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16 days ago

fun story: was at elm bank with a special friend a few nights ago WAY later than dusk (which is when it closes). we were approached by a cop who told us "there's another cop behind me who's keeping people who are here this late for questioning." this absolute legend, absolute unit of a human, let us out with in 30 seconds of us talking to him. i don't know your name sir, but thank you so much. absolute gem. would give him 6 stars if possible. god really IS a woman.

This is a great hike. Lots of others hiking and enjoying the scenery from the top. A few strenuous sections, but overall a pretty consistent challenge.

Did this trail in peak fall foliage season and loved it, though no matter how you dice it there will be lots of others with you and I prefer a more solitary hike. Still beautiful views on top !

20 days ago

A nice hike. This trail is very easy.

20 days ago

First waterfall hike of the year!

Fun trail great to do with family and friends. Can’t beat the view.

23 days ago

Great family hike. As stated the markers aren't always clear in the middle of the trail; we were glad to have the ap. Kids loved the waterfall and the hike was very doable for two four year olds.

This is my favorite mountain. I grew up nearby and any chance I get when I visit New Hampshire I trek the White Dot trail. I have a cousin who has hiked Monadnock thousands of consecutive days setting a record. The views are incredible in the summer, fall, and winter. White Dot is difficult. 800 to 3100 feet in one mile. Be somewhat fit, bring water, dress properly, and use caution on the granite. It can be hazardous to your well being. On clear days the Boston skyline can be seen, Canada and Vermont are visible and many lakes, ponds and church stepals are also visible. My favorite butt kicker trail.

Closed due to construction

Maybe something else was going on with the hike, but that was TOUGH for our 70lb golden retriever. I often lifted her up certain parts, we even had to have a stranger help her up a laddered area about 5 feet tall. It was a wonderful hike, fairly strenuous with lifting the dog around a lot.

the vast majority of this Trail is a flat gravel Carriage Road. We broke off the trail to the right toward the lake around 2/3 of the way through the loop. The shorts spur took us across a few boardwalks and down to a rock scramble next to the lake. We traveled approximately one mile over numerous large boulders. This added a bit of strenuous hiking to the loop. Overall, a gorgeous walk during Peak fall color.

This is a very unique hike which is totally different from any conventional hiking trails you’ll find in the sierras. Definitely worth doing at least once. Be careful; it’s very easy to slip and fall. Views are OK, not much to look at honestly.

Climbed for first time. Not a traditional walking trail. Trail begins at white dot trail over rocks and tree roots and ascends quickly. Lots of granite on trail. In fact the “trail” turns to all grainte rock scrambling most of the way, sometimes crab walking on all fours becomes necessary. The summit is beautiful. Getting down equally rocky. Follow the trail markings, take your time, enjoy to views.

Really great hike!! First mile is relatively simple, second mile is more climbing than hiking. We underestimated how cold/windy/icy the hike would be towards the summit. Wear good hiking shoes and many layers!

Great hike with a good mix of wooded hiking and rock scrambling above the tree line. Includes a false peak. Be prepared, it’s 10-15 degrees colder at the peak vs the base. It’s also very windy at the peak. The payoff is worth it at the peak as the views are stunning. So many great photo ops during the climb. I took the White Dot trail up and the White Cross trail down. The White Cross trail is supposedly less steep, but it still is a steep rocky decent that can take its toll on the knees and ankles. These two trails are heavily trafficked so be prepared to make the hike with 1,000 of your closest new friends. All-in-all, a solid day hike!

Always a great hike! I enjoy the challenge of the Rock scrambles and the sense of accomplishment and freedom when I reach the top. Amazing views well worth the hike. Bring more water & energy boosting snacks than thank you think you need as this hike will have your legs working extremely hard most of the time. Can’t wait to climb this one again.

2 months ago

Beautiful, relaxing, scenic walk. Short and easy.

trail running
2 months ago

Tried to get a 4+ miler in on the trails and succeeded. I've never done much with the side trails so ventured in there today and took in some of the Mass Horticulture Society stuff near the soccer fields. I keep discovering more and more in the MA Hort area. Very cool walk thru Weezie's today. Check it out!

I loved the trail! It was challenging even when you are prepared and have the proper gear. I wouldn't recommend doing this without good good hiking shoes!

Nice short walk along the water with nice views of the bay.

3 months ago

Very easy, flat trail. Very nice once you get away from the road. Nice views of the lake, trees and hills.

I loved this hike! Every bit as beautiful and fun as everyone makes it out to be.

Rained the whole time, actually enjoyed it. The east trail is basically a stream at that point. Some rock scrambling made a little tricker because of the water. A long stretch of this trail is actually a road to connect the east trail and the anvil trail. Amazing views when I had visibility.

Absolutely love this hike but if you have any hopes of finding some peace and quiet on the mountain, definitely do it on a non-holiday/non-school-vacation weekday. Even early on an autumn Monday I encountered a decent number of folks on the trail, and there were probably 15-20 others at the summit despite the cold temps (~45 F at the summit) and brisk winds. I went up White Dot and down White Cross. It's a lot of elevation in a short distance, definitely challenging in some sections but so satisfying to accomplish. The last bit leading to the summit is very exposed, which I find thrilling in a simultaneously nervous/awed kind of way. Gorgeous views on a clear day, both from the summit and from a number of outlooks along the way.

3 months ago

Easy ~2 miles with pretty falls vista about halfway. Mostly in the shade and flat. Trail markers don't always align with the path All Trails lined out, but this isn't long or confusing enough that you could really get lost.

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery with nice waterfall.

Love this hike (second time with the 7 year old) but the cloudy day turned to rain. The rocky sections get very dangerous, especially on the way down. A hiker slipped and apparently broke his hip near the summit, and was getting lowered down by rescue personnel. Would not recommend if it’s been wet in the last day or so.

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