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loved the hike I got a little over 5 miles in today

Outstanding hike for multiple water features. Went with my 12 year old and we had a blast! The main Falls were breathtaking - but don’t stop there. Keep walking up the hill to Adams Falls, and when you loop around take the river upstream and there is another 60’ Falls about 300 yards upstream. Across the stream is also a curious cave.

have done all the trails here several times. very easy but absolutely beautiful right here in the city.

What a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours. I’ve lived in the nashville area for over 50 years and this was my first trip to Radnor. But it won’t be my last. I enjoyed reading about the history of the park as well. Such a nice respite in the middle of what has become a very crowded city. The trails are well maintained and easy enough for most anyone to enjoy.

Beautiful waterfall!! If you park in the parking lot, it’s the trail head straight across the road. Follow the white blazes and it’ll lead you down to the falls. Be sure to wear shoes that can get wet. If you want an added adventure, just before you get to the main falls, when you see the little bridge, turn left and explore the river.

One of the more beautiful nature trails near Nashville. My wife and I have hiked this a few times. Very easy and doesn’t take long at all. We saw some whitetail deer, amongst other animals.

Good trails. Very crowded. People not knowing which side to walk on or group taking up entire trail. Upkeep of trails was fantastic, just too many people.

23 days ago

24 days ago

This is the probably the easiest mountain biking trail in the Nashville area but it’s also one of the most scenic. Really beautiful dense forest sections and some great views of Percy Priest. Also I believe if you do the longest loop (follow the Orange markers) it is closer to 6 miles. It’s pretty flat, so you can knock out this pretty trail in under an hour pretty easily which is a plus when you are as busy as I am.

This is the closest trail ride to my house. It’s well maintained and has some fun technical rock sections. I wish there were some longer climbs and descents but if you live in Mount Juliet, you can’t beat the quality to convenience ratio.

Loved it. Such a pretty place

trail running
28 days ago

This is a great trail! It has great elevation, nice views, and relatively easy footing (I.e. not super technical) except when muddy like it was today. I will certainly run this trail again the next time I’m in Nashville!

The reason I'm giving it five stars is because this was an amazing trail as far as day hikes go. It exceeded all of our expectations. We have been disappointed in the past many times due to over stated reviews and misleading pictures. This is not one of those places. The waterfalls are some of the best that we've seen in Tennessee and we've seen a lot. This is definitely an easy trail so don't expect strenuous hiking. This is more of a day walk but with amazing views. After you do this, set aside one hour and go to Rutledge Falls down the road. Google maps will take you right to it.

Fun easy trails that my 6 year old and I really enjoyed.

1 month ago

This is a great spot for hiking in Nashville. It's very popular, so go early or on a week day if you want to avoid the crowds. The trail has some moderate hills, but nothing too steep or overwhelming. The views are better at Radnor Lake or on the Warner Woods Trail, but Mossy Ridge is scenic enough and a better workout. The distance is actually closer to 5.5 or 6 miles, because the parking lot isn't right at the trailhead.

great little hike, various trails to choose from, check out Busby falls while you are there.

nice hike to a beautiful little falls in what's almost an amphitheater

Well laid out trail, you can stop at the overlook at the top of the falls but the real payoff is going around to the bottom of the falls.

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2 months ago

Rolling hills, follow the single red blazes, all in all a good loop if in metro Nashville and need a trail. Nothing awe inspiring, pretty heavily trafficked, would be near impossible to get lost.

Beautiful trail and well worth hiking down the steep hill and across the rocks for the waterfall !

Great hike. You’ll probably get a little wet near the falls with some rock hopping. Very pretty and safe.

I didn't care for the trail. Too narrow of a trail, either pulling my dog behind me or he is pulling me out front. The gravel and bigger rocks were clunky and somewhat annoying. The trail meanders sometimes close to the lake, but then immediately takes you away from it. Just a couple of nice views, but other than that a fairly uninteresting hike.

Lovely hike. Go right at the trailhead so you end with the falls!

excellent trails

0.7 miles to bottom of falls, all downhill. good payoff

Really nice trail with a beautiful waterfall! You have to go thru creek to get to the falls which me and my sister was able to rock hop and we never got wet. We only did the Machine Falls Loop which was around 1 .5 miles.

Park at the water tower and walk across the road to this trail head.

Load up with bug spray as there were lots of mosquitoes, spiderwebs and other creepy crawlers.

One of the best waterfall hikes I’ve been to in Tennessee. The stairs going down to the waterfall are pretty steep but doesn’t take 10 minutes or so to get down there. You gotta pay attention to where your walking it’s a bit slick after a lot of rain.

Definitely wear waterproof shoes if you plan on walking right up to the falls otherwise prepare to side step and balance on the stones and rocks. Beautiful picture taking. You can go right up to the falls and feel the mist on your face. It’s incredible.

The path getting back up from the falls is steeper than the one going down. Narrow in places and you definitely have to watch where you’re going. Only a 10-15 minute climb back up and then the rest of the trail is pretty flat and shady.

There is an overlook on the way back but after having been down there it offered nothing exceptional. You can only see a glimpse of the falls because there’s so much overgrowth and the bluff is really small, only room for a couple of people. I’ll definitely skip it next time.

Lots of wildflowers and lots of colorful mushrooms were amazing after so much rain. First of October was a great time for this hike.

About 2.15 miles from start to finish.

Simple hike for a day trip. Our four year old (who is a moderately experienced hiker) was able to do the entire thing. Have been numerous times and always enjoy it!

3 months ago

Very enjoyable hike. Several short trails sprout off the main trail. Well maintained.

East to follow Trail with several spur trails to add to the hike.

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