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It’s not even a trail. You park on a residential street, walk 3,000 ft up the mountain to a dead end with no trail. Waste of time.

Loved it! Stair steppers Heaven! Recommend counter clock rotation of the loop. If you go clock wise you may find that you might want to skip the summit cause you're too tired. The left side off loop is more difficult and longer. When you get close to summit, trail gets harder to distinguish. Look for pyramid rock stacks and few trail markers. Creek runs along the right side of loop, you can treat to drink. But no water on the left side of loop. Enjoy!

3 days ago

Beautiful trail! Most of the trail is very easy, with wide, sandy trail. There are, however, several steep, rocky sections scattered throughout. Overall I would rate this trail as moderate. The views all along the trail are magnificent- not just at the summit!

4 days ago

Fun, scenic hike where you will see hikers, bikers and people on horseback. We are beginner hikers and the incline was pretty challenging but doable - even with a 20 lb baby on your back. Super close to downtown Golden for a bite after you’re finished!

Pretty easy, but great view!

Well worth the slog to the sumit.

Great hike, would have given it five stars if there were not so many road crossings and so close to the road.

Icy in parts, but beautiful overall!

Trail steep on way up. Very little snow not issue tho. Option to do steep or easier route. Great hike and don't have to drive significantly to trailhead. Only one other person in am mid week.

18 days ago

I did this trail along with Belcher Hill trail. It was nothing but muddy trails (60% of the trails were covered with mud!!) even 10 days past after the last snow and it has been warm days(Today was 57F). If you enjoy mud run/hike, do it!

18 days ago

Morning hike in February- not too busy going up, but got busier heading down. About a 2 1/2 hour up and back. Great views from the top.

It was really beautiful! There’s still some snow/icy parts once you get close to the loop. That made it really hard to hike at times, feeling like you’re going to wipe out. Otherwise it was great!

Wonderful hike, outstanding views throughout! It was 65 degrees throughout the hike and the snow was very minimal even at the top. I find it’s rare to find more strenuous hikes that aren’t very cold and/or buried in snow at this time of year. It’s challenging but manageable. A treasure for sure!

19 days ago

It was very snowy in spots, which made for dangerous conditions (because most of the trail skims the side of the mountain) in which you could very likely slide down or hurt yourself. Without the snow, this trail would have been one of my favorites in a long time. Not too difficult and great views of Golden (and Denver when you get high enough). Lots of fun!

Awesome hike.

3/2/18- I was really impressed with this trail. I normally shy away from trails so close to the city, because there’s just too many people. But today was surprisingly mellow. Great views of the city, then on the other side you have great views of the mountains (will post pics). A few things:
1) We had to go up Gregory and down Flagstaff (reverse direction from map) because I couldn’t find the flagstaff trailhead. The trailhead is actually on the main road, across from the stop sign. Turn into the little parking area, then walk back down to the entrance stop sign. You’ll see the trailhead there. Gregory’s trailhead is by the roundabout (opposite end).
2) That said! The most icy stretch is on the Gregory Canyon trail. This worked for us because I prefer to go up the ice patches then down on solid ground. So if that is you, go clockwise on the trail!! Very brief stretches of ice, and some parts are fairly steep. But I made it fine with regular hiking boots. Flagstaff was dry, just be prepared for mud.

Quick access from Golden- yes it starts in a neighborhood. We went on 2/24 and it was crazy windy, with a ton of snow blowing around. We lost the trail and weren’t able to finish. Ice present on trail but good shoes should be enough to get you through.

I will agree with what others say about it being a very exposed hike. It’s doesn’t really feel ”secluded”, but for how close it is to Golden it’s still worth the trip if you’re looking to not drive very far. Terrain was fun- some parts easy, some parts rocky.

trail running
24 days ago

Hit this trail early Monday morning. There are a few other trails the spiderweb off this trail so make sure you watch the signs. Coming back down I got flipped around and ran the last mile on the road as the trail spit me out on a dirt road and I couldn’t see the connection on the other side. There was some snow at the top, not too bad and very manageable. I did follow a dead end towards the top and had to climb the steep hill and pine needles to connect back to the trail. Over all, good running trail. Great view at the top.

Very enjoyable hike. Great views of many of the formations in Colorado National Monument. Most of the trail is very easy. The only difficult part is going up the cliffs up to Rimrock drive but the views of the Coke Ovens are worth it. I saw tons of Bighorn Sheep on the trail. Also, you can turn this trail into a loop by going on the Wedding Canyon trail. It connects back up with the Monument Canyon Trail near Independence Monument.

1 month ago

This was a fantastic hike through a variety of scenery. Nice mountain range views, burnt forest, undulating terrain. Scrambling over rocks to the top makes the spur a bit tricky in winter months. Also requires paying special attention to the small signs to figure out where to go. Steep climbing sections to get a workout in, definitely on the harder side. Dogs should be agile! I really like this trail. Fantastic photography options. For more details and pics: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/02/04/roadtrip-to-the-rockies-grey-rock-mountain/

Wonderful hike! Took about. 3hrs in total and make sure to take plenty of water as it’s quite a work out going up! Icy in areas, crampons would be ideal, although we just had good waking shoes and managed ok. Great views over Denver, rather exposed for most of the walk but a nice bit toward the second half through the trees. Would definitely recommend!

1 month ago

Hiked this before Thanksgiving dinner. Perfect weather and had it all to ourselves

1 month ago

Great views after scrambling up rocks at the top. Lake is okay, but not much water or shade on this one. Did this in July, the little meadow is neat though and full of wildflowers.

Great hike! Once I summited South Boulder Peak, I decided to check out Bear Peak, which was an easy add once your up there if your legs are still feeling good. I started this hike around 8:40am and on my decent the sun/warm weather had already put in work on the snow from yesterday! Extra traction (as of today) is a “nice to have” over a “need to have”.

1 month ago

Primarily exposed hike with little tree coverage. A little bit of snowfall meant that we barely had company on this popular trail. Still issues with dogs off-leash. This one is good for some front-range exercise, but the views and scenery aren’t much in terms of wow-factor. The nightbird trailhead is in a neighborhood, so please be respectful and street park safely. You can always access the loop from the cedar Gulch side if necessary.

Love this trail! As soon as you get over the first hill the traffic/city noise dies almost completely (only making an appearance at a couple of crests; otherwise it’s pretty quiet). A couple rocky spots but nothing too bad as long as you’re careful. I frequently take my dog with me on this trail - there is quite a bit of dog traffic but we have yet to have problems with unleashed pets.

Great trail. Hiked on 2/2/18 - no snow on the trail. There are a couple of smaller trails that intersect - remember this is a mainly switchback trail. There are three places in particular that go either left, right or straight - go left up the switchback on all three.

Need traction once you hit Shadow Canyon. Awesome hike!!

Nice trail and scenic. Not super exciting, but a great day hike for the Santa Fe area.

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