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Good hike, gets challenging higher up but doesn't take too long to get to the peak. It is busy so you have to stop to let people past on the narrow parts but I enjoyed it :)

1 day ago

Holy smokes this hike is incredible! This was our first backcountry camping trip. I wouldn’t consider this a difficult hike however there is one section of 4km uphill which is tough when you’ve got a heavy bag on your back. Even though it was a little smokey Kinney Lake was breath taking, emperor falls was insane and Berg lake was unbelievable. We couldn’t hike Mumm Basin or toboggan falls due to a rock slide so went out to Snowbird Pass which actually left us speechless. A long old hike but the Icefield was like being on another planet. I’m so keen to go back next summer before wildfires hit.

Some people were hiking out to berg lake and back just a one day. With an early start and reasonably fast pace I feel that it is do able.

Insanely hard, well worth it. Amazing views, bring more water than you think you’ll need

Was amazing trail nothing impossible to hike. Just take your time to get to the top and do not bring heavy stuff in your backpack.

2 days ago

Absolutely loved this hike. Beautiful views. Great campsites. There are about 5km on your way up that are challenging to say the least but all worth it once you see the glacier and the lake!

Beautiful hike! It’s definitely busy up to Lake Agnes Tea House, but the route up to Big Beehive was significantly less crowded and well worth the views. We started at about 9:45am. Great spot to eat lunch if you don’t want to wait at the tea house. Suggest going the Skyline route back down as it’s also less crowded and shaded.

Great trip in the fall just before the tea hut closes.

This trail was very steep, with lots of loose underfoot gravel / dirt etc. for most of it. The last push to the top through scree was particularly steep. worst part was the trip back down, very unpleasant as almost impossible to maneuver the trail without slipping and sliding. Lots of really rude fellow trekkers coming up behind at speed, letting dogs off leash and such. Looks like there are some trail improvements underway, but still not a trail we would do again. Recommend hiking shoes, poles and a good bit of water. Also do this trail early to avoid crowds.

Awesome workout. Pretty steep and rocky at times but the views are amazing. Worth the pain

4 days ago

Amazing!!! I booked myself in for 6nights. Don’t need that many I left after 4 nights . Pack what you need !! I packed way to much but used it all. Traps and hoodies. I went July 27-August 1 beautiful weather. The black flys bite hard worse than the mosquitos. Trail all the way to robin pass. Amazing. Did snow bird pass amazing again !!
Fill up after white horn on your way to emperor falls there’s no water for 4km. Pack up early leave early to get a camping spot especially at emperor falls there’s only 7 pads. The trail isn’t overall hard. Hardest part was hiking up to emperor falls. Only cause my pack was too heavy. After emperor falls it’s smooth sailing. The views are to die for. Loved every turn and moment.

Great workout rewarded by beautiful views!
TIPS: follow Howe Sound EAST trail, which includes a steady incline that levels out throughout the trail.
Took us about 2.5 hours round trip with a lunch break at the top.
PS- currently there is a bit of smoke throughout the sea to sky, you'll notice it faintly

Top 3 trail in Rockies

Awesome sunrise hike

One of our favorite hikes out of 12 on this trip. Went clockwise so tough early but an amazing trail along the base of the glacier and spectacular views up and down the valley.

7 days ago

Drive down yesterday and found the trail closed due to grizzly activity :(

Took 3 hours with quite a few breaks on the way up.
Super busy, recommend going earlier in the morning!

Pretty views of the ocean - others may say incredible, but I favour mountain top views. :) Was a straight forward hike and while it had me sweating, I would say it was easier then I thought it would be. We were on the trail by 7:40am to avoid crowds in the long weekend Monday. We had to match our pace for our group of 5 so while it took us 1 hour 45 min up, this was at a moderate pace and included multiple breaks. Coming down the traffic was steady, but not packed. I read previous reviews that had me dreading the crowds and bugs, but it wasn’t bad, definitely space between groups, though I’m sure the mid day crowds had a hard time vying for a view as the lookout area is small. Also, bring bug spray in case, but we only noticed the bugs in the parking lot.

Amazing views up top!

Great little hike!! Easy to follow for the most part.... lost it a couple times on the way back but found it easily enough.... would definitely do it again!!

Easy and beautiful hike!! Took us 1.5hrs up and 1 hr down. Only a little elevation in the beginning and it’s pretty flat for a bit. Elevation gets more steep as you go further along. Luckily did this hike around 7am and only a few people were on the trail/top. On the way down there were at least 30+ people going up so start early if you want to avoid the crowds!

8 days ago

Love all of the bridges! Decided to tackle on backpacking back to the trailhead from Robson Pass - was great until the last 3km then my feet were killer! But I loved it!

Very busy trail on the weekends, worth the crowd if your are from out of town. If you are a local wait until a weekday, it will be much more enjoyable!

The view is breathtaking! It takes 2-3 hours to hike this trail if you keep a steady pace and spend only a couple minutes at the top before your descent.

A good challenge due to the elevation gain, but the views from the top are also an excellent reward. Hiking shoes are a must have for this hike

Absolutely beautiful views every step of the way! The drive to the base of the climb was very scenic but it had a quite curvy/bumpy road, bit rough on the car. The climb was a bit exhausting due to steepness. 3hrs up, 2hrs down for someone that doesn't do a lot of inclines, many people passed us though. 100% worth the climb. The whole way up had great views and the top makes you feel on top of the world! Wear shoes with a good grip, lots of loose stones the closer you get to the top which makes it very slippery. The evening was a nice time to go as it wasn't too busy.

Had a great time on this hike, not too busy, great views, fun to play "find the path" once you are on the scree past the tree line. I really enjoyed this one!

Easy Hike and Beautiful Views!

Start early in the summer, it gets hot, but everyone says that. I was prepared for the heat and started before 7 and was surprised how windy and cooler it was above Devils Backbone. Never took off the extra long sleeve until I arrived at the ski lodge on the return trip.

9 days ago

Started Sunday @ 6 am. I got to the top at exactly 7 am.
I pushed myself on this hike. 2627’ elevation gain for the 1.9 miles up. 50 minuets back down to my car. I took a few stops to enjoy the view and take some pictures. For the most part the trail is well defined. Towards the top, in the rocks, it’s easy to get out of line.. but at that point you know where the peak is. There were 6 others people that got the worm before me, as they were headed down before I reached the top. They were us early to watch the sunrise.

Honestly an amazing trail for the short ascent time (1.5-2 hrs). It gets really busy, ideally you should start off around 7-8 am to beat off the crowds at the top. Nothing technical just very steep.

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