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Beautiful hike! Well shaded and nicely groomed trails but rustic nature with rocks on path to keep it exciting. The waterfalls are gorgeous!!!

20 hours ago

The beginning was not boring for us, as soon as we hit the trail, we came a crossed a large bull snake, he just wanted to be on his way! Then when we got to the canyon, we saw 2 woodchucks & a Fox. By the time we got to past the waterfalls & got to the pool, crystal clear water & ice cold, my friends & I took our girls & they were ready to take a swim. Hike back out was faster, watch for the poison oak, bring extra water & towels. In mid summer, go early in the morning, you will be in the sun the entire hike. We got there at 8am, & was done by noon!

For those of you who would consider yourself a novice, like myself, after about 2.5 miles of general hicking expect about 2 miles of hiking up switchbacks to get all the way to the top (I checked it with a GPS). The trail was good with some places with higher stepping place and some loose rocks. We stopped at Alpine Lake along the way for a short break and managed to get to Sawtooth Lake in 3 hours. On the way back with just walking at a moderate pace took about 2.5 hours.

1 day ago

easy in. moderate out.

trail running
2 days ago

Today was a beautiful day for this hike/trail run. There was many great views of the jagged peaks of the sawtooth mountains. The turquoise color on the edge of both sawtooth lake and alpine lake were amazing. I didn't notice many mosquitoes and the air was clear. It took me about 1 hr 45 minutes to go up and about 1 hr 20 minutes to come down (some trail running involved). I spent about an hour at the lake. Overall this is a very scenic hike and there are still some wildflowers in bloom.

We did this hike with our two little ones(5 and 7) and it was amazing. The last half mile was challenging for the little ones , but coming up to the lake changed their attitude big time. The water was warm enought that they decided to swim for a bit. Even though the trail was a bit busy, ut was fun all around. Recommend this hike to all.

Great variety - lush meadows, bubbling creeks, great views all around. Lots of wild flowers!

4 days ago

camped at Alpine lake, and day hiked up to Sawtooth lake. The beauty of this place feels like a national park. spent the afternoon at Sawtooth lake swimming (cold), and "sledding" on a snow field in our bathing suits. Most beautiful place I have ever backpacked.

5 days ago

Only a third of this trail is a hiking trail; the rest is a ATV trail/road. This means you’re sharing space and dust with trucks and buggies. It’s a steep up with some good views of granite cliffs. The lake is pretty and gives this another star but it’s man-made and warm so muddy. BOULDER LAKE ROAD IS CLOSED BEFORE YOU REACH THE TRAIL HEAD. YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE A MORE CIRCUITOUS ROUTE THAN GOOGLE MAPS OUT. On the AllTrails app these roads are marked as Jeep trails. They’re a bit rutted but okay. Use the satellite map to see what is truly roads. When at the bottom of the hill the trailhead is to the right.

7 days ago

Just completed my first time to Beehive Lake and I can tell you...beautiful lake. It was almost exactly 4.5 miles into the lake and the same out. Trail is good, some spots narrow with brush and last half mile up a rock face...but well marked with cairns. I will tell you...moderate is a little forgiving for this hike. I am 47 and in average shape, and this was a tough hike in...but swimming in the lake made it worth the hard work. Not a lot of camp sites, but worth making it an overnight trip...star gazing was incredible and so was the fishing! Highly recommend for those in decent shape, looking for high mountain swimming, fishing and star gazing!

7 days ago

Well maintained easy trail, downhill going out, uphill going back. Beautiful views! However, if you're looking to hang out at the base of the lower falls, be warned that you have to do an easy level of bouldering (I had two 12 year olds with me that could do it fine).

8 days ago


Great hike. A little of everything on the way.

8 days ago

Beautiful spots that are worth it on easy/moderate trail.

Awesome hike, beautiful lakes, incredible mountains. First half is super easy, all the elevation gain is done in the last two miles. My watch clocked me at 10.75 miles, we had to park a little bit down the road from the main parking lot, so a little bit of the extra mileage came from this but not a lot. I’d plan this to be more around 10 and not 8.5.

Loved this trail and Lake! Switchbacks made the elevation change easy. Beautiful lake, clear water.

9 days ago

Great place to go for a beautiful hike through meadows of wild flowers. I uploaded photos but there did not attach to my review.

Lovely day hike. It was a great way for a flat lander to acclimate before a multi day backcountry trip.

trail running
11 days ago

Great place for easy running with some gorgeous views..and a little up and down to the river below. Interesting history of how the Box Canyon was formed. Overlook of river and waterfall are beautiful but stairs are broken but still passable.

The whole way up is packed with great challenges, up up up you go, and once you get to the lake, take it in, then get on the next trail to loop around boulder lake, I went counter clockwise, so make sure you keep a close eye on the trail, finding the right trail can be a little tricky , once I got to the other side of the lake I ended up just sticking as close to the lake as I could, much easier to see where I was going, then before I knew it I was back at the beginning of the loop, boulder lake is beautiful!

12 days ago

A serious ass kicker, lots of inclines and dips but the beauty of nature around you is so worth it, there are so many wildflowers and the water is so clear!, nothing beats a hike that really makes you work for it, it’ll pay off big time and the trail maintenance people are super sweet, they do a great job keeping the trail clear so you don’t wander off in the wrong direction, if you want a challenge and a sensory overload, then make this the next hike you go on

Loved this hike. We went clockwise, which I believe is the better choice. We had a range of kids on the hike, ages 4 to 12. The ascent was challenging, but we took a good lunch and swim break at Boulder Lake before continuing the loop.
Oh, just remember that as you come down from Louie Lake on the ATV road, you need to look for the right turn on to the “Boulder Lake Trailhead” cutoff trail. It is very clearly marked, but could be easy to fall into a “downhill malaise” and just keep following the road.

on Box Canyon

13 days ago

Our family loved this trail. Easy enough for the kids but challenging as well. Loved swimming in the cold pool at the end!

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on. Perfect in every way. Wildflowers, lake, small creeks to cross, lots of shade. Very scenic. Had a 5-year old with us and he did fine. Lots of rocks, though, to step through.

it is a little than moderate for small children ;)

Beautiful hike! Beautiful lake. Nice mix of of up hill and some nice flat spots too. We thought it was about 8 miles round trip even though it says it’s 5.7 my body says it was longer.

Very enjoyable hike! We backpacked to Sawtooth Lake and camped. Good amount of elevation gain and we hiked in early August and I was chilly. If you camp, be sure to pack warm clothes for sleeping!

15 days ago

great hike! highly recommend for hikers!

Trail description very accurate. Downhill to falls, uphill coming out. We just took our time and it was fine. It seems most hikers stop at the bridge. We walked the additional 1/4 mile to the falls and no one else was there. It definitely was worth the effort. Both the view of the creek from the bridge and the falls further on...beautiful!

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