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Thank GOD

An easy, local trail; perfect for when you want to get out of the house, but dont want to travel far. There can be lots of traffic depending on the day, but for the most part, easy and chill.

2 months ago

A nice little moderate hike. Air quality was terrible though from the fires. The views must be spectacular when the skies are clearer. I can’t wait to do this hike again after some rain or in the spring.

This was a great hike, I’m a little out of shape but I kept up with my son! Beautiful views, unfortunately a bit hazy today from the fires but still spectacular and enjoyable!

Love this area! I started the Sugar Bowl loop and then finished on the Hart Tree side for the longer 10 mile hike. I'm glad I went this direction but would like to try it in reverse sometime. Both sides offer excellent views and the hiking is not too difficult. I highly recommend doing this hike in the fall, the dogwood trees are stunning this time of year! The drive down to the trailhead is just a gravel road, you shouldn't have any trouble getting down there unless it's snowy. Totally worth your time to enjoy the giants on these trails!

We hiked this trail on a very cloudy day. This didn't give us the opportunity for many views, but it was very awesome to be in such dense fog the whole way. The hike is not difficult by any stretch, but has some sloping sections. We never did find the Fallen Goliath, but the other destinations on the loop were quite interesting. The road to the trailhead is not paved, but we did it with no problem in a Corolla. They are currently in the process of putting new gravel down, making the road even more manageable. Overall would recommend as a good hike near the Grant Grove area of the park.

the sign said 4.4 mi. round trip for this one I thought. i enjoyed it but the air quality was really poor today when I went, to the point where the view of the mountains was obstructed when you get to the lookout. would be 5 stars on a clear day for sure though. Only 5 or 6 groups were on the trail

Awesome hike! a full 360 view at the far end, nice mix of easy and harder trails and an unstoppable urge to shout from the top of your lungs! We went midday and only met a couple of other hikers on the trail. However we saw Marmots!

5 months ago

What a spectacular hike! Not only is the scenery beautiful but the animals along the trail are as well! We saw deer, marmots, quail, squirrels, and grouse! The short trip to the top is well worth it! My daughter and I did it on 8/8/18. I’d recommend hitting the trail early. We started around 0730. By doing this you avoid the crowds, the heat, and the haze hasn’t really had an opportunity to build up. We had Little Baldy all to ourselves! The view is breathtaking. I can only imagine what the view looks like on a clear day!

LOVE this trail. From the burned forest to the sunny stretches to the riverside—lots of diversity in terrain.

Views were amazing! We went early and only ran into a few other hikers, as we finished it started to get busier and the small pull off for parking was full.

Beautiful trail, especially in the redwood groves. Started at 0730, even then it was pretty warm at the finish. Lots of pretty creeks, saw 3 deer, and of course, the magnificent redwoods. Many flying bugs, but we didn't get bit by mosquitos. We have hike both directions, from the Hart Trail and the Sugarbowl trail. I think I prefer to go counterclockwise, beginning on the Sugarbowl trail, gets more of the elevation done early in the hike.

Breathtaking view from the peak of Big Baldy. Trail is in decent condition, but the last stretch has loose rocks and a couple of sharp turns with steep dropoffs. Best to watch your step. Definitely would go again

7 months ago

Bobcat trails actually goes up to moro, that's a way to connect crescent meadow to moro rock. Nothing so special, but it's a good connect

Great views from the summit, but not a lot to see along the way. The last 100 yards or so were treacherous and not sure footed. Easy to twist an ankle on slippery rocks. Ascent from Monticeto Sequoia Lodge.

7 months ago

The hike itself was great. Not much sight seeing unless you’re into history of the trees. There was however, cool humongous trees to walk through and climb.

7 months ago

It was very cloudy day so there was no views to enjoy but the trail itself was enjoyable.

7 months ago

i miss riding my bike along this trial. used to ride this 3x per week when I lived closer to Woodward

8 months ago

Went on a cold and foggy day and the hike was still amazing! Also got to hang out with a couple of marmots at the top. Loved the gigantic trees on the way up.

this was really a great hike today. It's not really 5.5 miles but it is actually 4.4 miles. it really was beautiful and we really had a great time

I would rate this hike as easy. Slight elevation gain in the beginning and then it flattens out. I stopped at the rocks about 1 mile before the end since there was better views. Bring a snack and enjoy the beautiful views on a clear day

It’s so gorgeous there !!!!! Loved loved loved it!!!!!!

This is a Beautiful little hike..it’s not a loop like all trails describes however..If you download the map you will see that.happy hiking

trail running
9 months ago

Great hike through forests, creeks and some excellent mountain views from the Sugar Bowl Trail ridge. I had done the Hart Tree Loop a few times, and decided to do the full 10 mile loop today.

No more snow on the trail as of today, but still some occasional fallen trees and debris that require light scrambling to get over. The dirt road to the trail head had some bumpy spots, but no muddy "bogs" that risked my compact SUV (2 wheel drive) getting stuck.

In the spring the crowd was fairly light. I'm sure in the summer it will get much busier. The only downside is that the drought from years past has left its mark of dead/dying trees (esp. on the Eastern/Hart side) that don't fully "brighten" up the landscape. But still very beautiful.

road biking
9 months ago

It’s a very nice and challenging trail. There are sections that are quite steep. The Saturday that I rode it was busy. Some pedestrians are oblivious to bicycle traffic. They don’t stay in the right lane. Today was the first day of over 80 degree weather. Summer rides will require you to bring water. There is not much shade at the north end of the trail.

Ok so people!!!! Here is some advice that no one has shared, the road when out of season about 3 miles before trail head is completely unkept, big fallen trees, washed out trail. You have to have a 4x4 vehicle with atleast all terrain tires. I stopped and hiked the 3 miles of road just to get to the trail. Also the trail has some really hard spots that were covered by 1-2 feet of snow. That can make your life miserable. This was a HARD trail when you add fighting through the snow. Otherwise amazing views and awesome air quality! Nice break from the air in the valley.

My sister and I hiked this trail in November around 3pm. The views are great! On our way to the point we could not find the trail once we made it to the top of the first hill. It took us awhile to find but we did. On our return back, at the point we loss the trail before We encountered a mountain lion. There was no way for us to get around it so we had no choice but to turn around and go to the next stop of Morro Rock which was 2.5 miles away. Unfortunately the mountain lion followed us the whole way and was about 2 feet away when it was closest to us. We lost the trail 2 times while it was following us due to the trails not being marked. We ended up finding the road instead of the trail with the mountain lion right behind us. Thankfully the cars helped chase it back into the woods and we found someone nice enough to take us back to our car. We had lots of cuts and bruises and we were soaking wet from ending up in a creek. Crazy experience. Definitely go in the early afternoon to avoid mountain lions!

10 months ago

Lots of people and dogs out enjoying this beautiful day. Had to take a side trail to the river for my pooch. great trail for the family.

Trail is pretty easy. And the view is great. Great payoff for a relatively low elevation gain.

Nice easy trail. Great views from the top.

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