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Beautiful, well maintained trails

Great hike. If you take the left trailhead it’s about a mile uphill. Good workout. Great bouldering at wolf rock and beautiful view at chimney rock. Lots of rock jutting out on trail. We took time outs at both wolf and chimney and did the loop in 2 hr 30 min. Will be back!

Beautiful hike. I got lost but managed to find myself back on a trail! Found a rattle snake so be aware of your surroundings. Happy hiking :)

Mixed terrain, rocky in certain spots, one down hill that could be a little difficult with small children or pets, part of the cockscomb loop is not marked so well, but it's clear enough if you just avoid the 'No Trespassing' signs from the quarry below.

Personally, I liked it a lot. Not terribly challenging, but interesting enough. We hiked around the cockscomb trail, up to the money rocks and it was a great little 3 mile loop. The money rock overlook was neat. Not much of a vista in the summer when the trees are full, but a nice spot all the same. The money rocks have interesting rock carvings of names from the 1870s, which were cool to see. They're a little covered by graffiti now, but I think it added to the charm.

Definitely would hike again.

on Tom Lowe Trail

5 days ago

Hiked part of this trail from parking lot counter-clockwise to connect up to AT. Definitely interesting/scenic trail with plenty of streams worth the hike. Would agree with some other reviewers that is probably more Hard than Moderate trail given the long stretches of hiking upstream balancing on rocks/roots (though keeps it adventurous). Only 1st time on the trail so couldn't say whether was more due to recent rainfall or just the way the trail usually is. There is a wide stream crossing not too far off if starting from parking lot going north where is difficult to pass if water is higher than normal (no bridge/plank).

Have done this trail in 2 different seasons. This time the water was amazing - start out to the right and follow blue blazes for the sand spring trail. Be prepared - long sections involve walking upstream, often directly over the water and from rock to rock - great if you've got good balance - and it's also very beautiful. The final stream crossing has no bridge and is not easy to navigate. Be prepared.

8 days ago

Highly recommend bug spray! We forgot and it put a damper on our experience. That being said- not crowded, only saw one duo on the way to the falls and then two duo hikers on the way out. It’s been raining a lot so there’s a lot of mud, footing got a little slippery at times.

The falls were beautiful! I wish I would’ve brought water shoes to sit and soak a while but the bugs chased us out.

There is an industrial road that runs tandem to the trail. It’s ugly but we took advantage of it to help get us out of the woods quicker. We’d do this hike again— it’s a nice afternoon hike!

Not a big fan of this one. This felt like a long walk in the woods. The woods are beautiful, but there is no “real” overlook. I did not get the sense of a “summit”. Lastly, Cunningham Falls was a little disappointing. I expected more. Plus, the fact that the falls is not technically part of the hike(it has its own parking lot) took away some of the experience to me.

My husband and I are beginner hikers, we hiked up to Wolf Rock, and really enjoyed it a lot. Chimney Rock is the next destination on this hike!

12 days ago

Path had been flooded and nothing was really marked so I basically just stumbled around the woods for two hours and then got stung by a bee. That being said, the moss and ferns are gorgeous and I did see a cool purple mushroom.

on White Rocks Trail

13 days ago

loved this hike. didn't make it all the way out to the end. went in the evening and lost the light. will be revisiting.

Not sure why it says heavily trafficked, I only saw 2 people on the trail and a father and little boy right near one of the lots. Pretty rugged trail in places with a lot of ups and downs so a good training hike or just enjoyable as is. People were not kidding about the spiders! They usually never bother me but after my hair and shirt had plenty of spider silk (plus what I wiped off my face) I started using a long thin stick to clear them as I walked. Some great views of the river but found the gulley you go through in the middle just beautiful and serene. Have hiked a lot of miles since moving to PA and this is my favorite so far for solitude and beauty.

16 days ago

We went hiking on this trail last Monday. It is a nice trail with some steep sections and a few rocky stretches. It is passable on all areas, a few sections were water logged and boggy but overall an enjoyable trek. We actually started on Sandy Spring trail and jumped onto this pretty quickly. From the parking lot you go straight up the road and drop in on right. If you hike the trail clockwise you walk along parking lot edge towards houses and you will spot the orange marker to drop in there.

Lots of rocky outcroppings. Not for the beginner hiker.

Fantastic trail! Well marked and challenging but worth the views.

19 days ago

Very very overgrown! Made the mistake of continuing on when the trail became nearly non-existent and I honestly felt like it was the closest I’ll ever get to naked and afraid. We hiked through tons of thorns and poison Ivey. On the bright side, some parts have really pretty views, places to sit and it was a GREAT workout. Definitely turn around when the trail gets overgrown lol

Good time to go in summer especially after the rains when the fall has good amount of running water. Had a great time climbing the rocks along the fall. I wouldn’t say it is an ‘easy’ hike but a moderate to hard one. You can also sit by the river which is near the parking lot and enjoy a picnic. Will definitely go again.

beautiful and easy walk with plenty of opportunities to take scenic photos. great for me and my dog to run or walk. quite a few people on bikes. can get crowded at times, definitely worth a visit.

very challenging and rewarding hike. was very busy when I went the last week in July. beautiful photos from the overlook. met a through hiker who started in GA in March and was making his way to ME!

This was a great place to talk and hike. Without the rocks, it would be an ordinary trail. The rocks made it so much fun. It is not well marked but it’s such a small area that you really can’t get lost.

28 days ago

My boyfriend and I (age 30) heard great things about this trail, so we decided to check it out. It took us about 30 minutes to get the top, we saw a small black snake on the way up and one black snake on the way down. At the top there is a few overlooks with awesome views, as well as addiontal trails. One has an old cement building on that you can walk through. The trail is very dog and kid friendly.

I love Hawk Rock. I've probably hiked this over 20 times in the past few years and I'll do it again and again.

Beautiful view, but I don't like so many rocks.

29 days ago

Great trail! In rough shape given the amount of trees down. Do NOT take small dogs or small children on the trail as it is technical. It should be rated Hard. Only saw a few other hikers while on our 4 hour hike. Muddy trail - so wear good hiking boots! Enjoy...

my favorite rock

This is my practice trail.
Good hills for conditioning.

Well marked trail with rewarding rock outcrops . Great 1/2 day hike. We like to do this in early spring and late fall.

1 month ago

did this while doing the standing stone trail, such a great workout with epic views at the top, ready to do again without the 30 pounds on my back :)

1 month ago

Great spots along the river and good bouldering cliffs. Very overgrown at beginning of trailhead (poison ivy)

AMAZING HIKE!! Absolute smoker if you love hiking for time!!

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