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1 day ago

This is a great hike. I went yesterday with my husband, our 7 year old and 3 year old and a couple friends. The drive up is pretty rough for about 5-6 miles. You will need a vehicle with good ground clearance or take the drive up very slow. The trail was very Icey in some parts. We ended up busting our butts on the trail a couple times. If you are taking a little one this time of year, I recommend putting them in a hiking carrier. Beautiful views from the trail and definitely an incline on the way up. We were feeling the burn. Snow and ice on parts of the trail and at the top. The view of Summit Lake was beautiful. The lake is so clear. The hike was worth it just to see the scenic view from the overlook and to see the lake. It was breathtaking. This wasn't a very busy trail. We saw only a couple people during our hike an this was during the morning to afternoon.

2 days ago

High clearance and decent tires are your safest bet getting to the TH, I made it in my Chevy Cruze though, so make good judgment calls before heading to this trail. Beautiful day on the trail and amazing views at the lake and above! Compact snow is very icy!

7 days ago

Stunning hike! Highly recommend. The drive up is pretty rough but it’s worth it.

trail running
7 days ago

Falls larger and better than expected

Woods in the middle of the city. boring beach.

Beautiful hike, wet leaf litter and mud near the falls made it a little slow going, but well worth it.

10 days ago

Beautiful and well maintained park with numerous trails.

good place to ride

24 days ago

So amazing! Lake was clear and gorgeous! View of mountain was breathtaking! Already thinking about going again.

Nice area. You need a discovery pass (so if you’re out of state like us get it before arriving).

For the Talus rock trail we went ‘right’ at the trail sign which means we ended up climbing almost 1,100 feet (according to my Apple Watch) but the way down was way easier. I can’t imagining going down the way we went up since the rocks were damp of rain earlier in the day. Climbing poles might be a good thing.

It was quiet on a Wednesday afternoon. Only saw 6 people which was fine by us.

Pit toilets. Bring hand sanitizer or wipes.

I want to go back and try some other trails but we were limited on time today.

Hiked Summit Lake on 10/6/18. Saw about 20-25 people the whole day. Lots of dogs on leash including ours. The trail is very well maintained. This is one of my absolute favorite hikes! We started up later in the day, hitting the trailhead around 12:30pm. We met people coming down who didn't have the opportunity to see Mt. Rainier earlier in the day. Our late start meant we were able to get some gorgeous peek-a-boo views of the Mountain when we reached the trail summit. Perfect day!! Yes, the road up is rough, but the parking lot was full so it is definitely not deterring anyone. Please remember to pack your trash out.

A nice moderate uphill grade. With an Alpine lake and early fall colors. It was an awesome hike

Trail is closed until October 1st for logging. A huge disappointment

1 month ago

easy hike. Knats are harmless, but if you stand in one spot for more than 10sec the large deer flies will bite you!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, not too difficult. Tons of camping spots, including one that overlooks the lake up top. The lake is strikingly blue, even on a cloudy day. Will have to return for a cloudless day to see Mt. Rainier from the lookout.

No toilet at the trailhead (people made their own toilet pits in the dirt), but there is a primitive toilet when you reach the lake. The trail is in excellent condition, but the road is not. Very rocky with potholes. I wouldn't say 4x4 or AWD is absolutely necessary, but clearance is. Even if you drive very carefully in a low clearance vehicle, you may damage the underside.

Went today! Took the bus line trail to nook and around to Talus Trail down to Tiger 3. I like this route better because there are inclined and flat parts as you go up. The ground was a little slippery just after the rocks.

came in on the little mashel falls-bud Blancher trail side. beautiful trail but beware of vicious blue heeler living on the ranch the trail goes by on the right side. my dog was bit and had to turn back. need to try again with out the pup!

2 months ago


great trail! beautiful views at the lakes and definitely will be a repeat for us

It was a nice walk in the middle of woods. Good way to get some exercise.

Beautiful view, went to this hike during Labor Day weekend and there were 4 tents camping there. Get there early, our way back to the parking lot was busy and the road can be challenging.

Great little hike. However, we didn't use the trail and took an adventure up river. Very scenic. Only downside is the area was a bit sketchy and there was some litter in and around the creek

Hiked on 8/24. Water volume was low and definitely want to go back when sunny and warm, earlier in Summer. Good exercise, not too easy. Start at park, not on logging road.

Was a Decent hike the falls were running slow so not as great as I expected. Still a good time though

I live close to this state park and love hiking it any chance I get. Lots of different paths to take to mix it up!

LOVED IT!!! super nice views and beautiful beautiful waterfall so peaceful and so relaxing!!! I would totally recommend this. I didn’t think it was “moderate” more on the easier side,however there were a few spots that get your heart pumping. Can’t wait to go back!

It is an easy trail for walk. You can take your kids or dog but don't go alone. Better to be in company :)

very nice day hike, trail is well maintained and tons of berries and no bugs to speak of! lake is beautiful my dog just loved it. road up is tough and slow but the hike is worth it.

2 months ago

Had a great weekend camping trip. Relatively easy hike and the lake was gorgeous. Stayed for a couple nights. Saturday was pretty busy with 50-60 day hikers and a dozen or so groups camping. Still a few spots open though. Way more camp opportunities than listed on site. Most campers left out Sunday with only us and 1 other group overnight. About 40 or so day hikers Sunday. As with most easily accessible trails, if you want more peace and quiet, go during the week.

We got caught up in the smoke blowing in from Canada on Sunday so the distant views weren’t there. But the lake and nearby area had plenty of spectacular views. Will definitely have to go again to get the full experience. Lake was warmer (at least the top layer) than expected. Was able to swim out to the middle without any chill. Drop down about 5-6 feet and it does get a bit cooler.

Yes, the road up was a little rough and for some it may not be with the drive for a short day hike. But there were plenty of folk venturing up on the weekend. Just drive like a normal person and it will be fine. Bugs really weren’t as bad as previously reported. Only used spray a couple times over the 3 days. Most bugs were bees and small flies that weren’t biting. Mosquitoes only seemed to be out certain parts of the day. If there was one drawback for campers it would be the fact that fires aren’t allowed within 1/4 mile of the lake. So have to venture a little ways out if having a fire is important to you. I like a good camp fire, but weather was quite comfortable this time of year without one.

I would definitely recommend this hike and do plan on making another trip back next year.

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