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This was a beautiful get away but be prepared to work for it because there are a ton of stairs but mini waterfalls at every corner it was so peaceful me and my friends got there super early in fact first ones in the parking area by the time we left it was flooded with cars

We went in March on a cloudy day but the green rolling hills and trees made for lovely views. It was half exposed, half in dense tree cover. I loved that there were intermittent signs about the forest regrown after the fire.

This is one of my favorite trails in the Bay Area. Starting just past the dam at alpine lake, the trail takes you along one of the streams that feed the lake. You gain 1000+ elevation, but the beauty of the cascading water next to you the whole way takes your mind off the work of climbing the stairs and inclines. The trail has many trees to provide shade, and the area has a lot of ferns, moss, and other vibrant foliage to please the eye. To extend the hike, I recommend heading west at laurel dell fire road, cross ridgecrest boulevard, take coastal trail to Matt Davis, then up to pantoll. Take old mine trail to rock spring and head back down cataract trail.

First time hiker! What an awesome trail. As mentioned, the path off to the waterfall can be easily missed. We missed it and ended up on ocean lake loop trail only to find a coyote that made us turn around. On the way back around we saw the arrow and went down the path. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE EVERYONE IS MAKING IT DOWN THESE ROCKS TO THE WATERFALL! We started our hike around 8am so we had the entire trail to ourself. The rocky cliff at the end is steep and can easily be your demise. The rope is very helpful, however as a 30 year old man in decent shape, I had a difficult time getting down to the beach and an even more difficult time climbing up. The rocks must have changed over the years because it is definitely not safe (unless I’m just that much of a beginner) either way I enjoyed myself! Not sure if I’ll try climbing down again. It has to be another way.

Fantastic trail! Gorgeous views of the coast and an incredible waterfall at the end for more nimble hikers who can make it down the bluff.

This trail is heavily travelled but very easy to miss. There is a small arrow like shape made of rocks on the left side of the trail about 4ish miles in. If you reach a bench at a lookout you’ve gone too far.

Amazing hiking. And a small rock climbing was a amazing experience.

Nothing to write home about.

Great hike, amazing sites, if windy can can get cold, and watch out for rouge waves!!

Nice hike. Rock climbing at the end was the most exciting part of this hike :P

20 days ago

Wonderful trail! Parking is very limited so get there early. Lots of elevation gain but trail is well marked & maintained so take your time and enjoy the surroundings. Absolutely stunning.

Lot of elevation and rock climbing at the end of the trail, the view was amazing and it’s worth the hike. Lot of people on the trail though. Parking is small and tough, be prepared.

24 days ago

Beautiful but crowded on weekends the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars. Go on a weekday if you can for peace and serenity. Mossy and green year round. Mostly shaded With lots of ups and downs.

rough trail towards the end of the hike near waterfall but worth it.

Gorgeous view of the waterfall, and it’s always fun to hike alongside waterways in Northern California! Tons and tons of stairs, so be prepared to get a workout. We continued on past the falls for about 2 miles, with even more stairs and turned back after.

Getting started early is a must - the parking lot at the trailhead is fairly small and this is one of the more popular hikes in the area, so it fills up really quickly. Beware the poison oak, and there’s a bit of rock climbing near the end to actually get to the falls. Otherwise a beautiful day hike!

Lots of waterfalls and great variety of scenery. There were a lot of stairs so something to be aware of, but we loved it and thought it was a great well rounded hike. We ended up stopping a couple miles in to eat lunch, and it was very peaceful.

It is steep in some spots but overall a great hike and workout! Got to the top and it was an amazing view! Great workout for my dog too.

Got there at about 1pm, right as the first crowd was leaving, got great parking. Timed perfectly for a picnic at the beach, and sunset from the top of the ridge about one-half mile in. FYI: There is a dirt road for about a mile before the trailhead. Potholes

This is by far my most favorite trail. For 8.8 miles, you get everchanging views (ocean, forest, lakes), weather (overcast, clear and sunny), and terrain so that you’re constantly stimulated all the way to the end where there’s a tricky steep descend to get to the beach. But oh is it worth it!

1 month ago

Gorgeous scenery and many waterfalls throughout the hike.
We did a total of about 8.4 miles, since we continued onto the next trail for the view.
Even though it's fairly short, it was pretty exhausting since there's quite a bit of stairs, so bring lots of water. I'm out of shape, so it was a bit rough, but it is manageable.

It was a beautiful hike......

Fun trail, ends on a beautiful beach

This trail was nice to hike in. I hiked 4 miles in.
It was challenging going back up. (Which was what I was looking for) Don’t recommend if you’re a first time hiker, it could be a little difficult for you!

A gorgeous waterfalls, cataract Trail is one of my favorite trail.I walked 10.7miles, feels so awesome and relaxing.

So many great views of coastline, vegetation, and water. many sections are shaded, and the hike was long but easy. I highly recommend this one, it’s one of my top picks for Bay Area hikes!

Great hike! Some just take the unofficial trail to go to the top of the falls. I suggest both this and moving forward to head to the beach. From there, you can proceed south to see the falls into the beach. Be careful for the rising tide as there is a section on the beach in which the water will go up to the vertical cliffs. I logged 16 miles in 6 hours.

Lots of people at the trailhead but you can shake off most of them after the first 1/4 mile, they seem to stop and take easier side trails for the most part. Bring lots of water as it gets really hot and there was quite a climb at the beginning if you start at the right hand side at the entrance of the loop coming in from the parking lot. There is lots of parking on the street so no need to pay $7 for parking in the small lot unless you really want to support the park :) There are nice bathrooms in the parking lot.

This trail goes in and out of so many different types of terrain, you never get bored! Great views and the waterfall is a nice treat before heading back. We took Palomarin Trail Head out to Wild Cat Camp (pit toilets and water spout) then walked the gorgeous beach to the falls and back out to the trail head. It was just over 13 miles. There is a lot of poison oak, so long sleeves and pants is a good choice.

It's a nice trail if you live in the area and just want to get out for a little while on short notice. Have a coffee or a snack in Windsor afterwards.

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