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tough hike. great views at top. not many views on way up. nice aspen meadow. great exercise. only do this hike if you are in pretty good shape

mills lake was awesome...hike is fairly crowded, but a lot better once you get past Alberta falls...the lake and landscape is a must see!

not really what i would consider a hike, but a nice pull off to a cool spot.

Easy peasy fun loop with rewarding views and awesome photo opportunities.

Excellent day hike! Did this with my father who is in his 60’s and my son who is 13. Make sure to check the weather before going and pack a jacket, it can be cooler in certain areas even in July when we went. Great views!

This hike was lovely - truly the stereotypical mountain lake ideal view. It's as gorgeous as you'd imagine. :) Yes, if you hike it in the summer, it'll be well populated, but that's the case for most trails at any national park.
As I approached Mills Lake, I watched the water that would become Alberta Falls rush by, flowing heavily from MIlls Lake. After that, I crested a hill with large boulders around, that opened up to the spans of Mills Lake, flanked by idyllic rocky mountains.
As an Arizona hiker who visited in August, I layered my clothing: yoga tank under a long sleeved t, under a sweatshirt, under a waterproof windbreaker. I'm SOOOO glad I took all layers (I almost left the sweatshirt in the car), because in the 30ish minutes I sat by the lake, the weather went from full sun, dy, then thunder, rain and hail...and then sun again. ....and then rain. Mother Nature was verrry moody the day I hiked this trail, and judging from what the Park Rangers, guides and locals told me, this is common. So, be sure you're prepared!
This trail felt like a true hike, whereas Bear Lake was not at all. The hike to Mills Lake is rated moderate, but I believe it's somewhere between Easy and Moderate.
There aren't any steep grades, despite you ascending almost all the way. The grade is subtle.
Because you are walking on a trail with loose rock and stepping around larger rocks, I also recommend you wear grippy shoes/boots.
You'll love it.

Beautiful hike to Mills Lake. It was challenging but well worth the effort. Only drawback was too many people on the trail.

Nice little hike on my lunch break. I would recommend it. Love the blue seat at the top.

Hiked up to Black Lake a week ago. Quite a few folks between Alberta Falls and Mills. But beyond Mills we found only the committed. We had Black Lake all to ourselves until the weather chased us down. Hike from Mills to Black is beautiful and serene. Loved the waterfall below Black. Take the time to relax at Black. It is worth the time and effort.

First off, I'm a flat-lander from Iowa. and I'm a solid hiker with a lot of miles behind me, and this trail is tough. My son and I tackled it today and it is tough. The view is spectacular! but the hike is tough. but well worth the effort.

Beautiful hike. Perfect weather. Too many tourists. Will do again when not in the middle of summer and the rest of the country isn’t there.

Liked it but so did hundreds of other people. We were late to the trailhead and only went to Mills lake. Sounds like Black and Frozen were less trafficked so maybe another time.

Hiked to Mills Lake. Beautiful, not too hard. Great views. Serene lake. Overall amazing. Just get there early (before 9am) or parking is atrocious!

went to Black Lake. really amazing hike. Just hit the favors list. After Mills, and Jewel, the rest of the hike is beautiful and challenging. So much scenery. Waterfalls, wild flowers, saw a moose and Elk. Well worth it!

21 days ago

Definitely rated correctly as HARD. Don’t bring your little kids up here... for them it’s gonna be a day of scrapes, bandages, and tears — and that’s if it’s a good day. Trail tip: about half way up, when it’s getting gnarly and steep and slippery, every fork in the road where you have a question Do I go right or left?... stay LEFT. You’re welcome for that tip. When the going gets brutal, you want to be following the stream.
Total round trip time for us was 4 hours.
And: bring your trekking poles, your boots with the most rugged tread on them, and biking gloves for the scramble downhill.

25 days ago

An extreme blast. I had so much fun. I’m 49 and went with my 17 y/o daughter. She kicked my butt!!! It was definitely hard and challenging for me but very beautiful and enjoyable. Lots of boulders. But I won’t say anymore about the trail so I don’t spoil the excitement for others. The view at the top was breathtaking. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Blessed.

Great rock formations and the view of pike’s peak is awesome with how the rock formations “frame” it. Easy.

26 days ago

My wife and I did this trail after hiking to Lake Haiyaha. You have to go around Mills Lake first. Great views of Long’s Peak and Keyboards of the Wind among other peaks. Very pretty with lots of wildflowers. The falls from the outlet of Black Lake is very cool. Fairly tiring due to distance - remember you have to come back also - and the elevation gain. Detoured by Alberta Falls on the way back.

Great trail, good weather. Mills Lake was awesome.

This hike was absolutely breathtaking. Did it back in April and went up to Mills Lake (limited on time). There was still plenty of snow on the ground still so spiked definitely made it easier. No one was up at the Lake and it was a beautiful, peaceful spot for lunch.

Cool trail through the pines and then up Cheyenne Mountain. I took the side trail up to the antennas and it was very steep but opened to a beautiful aspen meadow that was very quiet and calm. Certainly would not call it heavily trafficked as I only saw one other person all day.

beutiful, the last mile is the hardest and most challenging

Amazing trail! I really enjoyed it. It definitely is a challenge and very steep but it’s not miserable coming down! I highly recommend!

1 month ago

Very awesome trail, but, as others have said, also extremely challenging. This is not a trail for beginners!! It took me, an acclimated & active 21 year old, two hours of pretty intense climbing to get to the top. The view is absolutely worth it! There were parts where I had to slide down on my butt when descending. It gets very slick in some spots, so I highly suggest hiking poles! There were also parts where I had to carry my dog up/down due to the steepness. As always, watch for bears & mountain lions! A fellow hiker told us he was about 20 yards away from a massive black bear on the trail the same time we were there. It’s really easy to get off trail, too. Keep left & look for blue/brown marks for reassurance. There aren’t many marks, but there were enough for us to know we were still on the trail.

This is an amazing hike!! Views from the top are beautiful. If you bring your dogs please be aware it is difficult for them, as far as steep and rocky!

Not crowded at all. Awesome views and an easy hike

Perfect day for a perfect hike. I’m a 40+ year old from the “flatlands” of Nebraska and I am in OK shape, so most people should be able to complete this trail. The AllTrails app is excellent! I would suggest good shoes with aggressive tread to prevent slipping on the rocks/gravel. A hydration pack comes in handy - I went 3 16.9 oz bottles of water in the way up and 2 more purchase at Pike Peak on the way down. Once to Devil’s Playground, I went ahead and took the free shuttle to Pike’s Peak (instead of walking beside the road) - since I had already experienced the most scenic views (my opinion) - except from the top. I was amazed to look back down at the trail/valley and see the elevation gain over the rock formations that seemed so gigantic at the start of the trail! I will definitely be completing this hike again.

1 month ago

Will get your heart pumping. Great views from the top

1 month ago

Very nice hike with good variety. Good mix of soft pine-needle trails, granite boulders, and gravel near the top. I suggest driving past the "Authorized vehicles only" sign and park at the parking lot a couple hundred yards above that. Make sure you don't make the mistake I did the first time I attempted this and head to the left of the fork toward the VERY STEEP trail going elsewhere. If you don't see a large MAP on a sign board near the beginning of the hike you're on the wrong trail. The GPS map on this app is right on, so just check your progress along the way. Nice stream along most of the trail. The Aspen grove near the top is great. The last 15% of the hike is challenging, and slippery on the way down on account of the loss gravel. Fine for kids (i took two 9 year olds and a 16 year old). Took us 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down. Top was 9,362 according to my altimeter.

This trail is Ah-mazing! First part of the trail to Mills Lake had lots of tourists, even people wearing formal dresses and sandles! Got to love Murica. The trail to Black Lake was beautiful, waterfalls, pine trees, babbling brooks, and wildflowers galore. At Black Lake, the water is so pristine that we saw several rainbow trout. The trail to Frozen Lake was tough but follow the rock piles or cairns as a guide. You will be treated with a remote lake all to yourself and wild life including elk, marmots, and pikas cheering you on!

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