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Short relaxing course that can be completed in 30 ~ 40 min. We, my wife and I, took the dogs out at 5:00 and finished at 6:21.

Great trail that starts flat and grassy, running past a calm, clear stream. The trail then winds up a mountain, loops either way near the top, then descends back down. Taking a left instead of right at the last intersection (on the descent- retracing your steps) will gain you another mile on the trail, giving you a full 4 miles. It can be very muddy- deep mud- so keep that in mind. Otherwise, this is a perfect trail!

1 month ago

Great three mile loop for a quick workout. Just enough inclines for a burn and great for the 2 year old! We even saw a box turtle!! Will be back to walk the foot bridge once the ground dries up. Sinking in one foot of mud was no fun!

Good trail, nice incline and can be technical at times but mostly low key. Great for kids and families. Great bolder for the kids to play on...the tower has spectacular views! Climb to the top to see the beautiful scenery. Will be back to try different trails!

crossing the bridge and through the baseball field will get you 7 mile

Great park, good trails. Some construction happening on the one road so part of the Red trail is blocked but there are good work arounds.

Really enjoyed this hike! We found this map really helpful: http://nebula.wsimg.com/7f35bd17b04f971ef43772807f27f529?AccessKeyId=79BB748DDC683E44B087&disposition=0&alloworigin=1
We stuck mostly to the Horseshoe and Yellow Diamond Trails (so, really just part of the trail loop) but did venture to the observation tower. The trail is wide in most places, which is nice when walking with the dog. We'll definitely go back to explore other trails here!

This is a nice easy trail near Hershey. It would be great if you’re in Hershey for a readon and need a walk in the woods. Be forewarned though this trail is close to heavily used roads so sections do have traffic noise and it is pretty busy when the weather is nice. Parts are paved but still go through woods and follow a stream. If you want a little more cut off the blacktop trail and follow the nature trail loop through the woods. This is a great rainy day trail because it’s barely used then.

2 months ago

The red trail was flooded so we followed one of the atv trains parallel to the red trail. We made it to the waterfall, which is a series of small waterfalls that cascade down a hill, nothing spectacular. The lake is beautiful though. We hung out for a while but the bugs too much so we gave up. Easy walk. Bring bugspray.

2 months ago

Well marked path, a good exercise with a mix of inclines, some small creek crossings, but nothing too daunting. If you’re bringing small children, be aware there are a few spots where large branches are blocking the path and a few more that are EXTREMELY muddy from all the rain we’ve received in the area this summer. Be prepared to get your feet wet if you’re not wearing the right shoes.

Great trail! Bouldering areas on the trail were also a nice feature.

I love this trail. If it's wet I avoid the creek and go straight up the grass path from parking lot to pick up oak loop. Heavy usage during rainy time makes for a very muddy walk along creek path!

Definitely a little bit more intense then Moderate. Nice train, good work out

3 months ago

Loved this hike. Trail was easy to maneuver and the variation in inclines was enjoyable. I don’t really understand people complaining about bugs and burrs - you are in the woods for goodness sake!! Bring bug spray next time. My dogs loved this walk and enjoyed a quick soak in the creek as we were coming to the end. Would definitely hike this again.

Great trail! We definitely need to step up our trail map reading skills, because we got lost. There are lots of little trails and intersections, so make sure you know where you’re going or have a map with you! Varying terrain, from wide gravel paths to small roots and boulder covered paths. BEAUTIFUL wildflower meadow with the most gorgeous butterflies by the observation tower. We also brought our dachshund, lots of other pups there as well. Was an absolutely beautiful hike!

nice hike. my fave part was nature loop trail at Shank Park (1.6 mile)...that was woodsy and unpaved, up and down rolling hills. red raspberries along trail are partly ripe...yum!

3 months ago

Much of this trail was grass or dirt. It was shaded by trees in parts, and then other parts had full sun. The trail also came out in to a corn field. I felt some of the inclines were too steep to be fun. There were also constant flying bugs everywhere we went. Gnats, flies, no-see-ums, midgees... tons of 'em. They'd get right up in my face and buzz near my ears. But the worst was that we took our two dogs & had to stop numerous times to yank burrs off of them. They didn't seem to like that too much.

This trail is incredibly well marked and well maintained. A beautiful walk in the woods. Easy for kids.

pretty well maintained trail. parts of it are extremely technical but definitely a fun ride.

Beautiful trail!

5 months ago

Very muddy and buggy. However our hike w the dog was enjoyable. The was no service so we used our natural nav skills because the trail was not clearly marked. Waterfall is really cool.

Great bike ride

6 months ago

Easy trail to explore. Directions take you right to the parking area. A lot of wildflowers are out now. Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy. There are some hills with gradual inclines. Nothing too steep.

This was a great trail for a “quick” workout and relaxing walk. Several steep inclines that were heart pumping, but nothing too crazy. It was a little rocky and rooty, but again, nothing too crazy. We went in mid-late April and it was abundant with beautiful little wildflowers. I definitely recommend!

I did the first loop heading counter-clockwise. It's a nice moderate trail with a pretty good climb. But once I got to the gravel road (about 2 miles in) it's much less exciting. I never made it to the second loop.

I did come across a coyote in a clearing, watching me on the gravel trail.

The last mile back to the parking area is along a paved township road, this was a disappointment. But the first part was nice.

Nice trail. Floating bridge currently closed due to storm damage.

7 months ago

Lovely, well marked trail.

Nice trail for a afternoon walk. we did not do whole loop. Trail leads to Shank park. which is nice for kids.

Most of this trail is part of the horseshoe trail also. This part is clearly marked. It is nice to see a trail with no litter, unlike other nearby trails.

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