May 07, 2017

Checked this trail out yesterday. Its VERY easy. Got caught in the clouds so it was pretty foggy and wet. But it was fun to explore.
This trail would be a lot more fun on a dirt bike or quad.

I loved this one, but I would definitely recommend starting at the Grassy Hollow Visitor Center. I don't think you have to pay if you park there... at least that's what the man working today told me. The part of the trail that goes along the fire road is kind of boring, but once you get up onto the hills you get some incredible views! I'll definitely do this one again.

Just completed 3/26/17. Parts of this trail have washed away especially around the creek and there are a few fences with signs saying the trail is closed, which made the hike less crowded. The waterfall at the end of the trail is ok but don't expect anything amazing, instead just enjoy the moderate to easy hike, green meadows, trees, and multiple small stream/river crossings. Brought the dog and she loved the water.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

A good hike with views of suburban neighborhoods and side mountain views, there's a slow elevation path up to give a good workout

Rain damage has closed trail to waterfall near trailhead. No one at the nature center knew when it might reopened. I took a couple other short trails that were still open. Easy to moderate , nice views.

Fun no waterfall though

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