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I did this trail in 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach the summit. I have some different feeling with some of the reviews. The trail following the river part starts easy. However, when the trail crosses the river for the first time, it becomes rather steep. Climbing on bare and steep rocks is hard. After passing the lake, the trail is well marked. Even though it is getting steep, you will not have to think where your next step is. The weather is bad for today, as the fog prevented any invisibility. I took the cog down anyway. It was a nice exercise.

We used this as a way to hike Mount Monroe and Washington. Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail followed a rushing river before climbing very steeply to lake of the clouds. The area is incredibly scenic and has wonderful views of Ammonoosuc Ravine. Mount Monroe had incredible views of the Southern Presidentials and Oaks Gulf. The trail then climbs along loose rock over the Bigelow Lawn and up the summit cone of Washington. The summit of civilized Washington and I didn’t bond well, since I prefer wilderness peaks. Not to mention the crowds of people who didn’t work for the views. Jewell Trail is definitely the best way to descend, you get a gradual descent along the Great Gulf and back to mid station.

I took my 10 y/o son up the Liberty trail to the summit to celebrate my 35th birthday yesterday (mid July). I could not have asked for a better "proud dad" moment than to share this experience with him.

The hike was moderate and grew in difficulty as you make the ascent, but upon reaching the Jim Liberty Cabin, it seemed to energize the both of us with boyish delight as the summit was now within reach.

From this point, the climb is at it's most daunting with only raw rock face to traverse; the monotonous trail left below you. However, the excitement will surely overcome you and the view upon reaching the top is exhilarating!

One of my favs!

I hiked up Jewell today just sort of the junction with gulf. Jewell is an easy trail to the timberline — it gets steeper towards gulf. Once you get above timberline - the views are incredible. I was hiking alone and early.

5 days ago

My Eisenhower was terrific. However Mt Clinton road and parking area is still closed. Adds round trip of 5 additional flat miles The summit was misty and high 60’s. Edmands trail was in good shape, a little wet, and one of three footbridges was unusable. Lots of wildflowers.

Took this trail with my family with the youngest kid at 12 years old.
Bit challenging for someone out of shape like us (me) but worth every minute and drop of sweat. Took us about 4h with few short "water brake". I would do it again without hesitation.

My wife and I hiked this trail on 7/9/18. It was an absolutely perfect day for this hike. The peak was in the 60’s and full sun.

Hike was easy going until the Gem Pool and then more difficult and steep from there to the AMC Hut at Lake of the Clouds.

We stopped for a short break and saw some amazing views. Then we continued on to the peak via the Tuckerman cutoff and took the steeper Tuckerman Ravine trail up the last half mile. It was worth it to see the ravine.

All in all a perfect day in the alpine zone and the trip to the peak took us about 3 hours and 15 minutes. We can’t wait to return!

my wife and i are barely In shape we hiked this today and it was 67 degrees at the summit . beautiful hike on a clear day

Beautiful in the trees and breathtaking when you get into the alpine zone.

Wouldn’t recommend going without hiking boots, lots of water and layers. I also recommend bringing lots of snacks and a lunch as the food at the top is not good and it is crowded with tourists. Next time I will spend zero time at the summit, but because it was our first time we wanted the picture at the sign.

We were very hot at the base (July 6) and for the majority of the first two and a half miles yet freezing by the time we reached the summit. Will do again! Beautiful.

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Completed this on 7/7/18 . If you’re going solo I highly suggest scheduling a shuttle to pick you up at the Webster/Jackson trailhead and then dropping you at the Valley Way trailhead so you end at your car because you can’t guarantee when you’re going to finish and you don't want to hike 15 miles back to your car if you can't get a ride. Trail Angels is one of them but if they're booked, the AMC will give you some numbers for individuals that shuttle people. They gave me the number for a great guy named Bill and he met me a little before 3:00 am at Webster/Jackson and dropped me at the Valley Way trailhead at 3:25 am. I started solo at 3:35 am and joined a group of 3 about 2 miles up Valley Way trail - Todd, Garret, and Jeff. We finished at 7:30 pm for a total of about 16 hours including all our stops. We stuck together until the end, picking up a few others along the way. We hit 10 peaks - Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower, Pierce, Jackson and Webster. We stopped at all the huts to refill water, grab some snacks, and rest. Spent about half an hour to 45 minutes at Washington. A couple of us brought an extra shirt and pair of socks and changed at Mount Washington. We got lucky with clear skies and 60’s most of the day. Bring sunscreen, eat a lot of carbs and some sodium along the way, sunglasses, bring cash to buy snacks at the huts because you’ll need them, bring layers – we started in fleece and shell and rotated those layers throughout the day due to windchill. BRING GLOVES - We had 45 MPH winds at Madison and that will take the blood out of your fingers real quick. Pace yourself up Valley Way because you’re going to need everything your legs have to get up to Washington. Just ask the folks in line if you can just touch the rock pile at the summit of Washington if you don’t want to take a picture and wait in line. The descent down Webster Cliff and Webster Jackson trails have a lot of big rocks you’ll be crab walking down. The last few miles require a lot of focus to end this hike so pay attention to where your feet are landing. It’s a long, hard hike, but if you prepare right then it’s also an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience.

Hoping to hit that Pemi Loop Next

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Full Trail Journal now up at packandpeak.com

*One of the guys in our group had his boots completely fall apart up Valley Way and the only other option was a pair of Teva velcro strap water sandals. He strapped them on over some socks at Madison Hut and wore them the rest of the day. If you’ve hiked in New Hampshire you know this is no easy feat (bad pun intended). I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t stump a toe or get soaked through the mud. Jeff is a legend in my book. Text me for Bill’s number if you need a shuttle 3-two-1 7-nine-5 533-nine

My wife and 2 pre teens hiked from the AMC Highlands Center to Lakes with plans to continue to Madison the following day. The hike from the Highland Center to Pierce was very hot and humid before reaching the ridge (the temps were supposedly record highs in the Whites). Once on the ridge it cooled a bit, but there wasn’t much of a breeze until we reached the top of Eisenhower. All along the ridge the views were fantastic. We planned on going around Monroe (low on water), but when we arrived at the loop cut off we learned the trail skirting Monroe was closed for maintenance and we needed to take the loop trail. My wife and I shrugged our shoulders, but the kids were happy to bag another peak. The trail over Monroe was strenuous with a lot of bouldering, it was fun and we were happy we did it. We enjoyed our first stay at the Lakes of the Clouds Hut and met nice and interesting people. The next day we continued up in the clouds to Mount Washington with cooler temps in just under an hour and a half. At the summit, I checked the weather forecast for the rest of the day which called for probable severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and sustained 40 mile winds that afternoon on the northern ridge. We decided to continue and head directly for Madison without doing any of the other summits. When we started down Washington I noticed the winds had picked up significantly and decided to save the Northern Presidents for another day. We took the Shuttle down to Pinkham. Once there we had to find a ride to our car at Appalachia and I asked one of the AMC employees if they knew anyone who could give us a lift and they found us someone. All of us had a great time and plan to complete the Northern peaks by the end of the summer.

Family friendly relatively easy hike to the falls. I did this with nine people and it took about three hours including the time we spent at the falls. Gorgeous views from the top of the waterfall. We tried doing the loop portion to also check out piper falls but the path barely looked like a path so we had to head back the way we came in. I'd definitely recommend this hike to anyone of any skill level.

One of my favorite trails. I enjoyed the mixed terrain and beautiful views from the top.

Hiked up this trail on the 4th of July. The first part follows the river to the gem pool and is not too difficult. After crossing the gem pool the steep ascent begins. While steep, it is so beautiful. As soon as you hit the alpine zone the views looking out are amazing and you are only a short distance to the AMC hut. It is 1.4 miles from the hut to the top and that section is easier than the ascent to the hut.

This trail was wonderful and way less crowded than the other side, but was just as rewarding.

It took us 3 hours to get to the top including a 15 minute stop at the AMC hut and stopping for photos along the way.

I’d never taken the cog, so we took the cog down. Next time I plan to hike the Jewell down.

We were blessed with clear skies the entire time. Temperature was 95 at the bottom but much much cooler on the trail and up top. We didn’t realize how hot it was until we got back down.

The Jewell Trail is beautiful-- a fantastic mix of forest and alpine with a rocky finish to the top. It was cloudy from just about where the trees turn to pine shrubs on the day we went and we had only a few breaks in the clouds and a completely socked in summit. The trail from the summit to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut (which is delightful) was a very pleasant trail-- well maintained with lovely views. The Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail drops down directly behind the hut. It's a steeper trail than Jewell-- mostly boulders and open rock face with lots of scrambling. Some beautiful views coming down this side. We did the loop clockwise but if we did it again we'd likely go the other direction.

Two things to keep in mind: our mileage according to GPS was 8.8 round trip from the hiker's parking lot at the Cog Railway (the description used to have the mileage at 7.3, now has it at 11.2-- the AMC guide has it at 10.0). The second is that if you park in the hiker's parking lot for the Cog Railway you need to pay $10 cash at the self service parking permit station.

It was worth it. The brook seemed too dry at first, so I was anticipating that I'd be unimpressed. But the forest let light in in a way that made the trail compelling for photography and it was not too difficult a hike. I did not meet too many people on the way up which gave me enough time for picture taking at the end of the trail where the falls are. The gorge that makes up the end of the trail had a nice balance of light and shadows for photography even though the falls themselves were rather dry.

Incredibly difficult hike for this out of shape 41 year old, but well worth it.

Definitely leave time for hike to Lakes of the Clouds if taking the Auto Road to Mt Washington. Plan at least 2.5 hours and more if you want to relax by the lakes or at the hut. Hike back up not as hard as it seems. Steady as she goes.

The first part is pretty easy but once you cross the river it continues to get steep the entire way. Beautiful views throughout the entire hike. The hut was awesome. We stayed there for a while to eat and rest. Took 4 hours to the top with a break at the hut. Such a great hike!!

Great trail. Rocky and/or wet by moments.
BEWARE: This trail is NOT 11km as advertised but rather 16km !

Did 1/2 a Presi today starting up Valley Way and ending at Washington. Took 7 hours 45 mins. We mistakenly did the Watson Path up Madison because we thought it would save time, but we learned it would have made more sense to continue up Valley Way and just backtrack to the summit. I was glad I had a small day pack, as I imagine a larger and heavier bag would have made it much more difficult. I brought 4L of water and refilled it at Madison hut, and that was enough for a warm summer day. Getting to Washington after all the tough miles before and seeing tourists with their coffee and blue jeans was a little disheartening, and we could hear the auto road for the last 3ish hours of the day. Despite this, the views were incredible and once we got into the alpine zone, the going got significantly easier (than when we were headed up Madison.

Pretty cool. Seems easy at first then gets rough towards the end. We made it to the summit, which was nice because we were able to take the train down, we both had injuries haha. Overall good hike. Nothing beats the Northwest though!

My wife and I did this trail with our teenage sons. We are all pretty fit (running, cycling, playing sport) but we found this trail to be challenging. The first half is pleasant and pretty easy. Then some time after the little bridge, you climb relentlessly up very steep and very rocky paths for 400 to 500m. The views are spectacular. Take plenty of water and allow almost as long for the descent as the ascent.

Went today for the first time. With my two children 11 and 13 years old, our dog and a family friend. We all had a great time. However some spots were very steep and rocky. Had to be very careful not to slip. Very well marked trail and lots of other people hiking. Well worth the $5 park pass, we will be doing this one again.

Did this hike with my 19 year old daughter and 14 year old son. We started at 7:15 am. The first section, until the gem pool, is pretty straight forward with a gradual up hill. Once you cross the river, the trail gets steep for about a mile. There are frequent rock scrambles and large boulders to traverse. Not too bad unless you are afraid of heights. At the tree-line, the temps dropped and the winds picked up. Bring layers of clothes with you and don’t be fooled by the weather at the start. The AMC hut was great. Had a coffee and took in the awesome views. The final push to summit was rocky, but not too hard. It took us 4:30 hrs. to the top, which included 20 minutes at the hut and a lot of pictures and water breaks. Bring a few snacks and at least a liter of water per hiker. Refill waters at the hut. We hiked all week in the White Mountains and this was by far our favorite hike. Highly recommended.

I hiked these trails in late June and enjoyed it for the most part. I hiked it with my dog going up The Brook trail. It was not difficult until near the end when you hit several rock slabs. My dog struggled a bit here and I had to lift him up a few times.
The trail is marked fairly well and is a gradual climb. The only place where you can get a little lost is when you hit the rock slabs. They are poorly marked and I wasn’t sure if I was on the trail or not several times.
The trail opens up close to the top and I again had to lift up my dog several times.
The view from the top is awesome!! On a clear day you can see for Miles way up to the Whites! Lots of areas to sit with the dog too to rest.
We descended the Liberty trail and it was much easier and I recommend this way up and down if you are bringing your dog.
My advice.... leave early to beat the crowds and you can have the mountain to yourself. I was on the top at 10:30 and there was only two others! One hour later... 20!!
It’s an awesome hike to do. Liberty up and down if you have a dog. Long but nice! If you don’t have a dog do brook trail up. Or I did Piper trail before and that was great too! Enjoy!

Overall took me about four hours to go up and come back down again, with about 30 minutes at the top. Gets pretty steep at some points, especially near the top. I found this trail to be difficult, but I don't hike as often as I would like to. Bring big spray!

This was a great hike! We brought our 7 yo daughter with us and she made it to the top with no complaining (we did bribe her with a trip to Zebs after). Trails are clearly marked and the view would have been amazing but we hiked on a cloudy day after it rained so we didn’t get to see much. The mosquitos below the tree line were out in full force so bring bug spray! The trip took us 5 hours with stopping for snacks, lunch and a rest break at the top. The rocks can be slippery when wet so if you go after it rains take your time and watch your footing. I would hike this again!

Did this last Friday! Was very difficult but well worth the struggle. Washington was the killer... spent a bit to much energy during the start which was around 450am (Madison, Adams & Jefferson). Eisenhower was the only other significant elevation after Washington.

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