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Great hike & workout. Uphill the entire way; there’s an “easy” trail and a “hard” one. Great time to see wild flowers and beautiful views of the valley, Santa Monica Mountains, and far off in the distance downtown LA.

Good way to start preparing for Half-Dome.

Took my two girls out for an awesome ride. We started at the Venice trail and rode through to Santa Monica. This is perfect when you have kids because you can take a break on the many playgrounds along the way.

7 days ago

Great hike, but definitely a moderate incline. Well-maintained and a few shaded areas. Great for dogs and there are a few well-spaced resting areas along the way that have trash cans. The pond is a nice touch too

8 days ago

Super easy walking trail and open space for kids to explore

on Beaudry Loop

8 days ago

Perfect climb and great views. a bit too much for 11 and under. I'd rate it an easy hard hike or a hard moderate.
we did this hike on a moderately warm spring day. started at 8:30am. that was almost too late (for the entire loop).
did it in 2.25 hours with little stopping. bugs were out.

Great views over south bay and downtown

Great hike for views of the los angeles area. Perfect to take family and friends to see the stunning views.

Nice trail recently widened and with loose gravel in steep areas creating more difficult patches.

Fun hike did it just under 5 hrs. Got to trailhead at 7am and wasn’t too crowded but on the way down lots of people to dodge around. Did Muir Peak while at Inspiration- easy side trip and worth the view / quietness

Cloudy Monday AM (4/2/18). Best way to do it. Little sun, few people. Took Sam Merrill from Echo (2nd left after making the ridge). Longer but not as steep as Castle Canyon. 10.6mi total, 2756 ft elevation gain, 4.25 hours. Great views over the clouds.

Did this hike with my 4 & 6 year old. It was a great little starter for myself and even better that I could bring my kids along.

Great day hike and a good one to use to train for Vivian Creek. Hit it on a clear day and you can see for miles.

The entrance is wedged between two houses right at the turn, if you blink you’ll miss it. Very quiet trail with little to no traffic. Many trails spawn from the entrance, check out the map before you start your path. The trail is very narrow but worth it once you get to the other side.

22 days ago

Great easy hike with 3 1/2 year old grandson, loved the Batman caves. Playground at parking lot entrance which was nice.

It was a fun and easy hike. I did it with family and friends who are much older. My family even had sandals and no water too lol.

nice hike, the hike is probably considered easy to moderate because it does get little steep but easy in the sense trails are well maintained....we did the whole Ernest Debs park hike... from 4686 N Griffin Ave to all the way and back

Fun hike. We’re pretty experienced, fit hikers and it took us 5 and a half hours (including stopping to explore the ruins and taking a lunch break at Inspiration Point). Pretty hazy, but still enjoyed the view.

Such a great workout! My butt and calfs were sore for days. The bench at the peak was my fav with, one if my fav quotes engraved into it. Burned about 1800 calories doing this hike. Major incline on the way up.

Did the hike starting on the left (clockwise) IT IS HARD. Steep incline the entire way up to the top. Zero shade. Bring extra water. Once you get to the top it is well worth it. Cute little box with pens and paper to leave a note. Nice view. Second half of hike is relaxing and all down hill.

For sure the toughest hike I’ve ever been to so far. Been hiking for a while but mostly stay with the “moderate” difficulty ones, so I decided to give myself a challenge by taking a “hard” one. It would actually be an easy hike if it weren’t for the first hour or so. The first 1.5 Miles are all crazy uphill with one steep slope after another, some of them are so steep I’ll have to lean over and semi-crawl for a minute. But after the first hour it’s all pretty flat & easy. Went over towards late March so the temperature is cool (65-ish), can’t imagine anyone would want to challenge this on a hot summer day.

Be sure to track your hike with this app or GPS. There are several tricky fork that might lead you the the wrong direction, especially the one towards the end of the loop - take left towards seven trees (i think it’s this name) and walk up the small narrow road. If you don’t wanna stick to this map take the big road on the right side, which would lead you back to the parking lot too.

Also the trail head is kinda hidden. I wasn’t sure until I tried & walked up towards the drainage-like entrance with no sign at all.

Great hike, although I managed to take a few forks the long-way round. Also after reaching the summit, I missed the turn-off for the Picken's Spur trail to come back down the mountain and walked East on the access road for about a mile. So my whole hike ended up being about 11.3 miles, rather than the 8.7!

Either way, it was a great morning hike. I challenged myself, going the more difficult clockwise route, and finished the whole thing in 3hr11min (1hr36mins to summit, 1hr30mins back to the car - 5 mins rest at the peak!)

1 month ago

Wide trails!

Amazing views. Great hike.

Amazing trail & not super difficult. I went up the Haines Canyon Trail to Rim of the Valley Trail which took me to the old Mt. Lukens Trail... hungout on top by myself for an hour and then took then the fire road to the Crescenta View Trail & down to the Wilderness Park.

3.5 hrs up & 2.5 hrs down. Frost line is about 4,000ft & snow line a little under 5,000ft.

1 month ago

Great winter/spring hike in cooler weather.

on Beaudry Loop

1 month ago

Did this hike on a Saturday after it rained on Friday night. The views were beautiful and clear the entire hike. Extremely light traffic. Only saw a few people midday on a weekend. I definitely plan on doing this hike again. It was great.

A wonderfully challenging hike with great weather in mid-March. I tracked it at about 9.5 miles. We started the loop counter clockwise (the easier way) at 8am & finished in about 5hrs going at a leisurely pace. The peak is actually very industrial with the radio towers. Not great for photos, but plenty of spots on the way up for great photo ops. PLEASE if you bring your dog BRING water for them.

nice walk in the park there are two ways to get up there a steep dirt way and a paved road very kid friendly

if you go early you can see all the turtles

I hiked this trail just after rainfall and it was cool and damp which made the trail soft and easy on the feet. I imagine this is a tough one during summer months so I’d recommend winter as it is very exposed.

The peak is full of radio towers which makes it feel industrial. Other than that, the views are epic.

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