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11/10/2018-Started around 0800 and came across 4 groups of hikers (total of about 16 people). We managed to find a stall in the parking lot and finally got to see the streams after a good rain! So awesome! It was drizzling most of the time and only came down a little harder for a few minutes of our trek out.

Trail was a lot of fun. It took me about 3 hours with some stoppage for breaks and pictures! The first mile and a half was pretty standard although expect a lot of incline walking. Once you reach the staircases you’ve got about .75 miles left but it’s mainly uphill from there.

This was my first time hiking this trail and I really didn’t expect to literally be climbing up the side of a mountain. It was a pretty dry day and on the way up I was definitely glad that I had worn hiking boots (a bit of grip) cloud cover came in so it started to rain on my way down and my boots were a godsend!

It took us less than 3 hours to complete the trail and we would definitely recommend it. We really enjoyed the views and especially hiking on the ridge of the mountain. The trail is really muddy. It gets a little challenging at some point but not that difficult.

SUPER muddy, wet, slippery hike. Easy for the first mile +, then lots of washed out stairs. Worth every step and fall through the mud once you reach the 360 view at the top.

Expect to get super dirty. I’m not sure how bad it is when it hasn’t rained in a few weeks, but some spots are all mud due to no sunlight through the trees.

Go to the top peak. Make it up the steep straits and use the ropes. It’s worth it!

BE CAREFUL GOING DOWN! Super slick. Expect to fall ALOT. Awesome hike as long as you’re okay with being muddy :)

I only wish it had more signs. I had a hard time finding my way back to the road after I was done.

Locals supposedly say this is the one of the best views of the entire island and I can definitely see why. The views at the top are gorgeous and you literally get to see a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire island of Oahu.

The trailhead is located in an affluent neighborhood which kind of reminded me of Beverly Hills houses. The trail starts off in a forest with trees overarching each other and after a few miles it becomes quite an adventure with you ascending up steep and muddy staircases. There's even a section where you need to use a rope to help pull yourself up the stairs.

This trail is so lush and green throughout that it will have you constantly looking in awe of your surroundings. There was alot of mosquitoes/gnats on this trail so recommend that you bring your spray or have long pants and long sleeves while doing this. It became quite annoying. When you get to the top near the antenna, make sure to keep going just a bit further where you will find a bench with the most amazing viewpoint. Be careful on the descent down as alot of the trail is slippery because of the mud!

- @justroc @just.trek

The first mile is a dirt road which helps a whole lot. The next 1.5 miles is challenging but not difficult. The challenge is climbing so many steps. It takes a lot of endurance. The view looking back to the city was fantastic. Unfortunately, the clouds settled in towards the top. There was no view from the top. Worth doing if you want exercise and a challenging hike.

nice views

lots of vehicle break ins in this area.

so much fun with the family. my 3 year old loved this hike.

Trail was super muddy today. The first 2 miles were fairly easy, past there lots of water to cross, lots of mud. We weren’t able to complete the last half mile, it was too muddy and super slick so we turned around there. So only 5 miles round trip today but what an adventure!

Awesome hike. The views are great.

We did this yesterday, 10/5/18. This was my third or fourth hike and absolutely loved this. It was fairly difficult for me as well as my friends but challenging difficult not danger difficult. The stairs are plentiful and the trail itself is well kept. Some of the stairs are difficult for short legs. All in all it was 100% worth every min!!

1 month ago

Went with some friends about a month ago. It was a bit of a challenge due to some rain, but when we got to the top, the clouds cleared for a minute, and the view was amazing. It stared raining on the way back down, and we were a mess of mud. Really fun trail.

You can also try Schofield-Waikane Trail ( it is part of Na Ala Hele State Trail System).

Great hike with lots of shade. The end is a bit tricky, but worth the view. We went on a day that was fairly overcast. Not for the faint of heart, be ready to climb towards the end.

Best hike on Oahu! Loved the views

a lot of shaded area but very rocky and will get your shoes and socks completely wet. not to worry though, on a sunny day, shoes dry up fairly quickly. good to bring a hydroflask full of water and sunscreen too.

Challenging, but a great experience. You meet other friendly group of hikers who are willing to help you out-especially at that point where you need to use the rope to help you ascend this steep/wide gap in the stairs! This is worth the hike!

2 months ago

Little muddy don’t wear slippers we have seen some slippers on the trail stuck to the mud lol my husband and I did this hike back to back this week and loved the waterfall. We actually climbed down the rock and got in the water took pictures and climbed back up if you don’t have upper arm strength then you can’t pull your self up so don’t go down if you can’t pull yourself up please. Definitely a nice workout.

So, wish I had realized Awaawaloa=Mount Olympus. I thought we were hiking to a trail called Awaawaloa. We keep saying, "one more peak, one more mudd trench and we will reach the other trail.". It wasn't until I pulled up my geocaching app and learned I was 17 feet away from a cache called "mount Olympus" that we realized where we were! Ive wanted to go to mt O, but not in the weather we were having. It was fun, but was super rainy and windy. the rope at the big trench aka Mariana Trench, was super slippery. It took us 5 hours to complete. We were skating down the hills at the end. I would do this trail again, not in the rain and wind. Id rate it hard, after 'trail closed' sign.

Love this trail! Took my two littles with me. Lots of water crossings and mud. There’s even some ruins along the way!

I did this hike on a rainy day during a weekday, I’m sure it’d be twice as amazing on a dry day. The hike itself is a great challenge. I did it solo, it gets challenging near the end but I met a couple of adventurers already at the top who helped me along the way. It was good challenge and I’d definitely do it again if I had more time.

I didn’t get to hike this. Permit denied because the trail is only open Saturday and Sunday. Only two hikes need 4wd permits as of now. Other one is on the west side of the island.


An alternate way without going through security is starting the hike from Wailupe valley,and climb steeply till you hit the dirt road before the start of the steps.

I have hiked many trails in Hawaii and this view and trail is an all time favorite. The view I like even more then the super popular diamond head and koko head trails. You will hike all the way up the mountain where there is usually a big cloud of fog but if you go on a clear day the 360 view is just amazing. Its about 3 hours round trip if you take time to enjoy the views. When I first did the trail I was confused because the only way to get there is through a security gate in a private residential area. Turns out you need to go up to him tell him you are there for the trail, give your id and receive a one day pass. There is no other route to go to get there. It will get muddy but the path is wide enough such that if you position yourself properly you will likely just slip and get dirty as opposed to falling to your death. This is a must do trail here it should be full 5 stars.

Just an easy breezy walk. Plenty of shade and pretty trees to look at. Great place for children to walk and get out.

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