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Great hike. Steep, but shady too!

Nice trail, mostly up hill on the way in. Not many places to sit and enjoy the views, but overall it was good. Some mountain bikers, simple just keep a eye open! Have fun

Good trail

My boyfriend and I hiked this trail in early Oct 2018. For fitness context, I am a mid twenty year old who goes to the gym 2-3 days a week and is active during my job and my boyfriend is in his early 30's and goes to the gym 4 days a week. We found this trail really great and got a nice workout in without feeling spent or crazy sore by the end. As people have mentioned, the bouldering is the main challenging part of this hike, but it's pretty short and surprisingly easy. For example, several dogs were able to do it. It took us from around 1:00-5:00 for the whole hike, but we stopped and explored the area around Cleo's Bath a bit. Also, the trail isn't incredibly well marked once you leave the pinecrest lake loop, so watch for the blue areas and stay with your group! We picked up a lost hiker on the way back to the lake so it definitely can happen. there was no place to get portable water along the trail but there was a flowing river so bring water or a filter. The only bathrooms were at the beginning of the trail.
Overall, a very beautiful hike for a wide variety of fitness levels.

17 days ago

Gorgeous views, lots of campsites at Bear Lake, good amount of shade, and trail was clearly marked. Took a couple of newbies and everyone had a great time.

horseback riding
17 days ago

The wash out or collapsed trail as described is easy to ride around and the hikers have established a trail that every body is using.

SEPTEMBER/2018: Awesome day to hit this trail. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t as crowded like the last time. It’s about one and a half hours out/in trip. The waterfall/dam was so beautiful and there were plenty of rainbows.

21 days ago

Even though it is dry in late September the waterfall was still active. There are some nice water holes to cool off in too. Good short hike, with a rough drive in. Drive out was easier since we were going uphill. Coming back in the spring!

22 days ago

I wouldn't rate this hike as easy. Probably a little more moderate. Decent hiking trail with really pretty views. As far as the parking fee....there is no lock box to leave the $10. It looks like it was either broken into, or just needs to be fixed? A lot of the trail is in the sun, but if that doesn't bother you, then it is definitely worth checking out!

Such a nice surprise to find this in the middle of Lodi! only down side is theres no dogs allowed--understandably as theres TONS of deer in there. I did break the rule the first time but never again, dont want to freak out the wildlife no matter how well behaved my dog is.

This was a pretty easy walk, mostly flat, great views of the river. Not sure if I'll do this one again just because there are a lot of mt bikers and heavy foot traffic. We typically like to hike where there's little foot traffic. We did go down a steep hill so the dogs could play in the river, which was beautiful and refreshing.

1 month ago

Visited Bassi today. Beautiful as always. Not much water but what there was was clear and crisp.

Just another great day for hike at Auburn area. Crowded on parking cars and on the trail. Nice view's of spilling dam water at the end . like this trail as exercise and nice surrounding of forest atmosphere. Recomend to others.

It was great hike. Almost all hike is by the water!

Just a heads up "no dogs" sign at the trailhead, but you will usually see a few.

Definitely will be doing this trail again. We only went to camp lake this day but will be back to continue to bear lake. The beginning is mostly incline and was heavily traveled with a few large groups. Once at the lake we explored a bit. It is worth while to hike up to the ridge to see the views.

1 month ago

Hiked this as an overnight backpacking trip with my family: two girls, ages 13 and 15, and mid 40s wife. We did so over Labor Day weekend and were not expecting big crowds at the Crabtree trailhead. Fortunately, we were able to find a nice campsite at the lake. Most folks had already set up at the south end (where the trail enters the lake) but there are a lot more spots if you continue north/left. Fuel here is at a minimum. Also, it's easy to pick up that this is a popular spot (toilet paper, bit of trash, no low limbs on trees, etc). Overall, a nice beginner's backpacking trip. The lake itself was quite warm at this time of year and good for a dip.

Very nice mostly easy terrain until you get to the boulders. For me it was harder going up then coming down but totally worth it even without the waterfall. I’d advise wearing pants or longer shorts as I had to be in some awkward positions to climb the rocks and get back down. No woman wants scraped up legs. I enjoyed that it wasn’t full on sun. There was plenty of shade to enjoy on a hot day. Although I did see dogs at the bath I wouldn’t recommend bringing them up there. Also bring a backpack keep your hands free as you will need them both to get up to the bath.

Very nice trail . We didn’t have any trouble finding
The trails , not much water but it’s a beautiful place

It was awesome and gorgeous

Dogs are allowed, and the drive down is great just have a good SUV. Also, very remote with no cell coverage.

mountain biking
1 month ago

felt like it ended nowhere, but when I go again, which I will try and find a nice spot because its beautiful there

1 month ago

great hike or run in the spring. usually a good wildflower display. parking can be difficult on popular weekends

1 month ago

The trail is on a wide fire road the whole time. It’s almost completely flat. I biked in and out in less than an hour without any real difficulties. It has some beautiful views and great smells from the pine and sage. There are a lot of blackberries on the trail so if you’re there at the right time you can definitely get some of those. There was a washout close to the dam but I just got off my bike and walked it down and around where a small trail was made then continued riding. I recommend it for an easy ride or hike but don’t plan on sweating much.

A little crowded for our tastes, both on the trail and parking. (But it was a holiday weekend.) It’s pretty dry and dusty this time of year, but most of the trail is in partial shade and the temps are moderating.

The name of this trail is a bit of a misnomer. The trail ends at Lake Clementine dam, which is beautiful and worth seeing. Clark’s pool is actually located just past the tall bridge you pass under, about a mile from the trail head. We hiked to the dam and then stopped at the pool to swim on the way back. Great spot for kids, water was the perfect temperature on Labor Day! Bathrooms are located at the trail head and at the dam.

road biking
1 month ago

Nice trail for biking or walking. Be aware the trail is closed due to landslides on the west side of the lake about 2 miles south of Negro Bar. You cannot make a full loop. You will have to use another trail as a detour.

1 month ago

Walked only 2 miles in then turned around to walk out It was getting dark. Nice averaged a 18 minute mile. Not bad for the first time....

1 month ago

Really nice easy hike along a well maintained fire road. There's a wash out about a mile from the dam, but look to the right for an easy detour - no problem for hikers but could be a little challenging to pick up a stroller or wagon and carry it up the hill a few yards. We took the flumes (accessed by a stairway at the beginning of the dam) part of the way back - they are plenty wide enough to walk comfortably in single file. We only stayed on the flumes for a mile or so, but there were several wooden bridges providing access to transfer back from the flumes to a steep maintenance road and up to the main trail.

Great fitness trail, before noon is best to enjoy the shade. 10 dollar parking fee. The dam in the end is beautiful, as well as the canyon rocks.

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