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Hiked today, 8/15

I got up to the parking lot early, around 7:00am and was pleased to see the parking lot wasn’t busy at all. There were only two other hikers going up at the same time. I got to the top in 1 hr and 45 min. and my Garmin distance clocked it at 4.8 miles, so definitely a little longer than this distance says. Like a lot of other reviews, I’d say it’s more moderate than hard. There are some rocks you have to scramble over but it’s not too difficult. Weather was perfect in the morning. Views were blocked by the smoke from the fires but it was still beautiful. Highly recommend for a quick morning hike! Wish I would’ve kept going!

Absolutely beautiful hike with glimmering alpine waters, jagged snowy mountain tops and fluffy mountain goats. Beginner hikers may find it difficult because of the length and the rocky incline. The road to the trail has MANY potholes so be prepared for a bumpy ride! Get there before 8 on weekends because it gets busy!

The views along the trail were incredible, despite the smoke hanging in the air from the wildfires in the region which obscured some of the more distant mountains. The drive up from Icicle road has some amazing views and road is in good shape. Parking permit is $5. Took two and a half hours to reach the lake from the parking area. Didn’t encounter many bugs. Views at the lake were stunning, the water was brisk but refreshing; definitely worth bringing a bathing suit!

While enjoying the view I was unwittingly recruited to take photos for a lake-side proposal. He picked a great spot for it! I wish the happy couple all the best!

The view at the top is stunning! I would say this hike is more moderate than hard. I’m in decent shape. The last bit is steep but just when you think it’s too steep it will even out to give you a little break. It’s definitely longer than 7.7 miles especially if you want to walk around the lake and see it from all the points which I highly recommend. Definitely go to the rocky part where aasgard pass starts. Totally worth it! Get there early because it was super crowded coming up when we were coming back down around 12 and it is a lot cooler going up in the morning. We didn’t have a problem with bugs at all.

4 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever been on. I would say it is more moderate than hard, the length isn’t too bad and it’s pretty gradual with a few steep points. The top is stunning views all around, the water is unbelievable. The water wasn’t as cold as I expected, so jump in! Make sure not to separate from your group at the top though because there are a ton of small side trails along the lake and they are very disorienting and our group and lots of others lost each other briefly. Also it is recommended to not pee on the trail due to the goats so there is a little toilet perched on the trail at the top for going to the bathroom- amazing view from it too! Recommend stopping in Leavenworth for a sausage after :)

5 days ago

I went here for a day hike on 8/11/18. My friend and I drove from Seattle starting at 5:30 AM and made it up to the parking lot by 8:30 AM. We didn’t even get to park in the parking lot because it was so crowded. A lot of people started to create their own parking spots later in the day, and boxed other cars in. So, I am totally happy that I didn’t park in the lot!! I just parked on the side of the road-I would recommend this. My friend and I are in fairly good shape as we both play soccer and run 3-4 times a week, so we made it up in 2 hours and 15 minutes. This included breaks and picture taking. The last 30-40 min of the hike are a bunch of rocky switch backs, and that part of the trail I would consider “hard”. Every other part of the trail is moderate. We sat by the lake for 45-60 min and ate lunch sitting next to the super turquoise lake. It was a beauuuuutiful day. It reached a high of about 75ish, but the trail is well shaded and we both hiked in shorts and a T-shirt. The only super exposed part of the hike is when you get to rest at Colchuck, but even then you can find a spot to rest in the shade! As for footwear, we are lucky enough to have nice hiking shoes and our feet were totally fine on the rocky terrain. The trail is doable with tennis shoes...I just wouldn’t recommend it since it’s a long hike (4 hours for us total). There were 0 bugs out, and I think we were really lucky about this as I heard this trail could get buggy. I will definitely do it again.

Great hike. Went 8/11 got to the trail at about 6:30am made it to the lake in 2.5 hours. Had no issues with bugs. Trail was well kept up. Moments of steepish climbs then flat then climbs then flats which made the hike rather enjoyable. I personally would not rate this hard more like a high moderate. If you have done MAILBOX before this hike this will be a breeze. Lake is beautiful. GET THERE EARLY. Crowds show up in the afternoons.

Awesome hike! It was challenging in my opinion and I would reccomend bug spray for sure. The flies were relentless. Took our group around 3 hours up and 1 hour 45 minutes down. The view at the top was AMAZING and very worth it. We took a rewarding swim as well, water was around 40-50 degrees. BEAUTIFUL water and mountainous terrain!

it's one of my best hikes

beautiful hike, dont think it's a hard hike but definitely challenging. beautiful views, saw mountain goats!

Absolutely stunning views! The hike is challenging but not overly difficult, and well worth the effort. The black flies were a bit of a nuisance, but we forgot our bug spray. Bring your swimsuit for a rewarding swim in the lake!

10 days ago

Beautiful hike! It was definitely a workout for me and my group, and we’re in pretty good shape. The view at the end of the hike made it sooo worth it. It’s unreal. Took us about 5 hours there and back. I absolutely recommend this hike!!

on Lila Lake Trail

11 days ago

Great trail with views and waterfalls to spare, and decent canopy for much of the trail to Rachel Lake. With a 40-lb packs, I found this on the tough side of moderate, even after a lot of hiking and conditioning this year on Mailbox, Rainier, etc. This trail reminded me of Little Si, just 3x as long. Stairstepping most of the way lots of rocks, roots and water crossings, and lots of vertical, with a few flattish wooded sections. Mosquitoes were bad: but Jungle Juice and netted hats kept them at bay. Was it worth it? You bet. Gorgeous views, and only 3 other tents at Lila.

13 days ago

Did a day hike with my dog up to Lila now that it’s all snow free. It was on Tuesday and extremely hot. I made two trips prior to Rachel and one to rampart lakes. There is a lot less water in creeks and the falls with all the snow melted. The lake was perfect temperature to swim but the horse flies and mosquitos were so awful they had both my dog and I running down the mountain as soon as we could. (I had three different types of bug spray and they still had little effect on them so be warned before going up there this time of year.) Fantastic views the whole way up and a few very alert marmots right before the boulder field to Lila lake which was really cool. Please pack out your trash. I picked up a cigarette butt and some food wrappers on the way out near the trail head.

Nice trail. Moderate difficulty. took my pup!

14 days ago

Had an awesome two day trip at Colchuck Lake. It was real hot so definitely bring lots of water. Personally, I would rate the hike as moderate to hard. The worst part of the trip was the bugs, the biting flies were relentless! Applied bug spray non stop and it barely stopped them, but it was so worth it. You need to go swimming, as the water is so beautiful and refreshing. We did see a small black bear in the distance on the way out, around a mile from the trail head. Enjoy!!

15 days ago

Amazing lake and views! Great place to go camp and get eaten by mosquitos!

Not an easy hike, but the end result is 100% worth it. Go prepared to swim at the top, you’re missing out if you don’t!

18 days ago

Great hike. Challenging yet fun. The earlier you start the better the trail gets busy and the cooler morning weather helps as well. Bring lots of water and bug spray helps!

Beautiful hike. Lots of traffic on rocky but well maintained trail. Lake at the end is breathtaking with the mountains around it. I heard people jumping in but it is cold! Worse part is drive on forest road that needs some maintenance.

18 days ago

Extremely hard hike but so worth it!!!

19 days ago

Lots of mosquito's, bring a tent. Lots of open clearings to watch the stars and night and sooo very quiet. Perfect easy backpacking trip.

20 days ago

the trails and campsites are enjoyable, and the lake is beautiful.

The mosquitoes are out in full force right now, so be prepared for that. the minute you stop walking, they start to swarm.

if you go during the week you'll have your pick of the sites and plenty of solitude.

There's lots of trash at the campsites, though, so please remember to pack out whatever you bring, and any trash other people left behind.

22 days ago

Arrived on Sunday Park lot packed. Met mobs of folks heading down with packs all warning of "bring your bug spray". we did and our bad knees and hips made it to Rachel. Lots of stepping up on rocks and exposed roots. Very pleasant canopy. Rachel Lake is gorgeous. For all the vehicles only 4 of the camp sites were in use and we had plenty of room. The mosquitoes were bad, spray works but anything exposed will be bitten. Saw lots of welts over the younger generations showing skin on heir way down. We bugged out after a wonderful and peaceful nights sleep. To many bites to hang out and explore more.

This hike is rated hard. I thinks it’s moderate to hard. I’m not perfectly in shape but I’ve also lost weight and have been hiking a lot lately. So with that being said. There are areas where it can be hard. But then there are areas where it’s not. Once you cross the first main bridge there are a couple switchbacks that were hard for me. But then there are areas that it’s not that bad. The climb up is pretty good and pretty. Some of the trees were dead or dying so it wasn’t as green as some of the hikes I’ve been on. But the clear blue lake at the end with the mountains and the left over snow is so gorgeous and worth it. Bugs were bad but I sprayed tons of bug spray on to the point that my skin was glistening. We went at 6:30 and it wasn’t crowded but coming down we had to stop and step over a lot to let others up. So coming down took longer than what we were expecting.

23 days ago

This was my first experience with the Alpine Lakes wilderness and it did not disappoint - this area is stunning! The map is correct, but the distance definitely is not depending on where you go when you get to the lake. There are a lot of campsites near the lake and a lot of spidering trails, so it’s easy to get turned around and it took us a little bit to find the trail back down after hiking to the far side of the lake from where the trail initially approaches. The AllTrails offline maps and GPS definitely helped here, and I would strongly recommend it. We would have found our way out eventually, but it was a huge help and saved a ton of time. Be smart! And don’t separate from group members - my wife and I helped each other immensely when looking for the correct trail.

Great hike through the trees. Lake is beautiful. Plenty of places up around the lake to be secluded from others. My husband and son caught 4 trout. Hike is not strenuous, little elevation gain. Took about an hour and a half for our family of 4 to get there. Bugs weren't terrible, but we had bug spray. Would definitely hike again if in the area.

nature trips
24 days ago

Lakes are slightly cold: not for pansies. Lots of mosquitos. Worth it in the end.

25 days ago

Extraordinary hike! It is challenging -- especially the final ascent to the lake. The views at the lake are stunning! Take lots of water. Take lunch. Bring friends and ENJOY! The trail is longer than 7.7 miles, though. We tracked it closer to 9 miles. And, with another near mile added on because we had to park far away from the trailhead, it made for about a 10 mile total round trip. Excellent way to spend the day!!

25 days ago

Great views of Adams, the Goat Rocks, and Rainier. Road is in good shape except the last 2 1/2 miles which is pretty rough and would be a real challenge if you don't have a high clearance vehicle.

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