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less than 6 hours to complete

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Love it. I’m on this trail several times a week.

Very hard. But view from the top is amazing!!!!!

5 days ago

This was a challenging hike the trail is very steep and often very exposed. The day we hiked there were unusually sting winds that made it difficult and kicked up a lot of dust.

6 days ago

Difficult trail if you go up to the pole at the top. Very steep. I would recommend going in the morning since the trail is mostly in direct sunlight. Very pleased! Great views at the top and along the trail!

Stellar hike with amazing vistas! Several ways to summit depending on your altheticism. It has the right amount of friendly folks, with the right amount of socialized dogs! You will be challenged, but it's worth every bit of sweat! It's A Must Do!

good hike but parking is terrible and always too many people. views are fantastic.

Great views and all trails lead back to the entrance. I’m sure parking might be difficult, however I live close enough to where I can just walk to the trail

trail running
10 days ago

Great leg/lung buster hike. I come here to sprint up and down. Lookout for wildlife. I literally bumped into a doe who came fast from the side, buck and little ones followed. This trail connects to a lot of side trails once you get to the top, all the way to sunland, Glendale.

Super amazing hike for the little ones.. talk about exploration and not having to worry about them falling off an edge.. this hike was meant for the little ones with it being 95% flat grounds, having a cool climbing tree by the lake full of koi fish and turtles; accompanied by some ducks and a slightly larger lake with cool swamp growth to look at. Oh not to mention your surrounded by the lush green hills in my favorite place in la.
Fun fact: the Andy Griffith show was filmed here ;)

This was the perfect length hike for a night after work. The only con is that it is $8 for parking. The trail begins very steep and continues that way for the first .8 of the hike. After you reach the top, it stars going back down at a pretty low incline. The views are breath taking of the ocean and I recommend taking the pictures on the way up rather than the way down. Also, the trail is unmarked so be sure to check out the map ahead of time! Happy Trails!

Did a great hike and made it to the chair. When you come down from the chair be careful and walk down sideways and wear good hiking shoes and you will be fine

I stopped here on my way home to Nevada County. I went in blind and wish I had my backpack so my hands weren't full as I trekked up the steep incline. Nothing impossible but a slight challenge with items in both hands. I eventually took the side roads opposed to the steep incline. Hit a T in the road with signs but wasn't sure which way to go to return to my car so I turned around and took the side roads down. I felt safe and it was such a gorgeous hike up. Other hikers were friendly and ranged from families with young children to some senior citizens. There were a lot of mountain bikers up there too. I will definitely do this again with free hands and take that incline to the top!

21 days ago

The most challenging hike I have done by far. And also the most amazing views I have ever experienced.

Great view with one chair at the top

25 days ago

I go here for the views...of the beautiful women... the city view is alright... haha all jokes aside I go here to clear my head and train. Nifty spot just gotta get lucky with parking though, if not it’s a real pain. Other than that just enjoy the views

26 days ago

It’s a pretty hard trail. Make sure you have a pair of shoes/hiking boots that can grip onto the sandy ground well. My shoes were super slippery so I had to take them off on my way down.

Excellent trail. Start out going counter clockwise and you will end the hike with beautiful ocean views. There are some homeless folks living out in the canyon. We had a shoeless woman pop out from behind a bush on the trail and asked if we had a light Not too big of a deal, but you need to be careful if you are out hiking alone. Other than that, it is a beautiful trail with a lot of ocean views at the end. Be sure to get fish and chips at Malibu Seafood when you are done. They are possibly better than the trail itself.

Very good but has multiple trails. This app was very helpful

29 days ago

it’s a very social walk in the city. Lots of people and lattes.

1 month ago

on Runyon Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Amazing hiking trails! All lead back to the entrance. Good workout, beautiful view of DTLA & the many dogs you'll see, water fountains available.

Nice view with a simple pathway or a few side trails for the little adventurer in you. Nothing too crazy, good for a nice stroll. Overall a nice spot.

1 month ago

Great trail, had benches, water fountains and great views!!!

2 months ago

See and be seen here. Best part about this trail is all the doggies running around free as a bird! Worst parts are that it is hardly challenging and parking is a pain in the booty. The more difficult side is a steep climb up to the top, but the trail down is almost double the distance which is not helpful when you want to burn more calories.

This an 8.26 mike hike, not a 7 mike hike. It also gets confusing when you get to the zoo area because you have to cross the parking lot and the grassy lawn to get the the crosswalk in order to get to the other part of the hike, which is where most of the horses go. We loved the first part but once you follow the side of the road then behind the Autry, it get boring.

I really enjoyed this trail — once I found it. I missed the first left turn (because I wasn’t looking at the trail map), and I ended up going on a short hike behind some of houses. That isn’t this trail. So I’d advise, if it’s your first time there, use the map. The trail has a few places where it Ys, and I appreciated this app in those moments. That said, it’s a beautiful area with incredible views, and my dog and I had a grand time. We will be back.

Also: Make sure to keep your dog on a leash. They seem pretty serious about tickets. One visitor told me a ranger recently hid in the bushes and gave his friend a ticket. Sneaky.

Great hike - some challenging sections but amazing views of LA.

Great workout on the difficult trail as well as the paved trail!!! Can’t wait to co back

Beautiful views, too many people.

2 months ago

Echo the heat especially with a pup. Go early or later overall decent hike and great inclines.

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