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The most beautiful hike I’ve ever done!

Amazing trail. I tried this once about a year ago and didn't make it to the end due to some medical issues of a friend but this time we trekked on all the way to Mooncow Bay point. Amazing views, definitely recommend!

Pleasant, short, and varied walk. Partially paved and some incline. I’d say it’s great for kids, a leisurely walk, or jogging because it only takes 40 mins to stroll. It’s a bit tricky to stay on the trial, so expect to pick up your phone to stay in route. There are some beautiful views and lush wooded trials that go from super secluded to public when you pass by soccer fields, homes, and paved roads.

Great for dogs. Beautiful views

Starting with the steep Bridle Trail and ending with the flat Stream Trail was lovely. Beautiful ridge and redwoods. Lush. Wonderful way to spend three hours.

Great hike! I’d go again, but do NOT bring a dog. I brought mine, and we ended up pulling about 50 ticks off of him!

Great hike! Nice views, solid workout, clearly marked path.

I have hiked this trail many times and it’s always fun.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Nice for beginner mountain bikers. Nice views but short trails. Will get board easily

Nice scenery, easy stroll up and down the hills. Husband and I had a good conversation about the history of Lover's Lane Trail. The trail has paved walkways, mostly, if I recalled correctly.

Great hike: shaded, redwoods and a little incline. About 1 hour 20 minute hike.

3 months ago

The trail of poison oak has been cleaned up! Excellent easy trail. Great for getting the blood going! If your are not a fan of wind, this might not be for you. Bring a jacket and just enjoy the fact that you are alive! It’s a beautiful world out there! Take time to enjoy this mountain and it’s beauty. A quick escape from SF.

Views were excellent, take it counter clockwise for a calm downhill section to an incline and then another downhill. Through the shade and at the end is a picnic ground, did not partake as another party had occupied the area plan to next time. 1 hour 20 minutes perfect mid day hike

Deviated a bit from the trail to add inspiration point since it was so close. A bit hilly for about 2/3 of the trail. Beautiful views of trees esp lovers lane. Great afternoon hike!

Quite a bit of shade, good for dogs

Falls were a great finish. Parking was ok...waited ~10 for one to open up but was expected. First/last 1.5 mile of the hike (fireroad) was our least favorite but overall a good Sunday outing.

I caught out after dark going the wrong way on this mountain. Now I always carry a headlamp

Great hike!! I’ve done it twice now and love it for a solid work out. Be aware that it’s actually 6.6 miles roundtrip, not 5.3. Also, the first 2-3 miles on the way back from Muir beach is almost entirely up hill... something to keep in mind. Highly recommend if you want a good work out.

Quick and easy trail to feel like you’re “getting out of the city”. Great panoramic views at the top. A lot of shaded areas along the route. The peak is typically windy, cold and foggy so bring a jacket with you. Parking is $6.

Great easy going hike right outside the city. Parking 6dollars.

on San Bruno Mountain

7 months ago

I won’t recommend this trail until they clean the poison oak. You must wear LONG pants and LONG SLEEVES T-shirt on this trail. Otherwise, the plants blocking the trail are going to scratch your skin :(
As they charge for parking, I am quite disappointed that the trail lacks of basic maintenance.

goid hike a bit a hill, some flat, rocks and tree cover

Mostly shaded hike with a few exposed areas. Youou pass a lot of bay trees, eucalyptus and redwoods. It makes for some lovely scents along the trail. There is a moderate uphill section in the middle, but ends with mostly downward slope. Great hike for exercise!

I actually did this the other day but with an add on to the middle green gulch trail on the way to muir, it adds a little variety for plants and air-type. In all I hiked for 9.5 miles and I was tired coming back, but if you just stick to this nice trail it is pretty nice...I think there are much prettier side paths off the fire road that are really worth exploring and I hardly see people on them. I almost stepped on a baby bunny at one point, didn't even move! So cute...wear sunblock!!!!

7 months ago

Pretty nice! Fairly easy hike with some great views. I’d recommend wearing long pants as the brush is tight to the path in some places. Lots of interesting wildflowers and a fair amount of wildlife (birds, rabbits). $6 to get in $6.25 with credit card).

7 months ago

Lots of super friendly dogs! We loved it. It took is two hours to hike counterclockwise with three adults and three pre-teens. Would’ve been ‘faster’ but we just had to stop and meet all the friendly pooches.
A very clean trail- only a few poo bags on the side and no actual dog ‘debris’ to be seen. Only a bit of horse droppings where we crossed to the horse trail.

Very enjoyable. Nice hike with some terrain variation and dogs can go off-leash. Bikers seem to enjoy it too and the trail is mostly wide enough for everyone. Good mix of shade and sun and a few vistas along the way. Just enough wildflowers in bloom to make it really feel like spring. As marked, the hike is just over 3.8 miles taking the loop clockwise and going Dunn to Graham to West Ridge to Baccharis to Dunn. There is no trail marker where Baccharis and West Ridge intersect. If you don't take a map, you'll want to note that it's 0.4 miles from Graham to Baccharis as you walk along West Ridge, that way you can keep an eye out for that trail. Or if you take the trail in reverse you can't miss the turn from Baccharis to West Ridge as that's where Baccharis ends. You can park in the lot off Skyline at Crestmont Drive and walk behind the building to get to the trailhead. Or, if you park off the road near where Joaquin Miller Road and Skyline meet, you can join the about trail 0.1 miles in.

8 months ago

Heard a hiss in the bush while on Eucalyptus trail. Did not stick around to investigate. I’m assuming big kitty. Otherwise a lovely experience. I would return.

Great hike, lovely wildflowers all along the path. Could not find the loop (did not download the map) so circled back after 2 miles. Lots of ups and downs so feels like a nice workout and plenty of shade along the way. Several lovely vistas to look over the valley and over to the bay. Very enjoyable.

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