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2 hours ago

Awesome hike. The first half of the trail isn’t too strenuous. However, there are parts on the second half that do get tough. It’s hard rating lived up to its name. The view at the top is absolutely worth it. My only complaint was that the trail was not marked well, so use this app to help guide you

One of those trails that you just have to see in person. It’s a long hike so do take some protein and water but well worth it! Low traffic so we enjoyed the trail to ourselves mostly.

2 days ago

Hike was well worth it not for the waterfall but the rock formation that is at the very end. We went to the waterfall during flooding and excess rain to see a little waterfall a top a very large rock wall covered with ages of erosion that was well worth it. Make sure you are in good physical shape and travel together as the the trail is steep and extremely rugged and should only be embarked on if you hike frequently and have the correct gear, hike took about 4 hours with at least 3 camps that people will hang out at up and down that can be used as checkpoints, If you are extremely fit to where you can hike 13 miles I recommend taking the trail from the waterfall to the buffalo river as the scenery is beautiful combined with the utter isolation you’ll find yourself in as you have to drive 3 miles of dirt road to get to the trailhead

I will start off by saying maybe this issue was because of the government shut down and having no forest rangers. However, this trail was being used by squirrel hunters and there were people hunting right off the parking lot for the trail head. WE COULD SEE THEM SHOOTING FROM THE TRAIL HEAD! Needless to say this was a 3 hour round trip wasted because we didn’t feel safe hiking with so many (obviously irresponsible) people shooting that close to the trail.

Loved it!

Great easy hike today in the misty rain. The poplar tree is much bigger in person than in pics! Trail was great. Very beautiful area. Only about a mile hike to the tree.

5 days ago

It was a beautiful hike with the fall foliage at or near its peak. Being that this was our first hike, we feel like we did well for our age. I would recommend hiking poles for the descent going down the step grade. Our knees differently felt the effects of the steep grade. We brought a lunch and blanket for a bite to eat and a break at the base of falls. Don’t expect much water coming over the falls. Even with the rain a few days earlier, there wasn’t much water running. Still a beautiful view with the shear limestone walls rising out of the tranquil valley.

Awesome trail! Take your time, pack some snacks, and make a day of it.

6 days ago

On top as I type.... trail in good shape, and lives up to it’s difficult rating (but I’m not use to hiking). Would definitely recommend

This trail is super easy to follow. The view is breathtaking! You think it ends but it doesn’t! It’s about a 6mile bike there and back.

9 days ago

Great trail with excellent views. We caught a cold front just passing that left plenty of snow and ice, and a blue bird sky! Ample 360’views - day and night.

Camped along northern edge of Bald just within tree line so out of wind. Trail to Little Huckleberry Bald runs through that camp. That route seems rarely used, given overgrown trail/trace. There are flags marking the way. Worth the effort to visit lower Bald along this route.

Was surprised by the amount of light pollution from nearby cities impacting star gazing. However, still darn good nighttime viewing.

Look forward to revisiting!

Did this trail twice. First time was a mistake. I entered the horse trail, not the hiking trail. The horse trail is more than twice as long as the hiking trail. I had to turn around at one point just to make sure I got out of there before dark, because I didn't bring a lot of gear. When I finally went back and did the hiking trail, it was the hike of a lifetime. Its amazing. There are a few little campsites along the way and a very old small cemetery. One gravestone is in good condition and they apparently died in 1860. 10/10 would recommend.

10 days ago

I went after tons of rain, and I’m so glad I did! It was super muddy from the cemetery to the falls, so I would definitely recommend at least one trekking pole.

Once you get to the creek and see the falls and think you can’t go any further, put on some water shoes, cross the river, and keep going up.

Took my 26 pound dog and he loved it.

What a nice surprise!

My GPS clocked 8.25 miles and I went all the way to the top of the falls.

By far the best trail for scenery I have been on yet. I highly recommend it. The creek crossing can get a little hairy when the water is up but the experience is totally worth it.

Whew!! I did the full 17.8 miles yesterday and it was a bear! Really enjoyed the challenge though.

All trails, any idea why the map shows the trail ending at 8.9 miles (just south of the highway there) when it actually continues for another 1.6 miles north to Forest Road, 10.5 miles total?

11 days ago

Nice weather today for the fist hike of the year. Not too many people out today. This trail is easy with a few moderate spots. Overall a good trail for people beginning hiking or for seasoned hikers as well. Not many views but a chance to see the Gennet poplar, the second largest tree in GA.

Fun day trip! Great scenery. Listened to other reviews and climbed the ledge at the pool and found the beginning of the falls. Well worth the climb.

We love this trail. Very muddy and slippery on the last mile to the falls tough climb back out. But overall an awesome hike we plan to return when dry
My GPS. Recorded 8 miles round trip and took 6 hrs spent about an hour at the falls.

hiked this trail 6-22-18. took me 13hrs. watched the Lama's go by.

The two bluff trails are pretty unique as far I know and the scenery even on a rainy winter day is great. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

14 days ago

God out did himself with this little treasure of land and water!!!!

TOUGH run up! 2.5 to top. 2.5 back down. 4.2 is inaccurate if you follow the neon green blaze (as per Fitbit GPS which is almost pinpoint accurate for distance)

SO COOL. The key is to keep going once you get to the little waterfall bit and rocky pool at the end, which is like the head of the little river you follow for the middle third. With a FUN rock scramble, you can climb up to see the crashing waterfall!! Must do that!!

Otherwise, decent hike. Only “hard” because it’s muddy and rocky for that middle third, and the ascent (return hike) is pretty long. Pretty area. We went in winter and are pretty active folks.

Started this trail at Chadwell Gap so it was straight uphill in the beginning. Strenuous during the first part but once we got to the ridgeline, wasn't so bad. Other than the stop at Hensley Settlement, there aren't any spectacular views, other than enjoying being in the woods. Did come across a rattlesnake so be careful!

Great hike!
You can do it!!
Take your time! Beautiful!!

Hiked to the end of the Goat Trail today with hubby and 3 kids (14, 8, and 6). Yes, it could be dangerous if you don’t watch your children, but be responsible and stay safe. I certainly wouldn’t say “not for kids.” Maybe not all kids, but if you have an active family,it’s worth the effort. Everyone enjoyed the hike and the views at the end of Goat Trail. The hike out is uphill as all the reviews state, but I’d rather hike uphill than down, so I prefer it this way. Giving it 4 stars because there are some places that are really muddy, and there isn’t a lot to look at the first couple of miles. We walked to the trailhead from our cabin, so we went close to 7 miles total. Even the 6 year old said it was worth it!

17 days ago

Really great out and back with a lot of delightful places to stop and enjoy cascading water. Near the waterfall, it was a bit slippery, and the way back is uphill, but the trail is well maintained. If you can, time a trip here after a good rain so you can catch the waterfall.

I really enjoyed this trail. It was what I needed after some holiday over indulging. I think "moderate" is pretty appropriate for this one. I did it at the end of December 35-40degrees, all the falls were running and that added some cool points to it. Only a couple other hikers on the trail the day I did it. I started right at the entrance for Redding Camp Ground and did the west side first. Made it out to Spy Rock and back down the east side of the loop GPS said it was 7.45 miles 2 hours 59 minutes moving and 52 minutes stopped.

I started this trek at the north end of the trail and went south. This is quite a difficult trail and you really should be in shape to attempt this section. I did not use poles, but I can see how they would be helpful.

Due to a late start and short winter days, I only went in three miles and then turned back. That distance was still enough to see the views from the top of three ridge lines and to cross three streams in which I had to change shoes. There were several more small crossings that I was able to keep my boots on.

I saw several groups of through hikers. I imagine this was due to it being the weekend between Christmas and New Year.

Hard trail, very slippery in spots but well worth the trip if your prepared! Bring water and snacks!

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