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Very pretty falls, good viewpoints, and an enjoyable trail in between. Great for anyone looking for an easily accessible moderate trail.

19 hours ago

5/20/18: Amazing hike with great views. Still a lot of snow (~4-5 foot drifts). Might need to wait a little later in the season to get easier access to the trails.

Overgrown in some areas with fallen logs can get around a good trail running trail for conditioning. The waterfalls are best viewed in the spring/early summer with the snow melt.
There are little blue diamonds throughout the trail that help guide you through the trails/overgrowth. When in doubt look for the blue diamonds.

Salt Creek falls was incredible. It’s accessible from the parking lot and a quick walk on a cement path. Diamond falls is a couples miles in, and there are two viewing points. Depending on which fork you take on the loop (I recommend going left first) you’ll get to see diamond falls from the upper view first. The second viewing point is the lower point. Part of this trail is washed out, I didn’t feel comfortable proceeding to this view point. From what we were told, the view is about the same as the upper point which is completely accessible, and just a view of the falls from a different angle. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make it, part of it is pretty sketchy. Go at your own risk.

Side note: there is a trail that will proceed off to Vivian lake, which is what I believe the primary hiker did on the main recording. A couple of miles in you reach a crossing that gets pretty deep. If you don’t mind getting your shoes soaked, or want to brave the cold water bear foot, then take this trail. Even if you don’t make it to the lake, it’s still pretty awesome to see because there’s some snow left in this area.

Overall, this trail was completely worth the drive wherever you’re coming from!

We enjoyed this trail thru the Old Growth Willamette Forest. A little over two miles in is the Goodman creek and has a cute little waterfall and swimming hole. We took the Goodman Creek fork. Little muddy in spots but trail is in good condition. Lots of wild flowers we enjoyed this hike. Will be back to do one of the other seven hikes off this trail.

Breathe taking. A must see!

Hiked on 4/26.
Gate still locked about .7 miles from parking lot. Snow on about 1/4 if the trail, so make sure you have waterproof boots. Blazes are easily visible when you can’t see the trail.
Both falls are in full volume so if you enjoy solitude, don’t mind a bit of snow, now is the time to hike.

11 days ago

beautiful falls, only a few muddy patches currently, easy hike

13 days ago

Did this hike on Saturday May 5, 2018 in the late afternoon/early evening. Not a soul to be seen; had the trail and the falls all to myself. Link to my video of the falls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUrA9kOYThw&t=1s

13 days ago

hiked to the waterfall (more like a tall rapid) yesterday. The trail was decently maintained with only a tree or two over the trail but boy was it slick and muddy in some spots. Luckily I was the only one with a decent pair of boots and didn't take any spills but my two friends weren't so lucky.

This trail is an easy out and back that follows the river to beautiful falls. Children would like it because there are lots of opportunities to wade in the river. My watch showed it was closer to 4.5 miles round trip. We went in late April and it was perfect.

Beautiful short hike. The water running along side the trail was worth it alone, but the falls were amazing! Great short stop off the road.

I wanted to do the "head on view" hike, some trail signs knocked over and missing. There was just a little snow left on the sides gravel road and the dirt road had some covering it still entirely - no big deal to drive in or walk in. There were quite a few branches on the one gravel road as well.

If you're not in a high clearance vehicle I don't recommend trying to drive down the dirt road, snow or no snow. I took my car instead of my pickup and thought I'd see how far I could go and made it about 20ft before scraping, and it only gets worse from there. So I parked by the dirt road entrance and walked to the trailhead, it's not that much further.

After you pass the "trail - >" sign around 1/4mi stay right at the fork and when it seems to split off, go left (there is a sign this direction,)

It's a great leg workout so it'sworth the hike, the falls were absolutely gorgeous! The drive was a bit long though.

Great not as well know waterfall trail feat. two falls. The hike is fairly easy, moderate rating I believe is due to the uphill section for the first two miles to the Upper falls. Another reason, and I'm surprised not more people mention. The trail around behind the falls, from below facing it, looks as if the trail has been washed out. I weighed risking it, as I am 260+ lbs. and was hiking alone. I decided to forge on and was glad I did. Around the bend just before going behind it does get very hairy, especially with how wet and muddy it was at this point and time. I took it slow and was careful with my footing. To those who question if it's passible; it is, just watch your step, it's well worth it. Going behind is what makes this into an approx. 5 mi. loop and gets you back to your car, shortly after meeting up with Bryce creek trail. Don't forget to checkout the lower falls just before the end.
Great hike! Worth the drive and not too busy early morn. in later April.

Agree with the comment directly below me, the trail is VERY muddy right now don't underestimate it. Hiking boots preferred but my friend did it in Nike's and made it! 10/10 worth it though, beautiful falls and very full right now due to all the rain.

Very pretty falls once you get there with a lot of water running over. Trail is VERY muddy right now. Hike is closer to 1.5 miles round trip, going all downhill to falls and all uphill back.

Beautiful trail! Connects to other trails. Muddy this time of year; first 1-1.5 miles had very muddy patches. Gorgeous forest hike by the water.

1 month ago

Muddy this time of year but a great rainy day hike. Tons of other trails going off the same junction. Will definitely be going back to explore some of the other ones.

1 month ago

After you reach the bridge continue on for a short distance and up a pile of rocks/small boulders to a beautiful view right at the base of the falls. It was so icy (beg of Apr) be very careful!!!

1 month ago

2nd best of the three falls in this area. see also: Moon falls and spirit falls. Out of the 3 this is the longest and most difficult hike. Isn't to bad though, could be considered an easy, but might be difficult for youngens. Good payoff at the end, with a nice tall falls and a bench to relax and enjoy. Hiked in late March and it wasn't too muddy, but falls were full.

nature trips
1 month ago

The moss! Amazing power from that water falling. Smooth walk, not too much traffic, a little snow (March) but not cold. Can lower to base with ropes. Great for kids and dogs.

Spectacular hike! Around every twist of the trail was a fresh display of nature that was more breathtaking than the last. Even the drive in was gorgeous. I came in from the west on Row River Road which turned into Brice Creek Road and brought me into the National Forest... I had originally typed "Upper Trestle Creek Falls" into my GPS.... I never found out where my GPS wanted to take me. I took one look at the tiny, scary, one-lane, gravel path called "National Forest Rd 2232" it urged me to turn left on and decided nah, I don't want to die today. I had ZERO phone service at this point (I'm from out of state, not sure if local phone carriers provide better coverage in this area...) but I figured I'd carry on down Brice Creek Road. There were little campgrounds, picnic spots, etc along the way and in short time I came across "Brice Creek Trail - East Brice Champion Creek Trail head" which was a great place to start. There was a outhouse and a board that had posted some directions for different trails, and there were signs marking how to get to the upper and lower falls along with how far each was. The temperature was supposedly near 50 degrees, but it felt chillier in some areas. It was super damp and chill near the falls, and the weather was on and off sun/sprinkles. I was grateful for for my layers and raincoat to adjust along the hike. I took about 3 hours to do the 4ish mile loop. The trails were a little snowy in some spots, and other spots required a bit of balance and coordination, so I definitely took my time. There were also lots of nice spots to just sit and take in the beautiful creek, falls and forest. All in all it wasn't too challenging or strenuous, though. I think it required the perfect amount of effort for a nice afternoon hike :)

I did this hike last Sunday and though I wasn’t expecting it to be cover by snow it was still an awesome hike! The whole way was beautiful river views with mint blue water it was just stunning! I would definitely recommend this hike. One of the most beautiful waterfalls.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike with mild very gradual elevation gain and stunning waterfall at the end! There is a snowmobile trail that also leads to the falls, so be sure you find the trail through the woods off to the side of the snowmobile trail so you can enjoy the beautiful forest. The snowshoeing or cross country skiing trail is a little hard to find from the very start, but is easily visible from the cabin just a few feet up the snowmobile trail. The forest trail is also well marked with blue diamonds on the trail throughout the entirety. Highly recommend also checking out the lower falls viewpoint only 1/4 mile down in addition to upper level lookout. Of note, you need a Sno Park pass to park for this hike which we didn’t find listed anywhere else!

This hike was magical as it happened to be snowing when we did it. We didn't do the lower falls because of time but the upper was incredible. We connected this to the Brice Creek trail and had a blast. Will be excited to see it in the summer too.

Salt Creek Falls is really impressive. The road is closed .7 miles from the trailhead. Unable to reach the other waterfall due to the trail being covered in ice

Hiked on 2/18/18 with several inches of snow on the ground. The falls were extra beautiful with Frozen water around it.

Super fun hike. Lots of wildlife and not to crowded of a trail.

3 months ago

This is a beautiful and easy to follow trail, but very, very muddy right now. Also, the first creek you'll come to does not have a bridge, just a few large stones to step on to make your way across. (Careful, they're slick!)

3 months ago

This is my favorite trail year round, though it can get a bit muddy in the winter and spring. The trail offers nice views of multiple creeks.

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