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The trail leads to nice views of the upper warm springs river and has a hint of painted hills ambiance.. Beautiful!

Ok, would be a nice bike ride. I just walked for a few miles then turned around. Most of the views were blocked by trees.

a nice walk, very easy. family friendly.

Not a bad little workout. Unfortunately barely any scenery and no waterfalls. Other downer is that you’re constantly dodging mountain bikers...and I mean CONSTANTLY!! The mountain road to the trailhead is tons of fun if you have a sports car tho

1 month ago

This was for sure top 3 for flowers this year for me.

My three kids and I love this ride. Especially the bridge. It’s easy for my youngest who is just off training wheels. Amazing views and an easy ride.

Great hike! We chose the easier way to the left. We logged 8.7 miles with this app. It took us right around 3 hours. The only off trail spur we went on was the one to lookout tower. That couldn’t have been more that a half mile. Next time we will try the more difficult way to the right. So beautiful!

2 months ago

Easy to follow trail. There was one point my group almost got sidetracked but we then found the signs and were on our way. Nicely maintained and easy. Good for beginners and cyclists.

if you are up for a good hard hike on all terrain this is a great hike to make. the views are amazing and there is lots of wildlife. it does get windy, but at times that is a blessing. half of the trail does not exist. but if you stick to the east side of the river, there are cattle trails you can follow a lot of the way. I do recommend the hike, but know that it is not for all skill levels.

Nice trail. Mostly shaded for the majority of the trail. We had our mountain bikes and pulled our son on a trailer, it was quite a bit of work but felt good after finishing!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Beautiful views in all directions as you get to the top of this trail. Tons of wild flowers in season. The forest is open with lots of light. It’s my favorite type of forest to run through. At the top of Five Mile Butte you can glimpse Mt. Adams from the fire lookout. You can also connect this with Knebel Springs trail for a longer, more challenging run/hike.

Easy trail for breaking the ice with hiking. Pretty windy but still fun. There’s some pretty cool views.

3 months ago

Easy hike , with beautiful view

4 months ago

Hiked on May 11. Scenic gorge views, very easy flat terrain, abundant wildflowers: balsamroot was in full bloom. Beware: no bathrooms, lots of poison oak by the ponds.

4 months ago

Beautiful views and meadows. Wildflowers are in full bloom.

We drove out to this trail today and had a fantastic time. It's a Wednesday in late April and the weather was perfect, 75 degrees with a light breeze. I'm pretty sure the weather doesn't get better. The flowers are in bloom, and coupled with amazing gorge views on a clear blue, I'd say it doesn't get any better. (and yes, I said it doesn't grey any better twice).

The trail is pretty easy, but not so easy you feel like your aren't even hiking. It was a good speed for my mom with back and sometimes knee problems, but she still got a workout.

The path goes up and down, with a general decrease in elevation, on the way in (and obviously does the opposite on the way out). The main path is wide and easy to follow, with some rocks to step over / around. There are a few smaller traiks you can take to loop around for a different view.

If your are a regular hiker, who is used to more incline, you'll find it super easy and it'll probably take 30 min. It's so darn pretty though, I say do it anyways. We were slow and loligaging, taking lots of pictures, and it took us an hour.

As a side note, we had a picnic on the beach of the Columbia at Mayer Park, which is to the north of 84 at the Rowena exit, and was pleasant.

Two hours of breath taking views of the canyon and mountain peaks including Mount Jefferson and the Three Sisters. Some steep areas with loose gravel, so be careful and make sure you have proper footwear. Spring temps were low in the morning but with no shade for miles, the sun warmed continuously. Take hat and sunscreen, for sure.

All along the trail were an abundance of spring flowers - take time to tune into the details of low vegetation here in the high desert. At the top of the mesa, Raven’s Roost, is a viewpoint with a stone and concrete mountain peak viewer. Peer through the holes that pin point peaks and radio tower. Fascinating stopping point.

All in all enjoyable hike that took 2 hours with lots of short rests.

Decent; expect some clay mud.

There were gorgeous views of the Gorge on this trail. Super windy when we were there. Beautiful wild flowers everywhere. Followed this with a walk up old scenic hiway trail which was also very scenic and easy.

It’s a nice 30 mins walk on a flat terrain with a great view of the river

Did this one first day of March! Wildflowers are in early bloom. Spring is on its way! Trail is easy to follow. Great views! Would love to snowshoe in winter. Wouldn't recommend in summer for hot temperatures and rattles. Great for all ages! Would do again.

Love this trail. It’s perfect for me. Nice mix of uphill, rolling, and downhill terrain.

Very easy trail surrounded by beautiful mother nature.

Very nice hike take a camera

Friday, July 28, 2017

Great views! Cute ponds!

Great little walk, but I have ran into rattle snakes multiple times. Keep dogs leashed due to snakes and a lot of bikes.

Amazing place!! It's amazing to drive through the woods here at night!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Easy trail with great views of the gorge! Be prepared to be exposed to the sun and high winds.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Great hike!

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