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13 hours ago

Beautiful trail, lake surrounded by 13er peaks, wild flowers were in full bloom. But the people train started at about 8:30 am. At least 50 dogs none of them on a leash. Bags of dog poo all over the trail and stacked up by the porta potties. If you can't carry, take out and put in a garbage can your dogs poo then leave them at home. If you want to feel like you are hiking in an off leash dog park for 6 miles this trail is for you. Otherwise avoid weekends or start very early.

21 hours ago

Loved it! Was not able to figure out how to get up to last lake, but well worth the trek. Will go again and find it, and summit Mt. Evans.

on Herman Gulch Trail

1 day ago

Had a fantastic hike - this is a great time of year (mid-June) to see wild flowers. The plant ecology changes as you get higher in elevation: conifers, columbines, wild roses, shooting star flowers, anemones, alpine primrose, whiproot clover, and some of the tiniest forget-me-nots. There was a very little bit of snow at the top but not enough to dissuade or deter hikers who have gotten that far.

Great hike! Start early to beat the storm and the crowds with their dogs. People, please please pick up after your pets!!!!

We loved it. Definitely a tougher hike (the altitude made us stop for breaks along the way) but the views were incredible and the lake at the top was so clear. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a good time and a good workout!

One of our favorite trails. The views are stunning and the terrain is quite varied. The first third is somewhat steep. The middle section is flatter and the forest opens up to reveal great views of the surrounding mountains. The last part of the trail is steep and strenuous. Make sure that at the sign close to the top, you are keeping on the left. There is still snow in mid-June and the lake is partially frozen. The views at the top are stunning. Something to keep in mind is that the trail is longer than indicated here - it's over 7 miles.

Stunning hike. Took us 5 hours roundtrip to Upper Chicago Lake and back to the car. About 45 minutes was spent bushwhacking through willows to get to the lower lake. There are easier routes supposedly if you continue to the end of the lake before the trail heads to Upper Chicago Lake. It is a steep, short hike to Upper Chicago Lake but well worth it. We didn’t have time to continue to Mt. Evans due to a late start unfortunately so I’ll be back.

2 days ago

Hiked this morning. More like 10 miles than 8. It’s tough. Lots of rocks and incline but great views. Made it to the end but lost the trail and couldn’t figure out how to get up to the final lake. Super marshy and muddy near waters edge. No matter. Still spectacular. Took me little over 4 hours with a 20 minute break. Started at 9am. Dark clouds rolled in at 11 when I got to the lake so be aware of the weather. I didn’t linger.

Clean and dry! Awesome week day hike and plenty of places to stop and fish along the way!

Did this trail 6.10.18.
Was a stunning day. Gorgeous hike, strenuous as you hike up to upper lake.
Will kick your butt right at the end as you have to go back uphill the echo lake.

Amazing hike with one of the best views overlooking a canyon in the Rocky Mountains! Definitely a hike that will take you quite a bit of time so be prepared with enough water and food! The hardest part of the hike is definitely the mile incline back to echo lake.

My daughter and I only finished about 6 miles, but every mile was gorgeous. Definitely doable for kids who enjoy more challenging hikes.

This was a beautiful trail. It was a little bit challenging coming from Florida. I mapped 6.2 miles in 2 hours 40 minutes. The view of the lakes was incredible. I would definitely do this again and bring lunch and eat it overlooking the lake.

6 days ago

This is an amazing hike. It ended up being 11.2 miles round trip with 2500 elevation gain. Make sure you go up to the 4th lake at the end, it’s definitely worth the extra effort for the views. Got pretty muddy in spots but not awful. Great hike!

really beautiful hike with a great view at the top. the wildflowers are starting to bloom and they fill up the meadows on either said of the trail. the top can be cold in the morning and the lake is still frozen, but almost all of the snow toward the top of the trail is gone. start early, it's worth it.

This was one of the most beautiful summer hikes I’ve done in CO! The stream next to you most of the way up was so peaceful. The first 1/3 is a pretty steep incline and will definitely get your heart rate up. After that, it opens up and becomes pretty mellow. The views start here and are amazing! The last 1/3 is a little more strenuous and right now (June) it’s pretty muddy with some snow pile, but nothing you can’t get through. The end makes it all worth it! You feel tucked into the mountains, with beautiful views, and plenty of spots to sit and relax. We got a great work out and so many pictures! Will definitely do this one again, and probably when family/friends come to visit.

Went down finch lake trail head about 5 miles from the parking iPhone maps take you to from this app. It was beautiful! Not a lot of people or parking ! Arrived and had no parking left had to park on the side of the road. However was great hike wind/trees kept us cool for a 90+ degree day. Beautiful drive from Denver!

Such a great view for s short distance!

Very muddy as you approach the lakes.

Gorgeous trail and sooo close to Denver!

Always a beautiful hike. Still had deep snow before the lake on Memorial Day

11 days ago

Great hike! Definitely an Colorado classic. Hiked June 4 and no snow at all. Just a bit muddy heading up to the upper lake.

12 days ago

Beautiful hike today. No snow until one small patch near upper lake. The route to upper lake is super steep. Worth it!!!!!! Gets a bit windy up there. The only downside to this hike is the mile up at the end! It’s grueling when you’re tired. This is definitely a “moderate to hard” hike. It’s not a 14er but it’s steep. From beginning to end. No crampons or. Yak tracks needed now.

Definitely marshy and snowy in parts, I found myself losing the trail a couple of times on the way down. But beautiful hike as a whole - I’ll be returning with my camera soon!

14 days ago

Beautiful trail, just a small section that was muddy and a tiny bit of snow before making it to the upper lake. The uphill at the end is painful, but definitely worth it!

14 days ago

Great Hike. The trail is completely clear and there is no snow all the way to Chicago Lake, looks as if it would be a viable option for an overnighter at this point in the season. As other reviewers have noted, you can get down to the lake right as you come upon it during the hike, there is some mild bushwacking to get down there, but not hard at all. As you approach the lake, the ground is very soft and somewhat damp, but it's not a big deal. I had running shoes on and my feet got a little bit wet, but they dried out pretty quickly on the return hike. Temperatures at the lake were in the high 60's to low 70's, only a slight breeze. Great all around hike!

Stunning. Tough. Beautiful.

Great hike for a moderate trail. Quite a few large sections of snow on parts of the trail in the upper half. Lost trail a couple of times. Trail also muddy in spots from melting snow. These issues created more of a workout. But it's all about the adventure - great hike with fantastic photo opportunities.

It is a really beautiful hike, not to steep and pretty mellow most of the way. One small section near the lakes was a little muddy but not a big deal. Views were incredible. Loved seeing all the hikers with their dogs. :)

Let me be real with you. This hike is absolutely gorgeous but difficult. Be sure to wear hiking boots as it is very muddy towards the lakes. What makes the hike so tough is that the last mile to your car is uphill after your legs are already tired from the long hike.

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