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2 days ago

Hiked this trail mid day Saturday and for the 4 hours it took me to finish I didn’t see one other hiker. Definitely a plus and the waterfall is beautiful

This is a beautiful hike.

3 months ago

The road in is very good, only thing to add is it’s 7 miles instead of 6 to trailhead on 5270. Definitely don’t need your morning coffee on this hike as it gets your calf’s screaming and lungs pumping from the get-go. Trail is in good shape other than a few spots where runoff has eroded parts of the trail. A few frozen areas on the trail as the temperatures are dropping and very little sunlight reaching parts of the trail.
I enjoy hiking for the anticipation of whats around the corner or over a hill and this hike had several. When you crest the small saddle towards Tatoosh lake and all you see is sky and then it opens up to a vast wilderness, rocky peaks, glaciers and Mt Rainier. Not much else needs said. There may not have been any colorful wild flowers but the colors of autumn were pretty awesome. Made it to the last lake and took a short break and headed back. Definitely a hike you can do in a day but plan on the entire day. I started at 9 and was out by 6. Nearly 14 miles if you do the entire trail and climb down to both lakes. Next trip, I’ll camp 1 night.

More like 15.8 miles and hard. I hiked counter clockwise, taking out the steep ascent first. Took walput lake trail to nannie ridge to goat lake to pct and back to walput lake trail. I was moving for 8.28hrs and on the trail for 9 hours. saw about 10 to 15 people on the trail, mostly backpackers. There is a designated parking area for the trail at walput lake with no fee charge, but I did hang up my NW forrest pass just in case. there is also camping here to for a charge. The road to get to walput lake is rough washboard with potholes and rockfall. max I was going 10mph in my Honda crv for an hour plus for 21 miles each way, if you're coming from Randal it's 33 miles to the lake. The lake road is paved although there are some parts that are damaged. There is also a horse camp at the lake. 2 bathrooms that I saw and a day use parking area at the lake front for a $5 fee. Pay at the information kiosk.
On the trail lots of ridge and switchback hiking. look out for horse poo, it's all over the place. In spring time probably a ton of creek crossings with no bridges. I hiked this on 9/24/18 and almost everything was all dried up. I'd also imagine the bugs would be crazy here in the summer. Goat lake is a good place to take a breather, but not the halfway marker. Make sure you have a map to follow as there are plenty of ways to get lost.
Walput lake at the parking area was nice to soak my feet in after the long hike I had completed. It's cold this time of year though and clear.
You have to fill out a backcountry permit at the trailhead, but when I went there were no slips and no pencils so I didn't do this.

3 months ago

This hike is tough. The switchbacks really do not seem to help. The views are nice once you clear the tree line. Be sure to only do this hike on a clear day so you can see the scenery to include Rainer. Once you crest the Ridgeline apx 2.5 miles in , there is a foot path to your left; leading up to a small summit that gives you great views of the tatoosh lake and glacier. This is the closest I got to summiting the ridge. The remainder of the 2.7 mile trail is great if you can comfortably scramble. I wasn’t able to find the way up the tatoosh Ridgeline once the clearly marked trail ended and risking a fall could be catastrophic for the remainder of the .7 mile trail. It was also getting cloudy and late in the afternoon so I opted to turn around. It’s okay though, since I was able to view the scenery from a supplementary Ridgeline as mentioned earlier.

Great Trail.. loved the waterfalls..

Last 4 miles in were rough, but we did it in a Honda Civic. As long as you can maneuver well in your car you should be fine. The hike itself was pretty, the creek was pretty dried up. Plenty of falls with beautiful pools you can swim in. Tons of camping all over the place. You need a recreation pass, America the Beautiful or NW forest pass cover it.

Amazing day, weather behaved and was cool and perfect!

We loved this trail so much wonderful things too see. We will be back for sure

This is a brutal hike. Straight up. Switchback after switchback. Wear good shoes, I hike in my Nikes, not my hiking boots. They gave me blisters for two weeks last time. A walking stick would be helpful coming down. It’s steep. The view, flowers and wildlife are worth the haul. You can get up to the top and poke around without doing the whole 11 miles. Enjoy!

Just got back. No bugs, which was a real plus. We had the entire place to ourselves and didn't see a single person on the entire trip. The place is just gorgeous and if you head to the top of the falls there's a Jacuzzi style water hole that can swim in.

4 months ago

My first venture into the Tatoosh Wilderness, I used the north trailhead. I hiked in about 3.5 miles to only the 2nd campsite I'd seen along the way, as there is almost no flat terrain on this trail! But I wasn't disappointed. It's a nice but small single tent campsite with an unobstructed view of Mount Rainier.

"But why only 3.5 miles?", you might ask? Well, the guidebook says that the initial 2.5 mile climb is "relentless," but I think this is a generous description. The word I would use to describe it is BRUTAL! There were moments when I began to question my capacity to make it to the top...... but then I popped out of the trees into steep open meadow and I knew that the climb was worth it. Beautiful!

Quite a drive up to the start of the trail, about 18 washouts on the gravel road. We got up in our Toyota Corolla going slow. Beautiful forest with flowers and mushrooms to investigate. The trail is used by dirt bikers as well and makes a deep U shape in parts. The view was breathtaking!!

this trail is rated as moderate but it was pretty easy. it was nice and cool. The trail was surprisingly crowded, however you weren't nipping at one another's heels. It was BEAUTIFUL! At mile 2 the waterfall was amazing. Lots of dogs. Many off leash which was fine as my dog is well behaved.

Aside from the first mile, I wouldn’t vouch for this hike as being hard. I’d classify this moderate. Despite some overgrown spots on the trail, it’s a nice blend between mostly shady and a few wide open (dry) areas with nice views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood. You can spot the backside of Dog Mountain, too.

We only ran into six people in our in-n-out on a Saturday morning/early afternoon in early August. Good for some quiet time in what seems like a crowded time for hiking.

5 months ago

Excellent hike! The trail was very well maintained and I had no issues with bugs at all. The creek was cold but felt so good on my feet after a long day.

The only negative I have to say is, there were SOOO many people camping. Wow.

The view at the top is amazing! The reason I don't rate this hike a five star: 1. The horse flies are terrible! 2. The hike up to the top isn't as beautiful as I have seen in most other hikes. 3. The trail is a bit over grown. This hike is worth doing for sure but I don't think I will do it again.

5 months ago

One of the greatest hikes I've done here in Washington.

Too many people but still a decent hike. Gorgeous weather! Ultra clear and cold stream water but also refreshing.

6 months ago

I have hiked this trail many times over the years and it never gets old. The grade is gradual so the nine mile hike to Chinook Falls and back wasn't difficult. The parking lot was almost full but the trail didn't feel crowded. Love all the beautiful waterfalls. The road has gotten much worse. I made it in my Ford Focus with no problems, but you really have to watch where you are going.

We really like this trail because we can take people of any skill level. The grandkids love this one. Very scenic and most of the hike is in the shade. Have taken a dip a couple of times in one of the pools. This water is cold. I’ve also been with a group that mountain biked this trail. We had a couple of riders that weren’t very skilled at biking and they found the trail a little narrow but a beautiful ride.

6 months ago

Stunning hike, one of the best hikes I have ever been on.
The hike is hard for sure, especially the first few miles.
You can get to the Tatoosh Peak now.
Be careful of the trail about 4 miles in, it has washed out, very slippy on the hill sides, use poles.

Beautiful hike. A steep down to start, but not too bad, and so worth it. Take a dip at one of the pools toward the end.

Steep first mile into a nice rolling hike. Great views of Hood and Adams. Plenty of sun to shade. Parts of the trail are overgrown for 40-50M at a time. Road is in good shape. Having a ground clearance is crucial. Lots of flowers.

Beautiful hike on a hot day because you’re almost entirely in shade. The forest was lovely as was the crystal clear creek the trail followed. Lovely waterfalls and not too many people on the trail. We took our dog on a leash and he loved it. Take plenty of water and a snack. It’s a nice easy hike on a well maintained trail.

I wouldn’t rate this as moderate. It’s a pretty easy jaunt with complimentary descends and ascends. Beautiful falls, although very little camping space. The road from the south is open. Fishing was great! Nothin like speckled trout for dinner

Really enjoyed this hike. It was a nice easy elevation gain with big rewards along the way. Between the old growth forest and the blue pools I was happy, but then to get some waterfall action on top of it, made for a happy girl. We had a 4 year old with us and she did great with the breaks. So many cool camp spots along the way too. I think we will come back and do as backpacking practice for our little

Hiked 6/26. Easy drive to trailhead, last 7 miles are gravel/dirt but the road is in great condition. This is a difficult and strenuous hike with constant elevation gain most of the time. Past the split to the lake there were a few remaining snow patches covering sections of the trail. Some we were able to walk across and 2 ended right at the trail so we were able to walk right below the trail. After we got our first view of Rainier we hiked around the corner and then had one last scramble with excellent views. Could not have continued past that point even if we wanted to due to snow. The views were excellent and definitely worth the effort!

Loved this trail. Little difficult to get up to it, and make sure you take note of how to get back out! Trail is a little over grown with salmon berries but the trail is clear and easy to follow. Didn’t make it all the way to the waterfall so we will definitely be going back.

7 months ago

June 15- absolutely beautiful hike. Very strenuous but definitely worth the views from the top, even on a partly cloudy day. Once we got to the sign where the trail splits to go off to lake/peak, snow got pretty bad. Completely covered the trail beyond that point and we had to turn around. Definitely a later-summer hike. But definitely worth it, regardless!

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