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1 day ago

We hike this regularly with 4 kids; 15, 14, 9 and a baby in a pack.

15 days ago

Did the outter loop today (4 miles) and it was well maintained and easy to follow. Muddy in one or two spots but nothing huge. Pick up the boards they have marked and you can see all the little creatures. Quiet little hike! I'll be back.


21 days ago

Nice trail through the field and woods. Muddy in multiple places, but it is March and to be expected. Looking forward to coming back

Tried to make it out here today. First, we drove past the trailhead, we thought it might have been the trailhead cause we drove over railroad tracks but our Google Maps told us to keep going. We only went a bit further though before it started to snow so we turned around and went back to where we'd crossed the tracks to give it a try. However, when we got out of the car there was audible gunfire from nearby. Turns out the trails runs parallel to an area where people like to practice shooting, even though there we signs that said "no shooting" (but they had bullet holes in them...) Anyways, we opted not to try since we weren't sure it was the correct trail head and the proximity of the gun range to the trail seemed too dangerous for our comfort. Once home I confirmed that the area with the gun range was the trailhead so we may go back later in the year when it isn't snowing.

Cool, easy out and back. Impossible to get lost since you just follow the railroad. Trail is becoming overgrown which is beautiful imo. Very cool old railroad structures. Careful on the bridges and in the tunnels.

so it only lost a star because it is covered in a foot of snow at the moment, making for a tougher trek. beautiful though. I'll definitely go back. we made it 2.5mi in to the first tunnel but turned back because of snow. I HAVE to go back to see the bridges.

Beautiful trail minus the fact that the trail is not maintained at all and it's more trekking. Wonderful bridges and open areas that provide great views of the forest!

1 month ago

Beautiful and easy little hike. Dusted in snow today which made it even more peaceful!! :-)

It was difficult in the way of debris and lack of maintenance. It was a beautiful hike with awesome artifacts to see along the way. If you’re hiking it in the winter/rain I strongly advise to wear water proof shoes and there are areas where your feet will either sink or swim.

amazing time with great friends. easy hike with one mudslide to cross

Well came back out to do the hike, I thought there were some boxes cars out here didn't see them.... why I am giving it a 2 is because I got 3 ticks on me and all of them were embedded in me. This is the first time I have been bit let alone by all 3.... TICKS TICKS TICKS

nature trips
3 months ago

This is a great nature trail that starts at The Marketplace at Saishan and takes you to the beach. From there you can head north to the end of the Salishan Spit or south into Gleneden Beach. This is definitely not a hike by any means but if you are looking for a peaceful walk through nature this is it.

Not much of a workout as far as elevation gain goes but by far my favorite walk in the woods I've taken in along time. Beautiful forest views with cool defunct railroad gear. Bring a flashlight, the tunnel is dark and creepy.

Really cool place to go, didn't quite beat my expectations though. Maybe the 'other side' of the trail/rail is much more cool. We only hiked for 1.5 hours up the trail/rail. Unfortunately I'd only give it 3 stars just because of the long drive up there. (Especially from where we live).

I make it a ritual to take in this brc and enjoy the silence and grand beauty of the VOG. A nice little hike for all members of the family. Respect the beauty of the forest and leave no trace.

12/31/17 4wd will definitely be needed once you enter the forrest. This hike truly is a GEM and has everything you could ask for in a hike. The railroad is quickly becoming overgrown and washed out so enjoy it while you can. Not recommend if scared of heights and the tracks are very slippery when wet. My dog was terrified of the bridges so be careful.

We didn't get to make it to far down this trail, the person I was with wasn't a hiker and didn't want to go the distance. This was a busy area we ran into 2 different groups, one was 2 guys and they climbed up to the top of the bridge by the parking. I would recommend a good pair of boots as the rocks are rather rough on regular shoes. This was a nice drive and pretty area will be back to finish it:

I have hiked this trail on 3 separate occasions now, and it is my absolute favorite to date. I wouldn’t start at beaver slide unless you have a 4wd to make it down to the trail head, but you can access the other trail head in any vehicle easily. Either way I fully recommend this trail.

Loved the eerie feel and spookiness of it. The end is Cool, you get to climb aboard an abandoned train. Not very difficult, just long

5 months ago

Beautiful fall walk! Will do this one again

6 months ago

May 3, 2017
While hiking the Three Capes section of the Oregon Coast trail I had hoped to cross the mouth of Sand Lake at low tide. No way unless it is 2 ft minus tide. Instead I found a trail around the south side of the lake, which is a beautiful estuary. Whalen Island is peninsula in the lake. When I came to sandlake road, I turned north and walked 1/2 mile to Whalen Island. Could have been a great campsite. Osprey and Blue Herons abound. There is no OHV traffic on Whalen Island or along the the south side of Sand Lake

6 months ago

Well marked trail that features rushing creek, several foot bridges, old growth trees, and a spectacular lake. Stunning fall foliage and even snow on the trail near the lake. Definitely is steep in places & this time of year it’s good to bring poles to help your balance with snow on the trail (was very very slick in a few spots) The lake took my breath away- absolutely beautiful with crystal clear water and snow covered peaks surrounding it. Eating our lunch on a log by the lake enjoying the sunshine -it started lightly snowing! Did not see one person on the way up...so peaceful & serene. My hiking buddy clocked this trail as being 11 miles out & back. Took us about 6 hours total. I agree with the “HARD” rating. Hiked this on October 13.

1. You have to find good driving directions online otherwise you'll never find the parking lot. Use your odometer!
2. Technically this trail is on private property which means that you're trespassing AND the "trail" isn't maintained.

I didn't go the whole distance but really enjoyed getting to Big Baldwin Bridge!!

6 months ago

Hiked up on Sept 30 and had the trail to myself. I agree with the other reviews about the steeper incline. Set up camp at one of the 4-5 lakeside campsites. Pretty lake with mist rising from the water as clouds rolled over the mountain tops. Rained hard all night and next morning so it made for a soggy hike down the next morning. Camped the next day at one of the government mineral springs campsites and dried out by a campfire.

So I'll first say that I didn't do the entire distance, we probably did around 3 miles or so heading east from the bottom of Beaver Slide Road toward the trailhead near Cochran Road. This small section alone was worth the effort.
DO NOT underestimate Beaver Slide Rd. I wouldn't recommend driving it unless you have the most capable of 4x4 vehicles, the ruts are truly nasty and I would estimate the grade to be around 25% at best, and nearing 40-45% at worst. The hike down is steep, but if you're coming back, the return hike up is an ass-kicker.

Ok, so once down, the rail trail is amazing. To see how nature is retaking the trail in some sections is pretty great. Sections of the rail have been washed out leaving suspended tracks, and you'll need to plan on some minor bushwhacking as well. I only scratched the surface of this hike, and from what I understand the 2 main trailheads (one at Foss Rd and one at Cochran) have very clear "no trespassing" signs all over the place. I want to investigate this more, but it seems the easier access areas could result in a fine.

This a a really neat trail BUT, lots of issues. 1. You are trespassing which I didn't know until we got to the other end of the trail where I think that most locals start out the trail at and there is a sign that the railroad is not a trail and is closed to public use which is a bummer. It says they are working on making it into a trail but it's too hazardous for public use. 2. It was very hard to find, you have no service when you get up there lucky I had navigation in my vehicle so we found it but took some time. 3. If you go to the trail head the All Trails app gives you when you get to the last part where you get to the beaver slide rd you should walk in the rest of the way. I drove a full size lifted truck down it and back and my brakes were on fire going down it and coming back my truck was flexed out on the dips you had to go through.

I'm giving it 5 starts because the trail was awesome even if it was a little sketchy in some areas. There are about 4 cool bridges and 4 tunnels. 2 of the 4 tunnels had some debris that had fallen from the roof of them which was a little nerve racking. I would go again.

on Wolf Creek Trestle

7 months ago

Fun hike super easy flat out and back...it may have involved trespassing not entirely clear.

mountain biking
7 months ago

One of the best trails around I have rode it hundreds of times look me up on STRAVA

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