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13 hours ago

Well marked and not very challenging. If you have bad knees, hike the loop counterclockwise (go up Paradise and come down Undermountain)...you’ll avoid a short, but challenging descent near the summit. Nice views at the top.


This was a great trail! Very well marked and open. Beautiful views and not too strenuous. I’m 23 and my mom is 54 and we both were fine.

I have been hiking here for over 15 years... love this place

great view on the top.nice hike

4 days ago

I love this trail. I prefer to take the Paradise trial up since there is a steep rocky section and I find it easier climbing up the rocks if the trail is wet. Due to heavy rainfall many sections of the trial were wet and muddy.

Great trails , awesome views .

5 days ago

Did this on Sunday, it was a gorgeous day! I brought my 11w old puppy with me and a friend. We started at about 1030 and ended around 3pm. Having the puppy made things a little slower but overall really enjoyed the hike! Tried to take the route preferred by commenters but I believe we ended up taking the opposite direction which means we were butt scooting down some of the rocks because it was so steep! Still a lot of fun though! Made me question how some of the other folks I saw pass us were making it up that way though.
It was pretty trafficked though.

Great hike! Especially during fall in CT. My husband and I hiked yesterday. We took the advice of others here and took a right at the fork to paradise lane trail to do a counterclockwise loop. The trail is easy to follow and accurately rated as medium. The rock ledges before hitting the peak were the hardest part. The view at the top was lovely, and going counterclockwise allowed us to enjoy the views on the way down as well. I tracked 6.35 miles and we finished right around 3 hours including our lunch stop at the peak.

Hard! Rocks! Great ups and downs!

Fun afternoon on a nice fall day. Trails weren’t marked well at a certain point and we only found the correct path by chance - definitely make sure to check where you’re going

Super duper pretty. Little confusing getting down (was with some randos who couldn’t find it either) but for the most part 99.99% well marked.

This was a fun hike, trails are well maintained and blazed, until you get about 200 yards from the summit and the blazes are on rock and rather hard to find but makes for a fun climb. would rate it as moderate.

10 days ago

Hi ya'll I did this hike yesterday. I think it is accurately labeled moderate, although I'd imagine if you are a seasoned hiker on trails with incline it might seem easier. The most challenging parts of the hike for me, were the first 20 minutes before it splits, and the half mile up the rock scramble before the summit. However, there was plenty of flatter sections to allow you to catch your breath.
I took the suggestion of doing the loop counterclockwise, and am glad I did. Personally I don't think I would have liked climbing down the rock slabs. They were pretty damp and slippery. Also, because I did it counterclockwise I was able to continue looking out on the view as I made my way down. This hike took me about 3 hours 40 minutes. I definitely took my time going up. Made a few breaks, but was able to come down at a pretty good slip. Enjoy!

This hike ranks as one of our favorites. Fantastic views, we loved the long stretch of hike along the top of the peak. So many places to stop and take in the views.

Very confusing markings are not very good not a lot of elevation but good for a long distance hike or short

14 days ago

I’m not a seasoned hiker and this trail was really easy. It was a bit slippery today and I was lucky to make it before it got too busy. If you’re looking for a lighter traveled path, this one is not for you. Go early to avoid the crowds.

Great hike. A good, challenging trail. Gets steep quickly; it isn't long before you see beautiful wildlife and waterfalls. Keep going up to Mt. Everett where you can catch some good views.

Spectacular. Great with dogs!

On a positive note the hike had very nice views over looking the lake and terrain can be challenging at times. On the negative the trail markings are very difficult to follow so make sure to use this map and also print one out as this one is not color coded properly. Also watch where you step as there was a baby 18” rattlesnake near the path today which would not have been good had we stepped on it.

trail running
21 days ago

Went out with my husband this morning.

Pros: it's easy to get to, parking is ample, there are many options available to take with a variety of easy/hard, the trails are marked well, and everyone on the trail was kind.

Cons: I actually can't think of any.

Loved this challenging hike. Almost 8 miles. So glad I went counter clockwise because I got to go up the rock scramble instead of down. Mostly very well marked. A couple times had to refer to app map. Would definitely go again.

this trail was one of the toughest i've done. was a good work out. there are so many rocks. and very steep terrain. i would say this trail is moderate/hard. i liked the views and i will be back for more

28 days ago

the trail markings and maps are extremely confusing because there are different parcels abutting each other and there is not a single map for the whole area. but there are some very nice sections of this home and a great view of Hartford from the easy to access summit

Rocks were tough

Great views. The hike is what I scored. Frustrated with the app, though. I recorded it and it didn’t save and wouldn’t let me share.

Don’t bother following this route, just do some research and choose a colored trail to stick to (pink, blue, yellow). I tried following and it jumped around too much. The route ends in the middle of the blue trail, and has you head back. Next time I go I will pick a color and stick to it. Nice trails, easy terrain.

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