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it's one of my best hikes

3 days ago

This is always an amazing hike. Added on the grove of the patriarches hike.

Absolutely stunning

Great hike for all levels... we continued past Sheep Lake and hiked into the National Park above Crystal lake. Lots of bang for your buck.

This hike was beautiful!! Lots of flowers, little frogs butterflies. Majestic view of Mt. Rainer. One of my favorites!

Prism Duro Sport

Great trail! Plenty of incline and declines! Beautiful view of the waterfall!

on Lila Lake Trail

8 days ago

Great trail with views and waterfalls to spare, and decent canopy for much of the trail to Rachel Lake. With a 40-lb packs, I found this on the tough side of moderate, even after a lot of hiking and conditioning this year on Mailbox, Rainier, etc. This trail reminded me of Little Si, just 3x as long. Stairstepping most of the way lots of rocks, roots and water crossings, and lots of vertical, with a few flattish wooded sections. Mosquitoes were bad: but Jungle Juice and netted hats kept them at bay. Was it worth it? You bet. Gorgeous views, and only 3 other tents at Lila.

Hiked it today and it was beautiful. The wildflowers were out and not many people.

10 days ago

Did a day hike with my dog up to Lila now that it’s all snow free. It was on Tuesday and extremely hot. I made two trips prior to Rachel and one to rampart lakes. There is a lot less water in creeks and the falls with all the snow melted. The lake was perfect temperature to swim but the horse flies and mosquitos were so awful they had both my dog and I running down the mountain as soon as we could. (I had three different types of bug spray and they still had little effect on them so be warned before going up there this time of year.) Fantastic views the whole way up and a few very alert marmots right before the boulder field to Lila lake which was really cool. Please pack out your trash. I picked up a cigarette butt and some food wrappers on the way out near the trail head.

Nice trail. Moderate difficulty. took my pup!

12 days ago

Amazing lake and views! Great place to go camp and get eaten by mosquitos!

on Sheep Lake Trail

13 days ago

Beautiful trail, we went last week. Lots of wild flowers and peaceful lake setting.

14 days ago

Went on a very hot Sunday, mid-morning. Met a few hikers on their way down and a few groups at the lake. Took our teenage kids and dog and we all enjoyed it, especially a little wade in the cold lake. Bring sunscreen - a large portion of the train
Is in the sun. There were A LOT of bugs! Unfortunately bugs love me and I ended up with bites everywhere. Seems like I faired the worst of my family though.

15 days ago

Great hike! We hit the trail around 5:30 am.
Trail starts in trees and you can hear the creek to your left as see it just about a quarter mile in.
Trail starts off easy, a couple of great spots to get to the creek and some beautiful meadows and wildflowers. Trail splits about 4 miles in, to the peaks you keep right.
Just before you get to the pass there is a great ridge i just loved! The views at the ridge are beautiful! Lee heading up ( the trail is to your right) and about 1 ish miles of steep climbing and you’ve reached the sunny! There is a bit of a false summit about a half mile up ( pretty views and places to sit!) but lol right again and you’ll se trail still goes about another 1/2 mile. That stretch is hard but it’s worth it for the views at top! No bugs except for some very annoying biting flies near the top! Snug spray seemed to hell keep them away so we could enjoy some time up there!
Well groomed trail and easy to follow!
Very much recommend this hike!

This was a perfect day hike! Once you finish the trail it splits off into a few other trails if you feel like going further. There was a good amount of people but definitely not heavily trafficked. The bugs are vicious right now though so make sure you pack your sprays!

If you’re looking to reach the summit, choose the Teanaway Ridge Trail once you reach the cutoff where Iron Bear Trail will also continue but down hill into the forest.

15 days ago

A sunset hike, started from the car park about 5pm.
Skies were hazy from the recent fires near Greenwater, which made for a red sunset.
Easy to get to the peak.
Still dozens of burned trees across the trail.
Back to the car via headlamps. About 11 miles.

16 days ago

Lots of mosquito's, bring a tent. Lots of open clearings to watch the stars and night and sooo very quiet. Perfect easy backpacking trip.

20 days ago

Arrived on Sunday Park lot packed. Met mobs of folks heading down with packs all warning of "bring your bug spray". we did and our bad knees and hips made it to Rachel. Lots of stepping up on rocks and exposed roots. Very pleasant canopy. Rachel Lake is gorgeous. For all the vehicles only 4 of the camp sites were in use and we had plenty of room. The mosquitoes were bad, spray works but anything exposed will be bitten. Saw lots of welts over the younger generations showing skin on heir way down. We bugged out after a wonderful and peaceful nights sleep. To many bites to hang out and explore more.

20 days ago

This was a fun family hike with the kids 8 & 10. We made it to the lake in about 1:20 with a few stops on the way. This is a very flat hike with just a couple short climbs. The lake had lots of small fish jumping but they weren’t biting our bait. Flies would probably do well. About half the hike was in direct sunshine so be sure to bring sunblock. Bug spray too for around the lake.

nature trips
21 days ago

Lakes are slightly cold: not for pansies. Lots of mosquitos. Worth it in the end.

Beautiful, abundant array of WILDFLOWERS as of 7/19. As the trail ended at the meadows, we ascended another steep, slippery, dry mile to the ridge with a fantastic view of Mt Stuart (?). Be careful if you choose to go the extra mile up but the views are worth it.

The view is a 5 star view
The hike is a 1 star hike

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better view within the park. Maybe at the top of St. Helens. Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt Rainier are all very large and visible from the peak. Mt. Hood is in the distance quite a bit, but still clearly visible on a clear day (it was for us).

The reason the hike is a 1 star is because you have to book it up the mountain until you clear the trees so as to not be a stationary target for mosquitoes. They are vicious, and in numbers. I was trailing my wife and could see 30-40 swarming her at all times. Another review commented to wait a few weeks until they clear out. I'm not sure that will happen anytime soon. It's pretty dry there (not sure it's rained in some time) and they're still really bad. Once you clear the tree line it's just the flies, so we took our time at the top.

When you get to the top, you'll get a good view of Rainier and Adams. You'll then want to keep going on the trail until you see a trail that doubles back to the top of Juniper Peak. It's pretty steep, but the view is worth it.

We shared the summit with a few mountain bikers, but didn't see any other hikers. It was 90-95F in most places yesterday, but only 75F through the trails and at the summit. Nice way to beat the heat!

The trail also claimed my favorite pair of sunglasses. Not sure where i lost them, but if you find them, you're welcome. :(

Best day-hike ever!

22 days ago

Great views of Adams, the Goat Rocks, and Rainier. Road is in good shape except the last 2 1/2 miles which is pretty rough and would be a real challenge if you don't have a high clearance vehicle.

23 days ago

This is my new favorite hike. I think we picked the ideal day to go. No one was around and the weather was perfect. The flowers were all in bloom. The view was incredible!!! Amazing is all I can say!

23 days ago

Fun hike. Done this a few times in different capacities - day hikes with kids to the first leg of summit climb to Stuart.

23 days ago

So beautiful. I give it all the stars possible. Easy trail with big rewards in view. Got there about 7:30 had the trail mostly to ourself

Challenging and very rewarding hike with breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier.

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