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Great moderate trail.

off road driving
12 days ago

Super easy trail. A Subaru Outback could run it. Pretty good views.

01 XJ
3.5in lift

The views made it all worth it! A steady climb from the beginning to a rocky last 45 minutes of the hike.

A nice start in the woods. Trail was clearly marked. Beautiful vistas!

Haley P nailed that synopsis below, incredible! Hiked under the full moon and started right outside of Winfield (the lower trailhead; Winfield is super cool, old little mining town you can explore) - tons of dispersed camping along the road to the upper trailhead. Great little dispersed spot right outside of Winfield as well. Definitely a great beginner 14'er! The trail is wonderfully defined the entire route and tough to get off track. #27 & definitely one of my favorites! Views at the summit were all-time. Enjoy!

Incredible! This was my first 14er and I’m hooked - a great first one to try if you haven’t hiked one yet. Some tips for folks to help you gauge time, distance, etc.

Everyone says to “start early” but that doesn’t really explain much. I found that you should be off the peak and below the tree line before noon on account of afternoon lightning storms. We started at 5:30 am (1.5 hours before sunrise) to give us ample time. The trail was super easy to follow, even in the dark. We made it almost half way up (to the plateau) in 1.5 hours. The last half took us another 1.5 hours, so 3 hours total to make it to the peak. We are regular hikers, but were not rushing it. We’re not a fan of blitzing a hike. We spent an hour at the top before descending in about 3 hours. Down by around 1 pm. Tons of people were ascending at that time - not sure if they planned to do the whole thing or not.

We drove in the Friday night before and car camped at the 4x4 trailhead. There were still plenty of places to park and camp, although we got there at 10 pm. You do need a 4x4 car or truck with at least 8-10 inches of clearance. A Toyota suv was hitting bottom in front of us on the way up.

Bring water, snacks, and layers! We saw some people hiking in a long-sleeved shirts and shorts and carrying one water bottle. I can’t advise against that enough. Maybe I’m just paranoid being a WFR, but honestly, I’m the one who will have to help when you get hurt, so please bring some supplies! Better to be prepared at 14,000 ft than to skimp on a little bit of extra weight.

Do it, you’ll love it!! 

26 days ago

Beautiful trail system. It was hard for me but I am old, overweight and from Arkansas.

29 days ago

No problem if you follow the ALLTRAILS track..

29 days ago

Hard trail to follow like previous reviews mentioned. Highly recommend trekking poles to make it easier climbing and descending.

2 hour hike at comfortable pace within 45 min of downtown. Great all around hike, decent amount of shade and views.

amazing in the winter. gorgeous area look out at the top

We took our 5 week old son. It’s a great hike for beginners, visitors and families. Easy trail with moderate sections. When taking the loop I recommend taking the right route. Have fun and happy hiking.

The scenery in mid-September is beautiful and we saw a bunch of deer once crossing over to the Hummingbird Trail. Even tho it's only 2.1 miles, the terrain on the switchback side of the Hummingbird makes for a solid afternoon. It's listed as "easy," but there are a few spots almost needing a "moderate" rating. Overall, a great trail near Conifer!

4 stars for the sunset, but the hike was not anything challenging or awe inspiring though. Short enough to watch a sunset at the top but not be caught out after nightfall long enough to need a headlamp or anything. Fairly short, easy hike close to Denver!

This was my third 14er and by far the best 360 degree views. You NEED a 4WD vehicle to get to the upper trailhead; if you have to park at the lower trailhead plan to add about 4 miles round trip to your hike.

I’m in good shape and it took me about 5 active hours round trip to complete.

Beautiful hike today! We parked at the lower trail head which made the hike about 11 miles round trip. The aspen trees are at peak right now, great views and not too crowded for a weekend!

Definitely not a clear trail to follow, but the navigation and steep incline can be a fun challenge. Lots of loose gravel, I definitely fell on my butt twice and slid down. The 2 other people I saw coming down had trekking poles which would probably really help on the decent. Hiked it with my husky and had to help him up some of the scrambling and loose gravel areas.

Great hike for just enough resistance so you don’t feel like you’re just nature walking. The view at the end was very pretty, definitely glad we took this one as I’m sick and my hiking buddy was from out of town and not used to the altitude

Lots of slick dirt on downhill

1 month ago

wasn't sure where Jones Pass started so we walked up where the cars were coming. I had my dogs off leash so we ended up taking Butch trail because we didn't know where Jones started and there were too many cars going up and down the road. it's nice and quiet. Please pick up your dog's poop before you ruin it for everyone.

Harder than I expected, but a beautiful trail. Very shaded. The incline on the way up was hard for my new to Colorado lungs but I definitely want to go back. Watch out for a lot of bikers though. Also, limited parking at the base. And if you're coming from Denver, it's a short and gorgeous drive!

This was my first 14er. It took me 5.5 hours of active time, not including the half hour I spent at the top. The peak had a nice little pile of rocks that creates some coverage from the wind. AMAZING 360 degree views. Every angle was breathtaking. Would definitely do again. And the cute little pikas everywhere were probably my favorite. I have no idea how but I saw some insane person mountain biking too.

1 month ago

If you prepare (mentally +/or physically) for the difficulty of the mileage + elevation gain, this is an incredible route. I did this as an overnight solo backpacking trip (I’d estimate my pack to have been about 40lbs — I overpacked as a “just in case” for it being a solo trip) + it was one of my favorite trips to date.
I went up Beartracks Trail & down Beaver Meadows Trail, which made for a strenuous 5.5ish mile day up 2,500ft & an admittedly painful 6.5ish mile day back down 2,500ft. My feet hated me by the end, but it was 110% worth it! There weren’t a ton of people past the first/last 1.5-2 miles of the loop, which made for a very nice + reflective hike. If you can swing it, you HAVE to stop by Beartracks Lake. Honestly, this is what truly makes the trail + the mileage worth it. I spent the night here, and it was incredible. There were two other groups, but I didn’t feel crowded there in the slightest. We saw 4-5 moose along the shoreline, the view of the stars after sundown was breathtaking, and the lake itself is absolutely beautiful.
10/10, would recommend this route (when it opens again — it’s closed for hunting after Labor Day). Do it as an aggressive day hike, or take your time + stay a night or two. As long as you’re prepared for a hurting body, you’ll be fine. It’s worth it, without a doubt. You WON’T regret it.

This was mine and my family'a first hike! it was amazing but is a little more difficult than expected. The last inclin up was hard but well worth the view and the accomplishment! Definitely going to do a return trip up here!

When reading 14er reviews, I always find it helpful to know a persons skill level. That being said, I’m a regular hiker and this was my second 14er. I can easily say this was the most difficult hike I’ve ever done. Don’t let the “lower” summit height fool you. This thing is steep! You climb roughly 1000 ft per mile for the full 3.5 mile ascend. Once you’re past the tree line (and the wonderful, but short, flat reprieve), this is where the true challenge begins. But what a view! I can see why a lot of the reviews say this is the most beautiful 14er. It was stunning!

Really enjoyed this as a loop w/ my 6 month old puppy. Do the loop counter clockwise- that way you hit the steep stuff going uphill and downhill is a gentle slope if you have a dog and don’t want the trail to be too hard on their joints going downhill

Awesome trail. There and back with a few side trails to diversify. They call the trail 'primitive' as there are some overgrown spots and steep trackside drop offs. We took the main trail out and hit Chave and Gaskill side trails on the way back. Clocked in about 21 miles and 8 miles at a brisk hike rate with a few snack stops.

Not hard but pretty steep! Parking lot at the top (that requires 4wd) fills up quick. There were 6 or 8 cars parked there Friday night for the next morning.

on Beaver Brook Trail

1 month ago

Varied terrain and deep enough in the canyons to block the traffic noise and visual pollution.

Drove up from TX two days before this hike with my dog. Got to the trailhead midday on a Sunday and made it to the lake early evening. Had the lake to ourselves and had a wonderful night, a bit cold since you camp at over 11,000ft. Took our time in the morning and made it back to camp around 12. Saw 1 person the entire hike, but when we first got there Sunday afternoon the parking lot was packed. Weekdays are definitely the time to go!

The first day's elevation gain was intense but doable (even coming from sea level). Beautiful hike with a variety of views. The second day we pretty much descended the whole time so it was pretty easy. Awesome, laid back weekend hike with plenty of available water!

1 month ago

Excellent, challenging hike / climb / scramble. Here are the key things to note:

1. The trail can get a bit hard to follow. I recommend looking through some recent recordings and loading one of those up in the app to keep you on track.

2. Quite a bit of scrambling and loose rock, so this is likely not a good hike for young kids or folks that struggle with balance or steep scrambles.

3. It is intense elevation gain in a short distance, so a great hike to use in prep for a 14er. If you prefer switchbacks or a well-designed trail this may be a disappointment.

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