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Went up there two days ago. It was sunny, then cloudy, huge wind all night, and snowed yesterday morning. We stayed in the lookout. I dried out the funky mattresses, opened the shutters and a couple windows and aired the place out. I repaired a few catches and secured all the shutters properly. We left our little domino set up there. I swept it all out before we left. The place needs some of those tea candles. It was wonderful. It’s steep, but hell, I’m almost 68 and it wasn’t bad at all. The road up was worse than the trail. Sign the guestbook when you get there.

marked as difficult, but didnt feel that way. I'm a complete beginner. steep and narrow spots, rocky, but overall I thought it was a moderate to easy trail even with all the elevation gain in a short 2 miles. we were clouded in the way up but got pockets of good views randomly. still a great hike and it didn't rain on us

Honestly one of the best hikes I’ve done since moving to WA. The hike up wasn’t too bad, I did have to take some breaks but once you make it to the top it is worth it! 360° views of the surrounding mountains and an awesome view of Mount Baker. We hiked along the ridge for a bit and it was beautiful. Unfortunately we got a late start getting there so we couldn’t stay as long as we hoped to. Ended up hiking back down in the dark which wasn’t too bad using our phone flashlights. I would highly recommend this trail!

Great hike with views of two snowcapped summits, multiple chilly lakes to jump in, including a rock you can jump off from ~10ft high and plenty of flowers in bloom. A sampling of all of the best classic Cascades features.

11 days ago

Wonderful trail, highly recommend going toward the winter given all the dried up river beds. Definitely not an easy trail! to eagle rock is about 1.9 mi with ALL of the elevation gain on the way there.

Walk this weekly Beautiful

Nice little hike

It can be a minor challenge to find the trailhead and getting past all of those switchbacks may pose more than a minor for some cars and those in a rush. Go early. once you start the hike and you clear the forest, you reach an open area. From this stretch you come face to face with Mount Baker. a little further up and you have a spectacular view of Mount Shuksan and the rest of the peaks in the range. The long sloping hills make it seem something out of a postcard of Switzerland. strongly recommend!

17 days ago

Love it and good workout with the switchbacks to the meadow. Beautiful views from the Ridge and just magical up top.
Good trail and take a camera and binoculars.

Absolutely beautiful. Mountain vistas, lakes, alpine flowers and sweet wild blueberries for happy taste buds line the trail. Recommend starting at Artist’s point versus Heather Meadows, (unless you want a grueling workout) and then catch a ride back up to Artist’s point.

I thought I had reviewed already! great training hike going through some great changes! may become part of the Galbraith trail network! Lots of work being done on this trail!

this trail is in my neighborhood and l do it on a regular basis. Now is undergoing a great change. It looks like is going to be also part of a mountain bike trail! we're very close to the Galbraith trail network. So excited!

A great day hike which, while long, has varied stunning scenery, beautiful flowers and minimal elevation gain. One of my favorites. We did this hike on August 28 and we used micro spikes for two of the snowfield but I’m 73 so need to be more cautious than all you young ones!

we was the only one there but we love it

19 days ago

just love it worth the hike

There are many trail options in this area! I started at the Heather Meadows Upper Lodge and hiked the Wild Goose trail and continued to Artist Point. If you're looking for a secluded forest hike this isn't the trail for you. Trail very exposed, very busy on a weekday! The views at Artist Point of Mt Baker and Mt Shuskan are amazing! No clouds in the sky today.

Just beautiful. We started at Heather Meadows and did a full loop. The trailhead says that it’s 7.5 miles, not 5.5. Either way we saw some amazing views and had a really wonderful hike!

Most amazing views!!! We got lucky with excellent weather... the trail is not technically hard but long steep climb but well worth it at the end.
The drive to the trail head was not a problem at all with the Jeep. We also saw few sedans that made it (take it slow and easy). The climb to the lakes is steep and narrow so take into account if you are sensitive to that.
All in all one of the most beautiful places in WA.

Great experience

Awesome. Come early enough, parking spots are limited.

20 days ago

Took the dogs to the meadow clearing to hopefully have great scenic views, however there was a cloud rolling from the west to east that obscured the entire ridge line so no scenic view of Baker or Shuksan. Overall was very enjoyable and would have been five stars if the weather cooperated and if the trail wasn’t as crowded. There were a lot of people today.

Wouldn’t necessarily call this a trail; you can just park next to the bridge and see everything. It’s a nice place to make a pitstop while driving along Mt. Baker highway! Please obey the “no trespassing” signs and stay behind the fence. I saw some rowdy teenagers hop the wall and climb out on the rocks, dangerously close to the edge. No Instagram photo is worth the risk.

21 days ago

Super short and accessible trail. You can park on the side of the road and make the trip around the lake in about 10 minutes! Fully paved, and there’s benches to sit at the good view points. Just be sure not to step off the pavement, as the landscape is fragile and still healing.

21 days ago

Gorgeous views. Extremely packed.

Tip: Take the counterclockwise loop. Start at Heather meadows or Austin pass - those are lower down on the mountain - and end at Artist Point. That way you tackle the toughest inclines first, and you get to cruise through the latter half.

Plan on taking a dip in the lakes while you can! They're frosty, but on a sunny day you'll dry off quickly. Iceberg Lake is probably your best bet.

23 days ago

Done this loop a couple of times. Nothing more humbling than being surrounded by redwoods!

Heavy foot traffic but a must see section of the Santa Cruz area

26 days ago

Pet-friendly and an easy enough walk for even the most avid couch potato. From the car park off Mount Constitution Road, it's a leisurely 10-minute walk to Cascade Falls. We took the upper trail first, which has a pretty good down grade in certain areas then took the lower trail that runs along the creek on the return trip stopping at Rustic Falls as well. There are four falls on this loop trail, but we only had time to catch two. There are wood steps leading to the lower falls. Once you get to the lower falls area, there is a small foot bridge to cross the creek. Beautiful spot for photographs. There are no barriers preventing you from going right up to the falls, and if it's a hot day, from cooling off. The creek itself isn't very deep...mostly ankle to mid-calf. At the time we went, there were a number of tree trunks that had fallen across the small ravine allowing us to sit and enjoy the quiet serenity of the 12-foot waterfall. This trail connects to the Cascade Lake trail and the trail to Mount Pickett.

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