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Where’s the Damn Waterfall!!!! Lol

Well marked and is difficult after the first 2 miles. Be prepared for scambling and steps. I did this after the rain and the scrambling was very hard and slippery. Beautiful views.

not hard but tricky. finished the loop with 3 other people, 1 who has never hiked before. enjoyed it immensely though. Calves were a little achy the day after climbing the grand staircase and the boulders. but nothing insane if you have some level of fitness.

Wow! I hit this puppy early in the morning with some snow sprinkles and I’m glad I left when I did. Boy does it get toasty on the ascent. Easy wide trail, but super steep in sections. Very beautiful views. It also gets CRAZY busy as the day unfolds, which makes you require a bit more patience. After we reached the top, we broke off on another trail for another 2 mi or so. Quite remote & beautiful!!

I have to add that so many people don’t eat the right shoes and they bring little to no water. I personally find that absolutely insane. Do some prep work and don’t put others at risk because you need help.

Great hike !!!

Where’s this waterfall???

Awesome spot to hike, trails were easy to read, don’t forget to put on big spray I got eaten alive haha and it does tend to get crowded with parking over there. Also after the hike there’s a farm a min away with the best Ice cream!

It’s worth it even if you’re afraid of heights! My best suggestion is to go as early as possible because it does get very busy and you will have to wait to inch around people. You hold onto a chain for a good part of the last 1/3 of the hike. But there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy a snack and the views at the top. Not super strenuous in my opinion, and like all other hikes I’ve done there’s always those people running up it like no-big-deal-it’s-just-my-usual-Friday-morning-jog.

Loved it!!!

One of my all time favorite hikes

22 days ago

This was a great hike, it was short and somewhat steep, but there were a lot of cool things to look at along the way. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

Absolutely gorgeous views ! Be sure to MAKE A LEFT at the pyramid of rocks. We Kept following the white marks (to the right) and totally missed the view. Came a long a mailbox if you go that way which other hikers leave messages in a notebook (the kids loved to write in it). I’m surprised this is considered a moderate it was pretty tough.

I’m a little confused by the different Palisades trails - we definitely did this one but our trackers said 5.5 miles, not the 3.7 indicated. It was tough. A day later my thighs are still burning. The rocks were fun and challenging but the ascents (multiple) were very hard.

One of the most challenging hikes I've done, but it was so amazing! I was in love with this hike, the chains at the end are not for the faint of heart (or those with a fear of heights) but they were such a fun challenge. Willy's wobbles are the series of 25 or so switchbacks prior to the start of the steep section of the trail, which really wore us out! The views all the way up the trail are gorgeous, but once you get to the top it is breathtaking. My advice: go EARLY. we woke up at 0430-0500 to make it to the first shutte (and near the front of the line). By the time we boarded the shuttle, there was already a line of at least 100 people behind us. The hike is also much better in the cool morning air.

This was much harder than I expected. Being a novice and somewhat out of shape, it needed a lot of exertion and a degree of balance.

The first part going north from the visitor center / cafe (fully stocked), you go down the cliff with moderate exertion and get to a beautiful waterfall emptying into the Hudson. At this point, I advise the beginner hiker to turn around and go back up. Because the next part, south along the Hudson, is hard. And it’s not really that technically demanding but you are taken over rock pile after rock pile, think what’s left after a rock slide and it seems ENDLESS. I was asking a higher power to please stop and turn back up the cliff.

When that part ended, it was a very pleasant stroll along a packed earth path next to the river and a steep but manageable climb back up the cliff.

Total time of 3.5 hours including a snack break.

This was a very hard trail! But thoroughly enjoyed it and feel accomplished! The boulder scramble was the toughest. But it feels amazing to have completed the trail.

all I got to say is "Drink water". Awesome hike. just remember what's goes down must come up.

I’ve done this hike twice with the entire family. It is an epic hike with very treacherous sections the last 1/2 mike. I agree with others that there are many inexperienced people and the crowds make it dangerous. Most people however are very friendly and courteous, it just makes it difficult for groups to stay together and keep moving. Lots of stop and go, like L.A. traffic on a hiking trail.

Did this hike with 14, 12 & 11 yr old kids. We all enjoyed it. As other reviewers said, you definitely hear the noise of the cars from the highway on the way up. Kids loved the water crossing. Very rocky - glad we all had on our high hiking boots vs. trail running shoes. Wish there were more vistas to see.

Palisades Long Trail Shore Trail Loop was amazing!! Boulders to climb and scenic views atop. Try to get there before eight and you have the trail all to yourself! Lots of water breaks and leave the pets and small kids behind.

I went this last weekend and it was a great day for a hike, not too hot. I didn’t expect such a zig zag of rock climbing but it was worth it. I did pass the view and kept following the white marks on the rocks and the trees but then noticed we passed it. There is a big pile of rocks shaped in almost a pyramid with a wooden sign that says “view” take that left. There was a small stream of water from the recent rain. The scenic views are always the cherry on top. The mosquitos were ruthless!!! Bring bug repellent! I recommend this even for beginners.

Have done angels landing 4 times and will most likely not do it again unless they start some form of permit or limited hikes per day, etc. There is way too many inexperienced people on this hike. I've seen people in flip flops, bare foot holding dress shoes, 5 year old kids crying. This is NOT a place for any of that. They make the trail dangerous. There are times were you're standing on the side of a cliff have to inch around people due to so much traffic. Too many tourists who should not be up there. On a another note, beautiful views from the top. Get on the first bus of the day to beat the crowds.

I decided to do a trail run here but beginner me mostly walked up the white blazed rocky trail up which had nice views of the river, highway and Mount Tammany. I had an enjoyable run on the way down which isn’t well marked but goes to the parking lot. Took me an hour and a half with picture snapping happening. It alternates on the way up but there was only one spot I really climbed and rest were just rocky. Half of this is moderate and half not at all except for all the rocks. If I was going to run it again for just running, I would go straight up the easier trail (stay to right), and run back down.

Enjoyed a great hike here with my friend last weekend. We took the Appalachian trail up; about 2.58 intense miles which took about 1.5 hours with occasional rests. After a half hour rest with lunch, we took the fire road down in about an hour.

I would agree that the views are better from the NJ side, but it was still a very enjoyable hike. Loved the rhododendron tunnels, great place to cool off! We observed many large millipedes and a variety of mushrooms.

This hike was awesome! I did it back in April, 2018, before the storm. I took the advice others have given and got on one of the first buses out and had little traffic on the way up but lots on the way down.

I would consider this moderate to diffiicult. The way up the mountain was steep and rocky. Got a great workout.

Did this one in August 2015. Brutally hot weather, but otherwise great hiking conditions.

The hike up to "base camp" was spectacular - beautifully maintained trails, pleasant elevation gain, and uninterrupted views of the canyon. I would recommend that first leg of the hike to most anybody.

The actual Angel's Landing climb is a completely different beast. Between the heat, the treacherous drop-offs, and the altitude, it was an intense hour or so. The view from the point, though, is fantastic - panoramic views of the canyon and its technicolored rock walls complimented by a dozen or so California Condors circling overhead.

A very memorable experience, and a worthy member of the hiker's hall of fame.

Loved it. It is in shade and pretty clearly marked. I believe steepness depends on how long the legs are on the person you ask. Views were breathtaking. Worth it.

Is this open yet? I am surprised to see comments from people even this week

Mentally tough but rewarding hike.

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