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Great hike with amazing scenery. The waterfall is worth the distance. It was pretty tough taking the lower trail to get back as it is mostly uphill.

My favorite local trail❣️

it was a long hike but worth it at the end

7 days ago

I would like to backpack this trail. I am looking for some pointers as far as where the trailhead is for this 20 mile trail and where we would be allowed to camp? Can anyone help me out?

Loved this, very easy trail and super pretty. The bridges and the falls are soooo perfect. I would go back, for sure!!!

Beautiful! Easy access.

10 days ago

Scenic hike. We went on a Saturday and the trail was fairly busy. I would disagree with the hard rating, however. Moderate would be more appropriate. The hike is downhill so getting back is the only 'difficult' part.

Amazing waterfall. Easy to navigate. Takes a long time to achieve the waterfall, but it's worth it!

It is a beautiful view. Don’t listen to the 7.7 miles it’s more like 10 miles but it’s fine still a nice view. My aunt went with me she was 8 months pregnant it was really easy for her.

We love this trail it is such a friendly and nature loaded environment. I hope they decide to rebuild the bridge down to the river in the future. That would be an amazing experience in the summer for my kiddos and dog

20 days ago

My fav trail run with gorgeous views and sounds throughout entire trail! Very tough running uphill the way back but worth the challenge!

21 days ago

A gem of a hike. It's on BLM land and our dogs were stoked to be able to explore off-leash. The trailhead is right off of the 80, an easy find. The hike starts off in a forested area until the trail becomes narrow along the mountainside. It's a very steady decline to the river and was a fairly easy 9 mile loop. Beautiful views of the American River! The trail can get quite muddy and the air is chilly during the winter so come prepared!

23 days ago

If you have a fear of heights, this is not the trail for you. The majority of the trail goes along the edge of the mountain with an extremely long drop. The trail is thin and when you come up on other hikers, you have to maneuver around each other. Dogs are good on the trail though my dog gave me a couple small panic attacks when she’d loose her footing. The views were amazing !!

trail running
23 days ago

Great trail with fantastic views. It is a bit challenging in the steep sections, but very worthwhile.

24 days ago

Lovely and so GREEN right now!

24 days ago

Land owned by Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Parking is free with no hours restrictions; got there at 9:15 AM on a Saturday in February and lot was nearly full.

The Stevens Trail follows the North Fork American River a few miles east of the confluence. Though the river is larger than the Merced, it's relatively tame along this trail. Scarce rapids are broken up by lengthly and intermittent stagnant pools along the trail. There are two accessible rapids along the trail: one at mile three and the other at Secret Ravine. Short spur trails offer access to the riverbanks along the latter section of the trail.

The trail is broken up into two main sections. The first section, spanning about 1.5 miles, encompasses the area where the North Fork American River cannot be continually seen from the trail. This is mainly an uninteresting forest walk with a few small tributaries. After the waterfall at Robber's Ravine, the trail moves onto an exposed ridge around 800 feet above the visible river. A gradual descent leads to Secret Ravine, where many opt to end the hike; after the ravine, the trail briefly continues directly alongside the riverbank.

We hiked on a partly cloudy February day after a Sierra snowstorm. There was minimal snow/ice present on the trail. The waters of the North Fork American River was unbelievably clear, so much so that submerged rocks and pebbles were easily visible from hundreds of feet above. The transparency carried a turquoise/green hue, which made for remarkable scenery and great photography. I'd have to imagine the crystalline nature of the water changes drastically after a good downpour, though.

With the Sierras covered in snow, the Stevens Trail offers a welcome and non-technical alternative. Though the hike isn't as thrilling as most in the Sierras, walking on an exposed ridge livens up the hike somewhat. I'd recommend it as a half-day hike for those not wanting to snowshoe/ski.

Liked this hike. Did it with Travis. Skinny trail and lots of bikers but relatively flat and good views of the lake. In the sun.

So this trail is incredible! No more ladybugs though. Once you get to the boulders by the river, the trail continues but it’s hard to find. I wouldn’t recommend going further because like someone stated earlier there is a camp setup on the trail. The person even put their tarp on the trail to almost block it. This was a permanent setup not a few day thing. It was super sketchy and I felt very unsafe around the camp. In fact I ran back past on my way back. I have reported it to the BLM for their awareness.

29 days ago

Mountain miles are not as a crow flies. 8 miles to Iowa hill is 20 minutes min. driving 25 mph and 10mph around the sharp switchbacks. The town is very intimate with its residence being more dogs than people you are greeted with tail wags not hand waves. (not joking) Also this towns mayor is infact a dog.

THE TRAIL HEAD: LOCATED behind the market and is clearly marked with a large sign. Most likely you will be greeted by dogs and they will guide you down the hill to the river. (Penny is the Australian Shepard, Moose is the sweet Lab)

DANGERS: poison oak everywhere (public land). SPRING do not pet the dogs they roll in poison oak.. This is common sense... part of the trail has collapsed but nothing you can't overcome. If you have a fear of heights the trail is basically a cliff edge.

30 days ago

Great trail!

Awesome hike and beautiful lots of bikers but very friendly

Highly recommended for fun and family day. It’s totally shady trail and easy

Amazing. Plenty of parking on side of road. Some parts of the trail are not the safest for little kids or dogs.

1 month ago

Great hike, awesome views, can’t wait to come back again.

Nice, easy and well maintained trail...until you get to the end part which looks overgrown but it’s still nice all the same.

1 month ago

Beautiful Trail but can be a bit sketchy. Sharing the trail with bikes is difficult when you have dogs with you.

If you’re doing the loop just know you’re going to have to walk on the street for like a half mile to get back to where you parked. It’s closer to 9 miles.

The real scoop... the west side of the loop, the long side, is interrupted by several camp sights. So it’ll be awesome and then you’ll walk the huge camp sights and finding the trail and getting back on track can be a pain. The east side, around a mile shorter, is amazing. Great trail. Ups and downs. My gf and I enjoyed it a lot.

The waterfall is awesome. You have to walk past the bridge, can’t miss it, and you’ll approach it. We sat and had our lunch here. For a man-made waterfall is amazing. Still beautiful and would go back to see it any time, but would only hike the east side and not do the loop.

1 month ago

Amazing! Had a little bit of everything. Water falls, covered shaded areas as well as open terrain, drops all the way down to the river bank with great lunch spots. Will definitely do this one again come summer time.

1 month ago

great views of the river 2 10 18 lady bugs still at the bottom but there are alot less than a 3 weeks ago

Great trail with amazing views. Be prepared to get your cardio on for the way back though. Definately worth every step. I can't wait to do it again.

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