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fun trail. if you stay on the fire road it could be made in a suv or light truck. we took our lifted jeep and some of the off shots were pretty gnarly. All are passable with the right equipment. We will be back...

Beautiful waterfall but rather find a way to get to the top

Fire road = easy with beautiful views.

Off shoots = some are intimidating, especially to the noobs. Pack of 6 vehicles and 3 incurred minor body damage. Disconnect if you can or else you might find yourself leaning against the mountain walls riding a good line. Expect to use rock rails at some off shoots.

Super fun with my 5 year old! The water is still flowing and it’s a fun reward for making it to the top. And exploring up there is our favorite part!

9 days ago

nice little trail for a Sunday.

Great hike! Easy to get turned around on the way up, though unplanned diversions are really beautiful either way. Gorgeous views from the top, lightly trafficked, very peaceful out there.

13 days ago

This trail is very informative from beginning to end. Very Beautiful , natures all around you. You’re literally at the top of the world .

it's a good lung stretcher.

Beautiful!! Very rocky, but so worth it! No shade!

16 days ago

Easiest waterfall hike I’ve ever done. Must pass all the rocks straight through till you get to first open trail walkway on the left passing first mountain cut. Ricks were fun to jump around. Went with my 8 year old he loved it. Did it with no breaks. Awesome waterfall at the end with enough water to sit and soak. Can’t wait till feb or so when scalps will be full.

off road driving
18 days ago

Fun trail, definitely 4x4 if taking the harder routes. Fire road is doable on stock vehicles , possible 4x2.

Drove it 9/3/18 during dry weather,

The trail (if you can call it that) is really difficult to find. Had to ask a couple of people coming back which way to head, and if we were going the right way. We started the hike at about 11:00 AM on a Sunday on Labor Day weekend. So it was very crowded at Lytle Creek and lots of people on the trail. The fact that there were lots of people helped getting us there. If we do again maybe go earlier. It was beautiful, not strenuous the majority of the way up, but creek bed rocks all the way until you reach the last quarter of a mile (or less) to the falls. Kinda steep and big steps over rocks. Glad I did it. Some parking is free. But some isn’t. Make sure you know that before you leave your car. They were giving tickets. We were able to ask and we parked ok. Take more than one bottle of water per person and maybe a snack.

Easy to get to from Rancho Cucamonga. Looking for places like this to take our dog. Don’t go expecting a strenuous hike. On All Trails it says “Easy” for a reason. Felt safe because the USA Forestry station is there. I will go back.

Good for someone at the intermediate level that's ready to get off the fire road and try some obstacles for the first time. Remember the trail is very slippery when wet.

Nice trail. Came with lil ones so its an easy one.

amazing experience

25 days ago

This hike is as advertised. Great out and back trail that at times is hard to follow. There is definitely some bouldering skills necessary as you reach the summit. Took me longer than I anticipated mostly because the trails are not always well marked. It would not be a good hike for beginners but I enjoyed the challenge. Not much shade so an early morning or late afternoon may be best. Bring plenty of water and something to put in the box at the summit.

28 days ago

Easy little hike. You can google Bonita Ranch Campgrounds and pay 5 dollars to park there and just walk straight back and follow along the mountain line and hug it until you get the opportunity to cut up. The first time i went i kept thinking id found the waterfalls but just keep going and you will see the unmistakable waterfall at the end. Careful with your footing as it is not a clear path very rocky. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU!

Did this hike with my 3 kids ages 3-7 and had to take many stops on the way up. Even saw a rattlesnake pass by! But boy what a sweet reward when we got to that waterfall! So beautiful and a nice place to stop and have a picnic. We even went further up where there was a smaller waterfall to stick our heads under! So refreshing! My family loved it and we’ll definitely be back!

Not too bad at all. Arrived at 0645 on a Saturday and parking was easy picking. Water is still flowing.

I would not consider this hike a work out but it does get your heart rate up if you continually stay to the left and walk over the peaks. It gets a little sketchy up there because your walking backbones in the heavy wind on top which adds an element of excitement. Watch your step on the ways down though it can get sandy and steep. It does have some great views of the obscure rock formations and being somewhat of a rock hound and geology nut it makes it a really nice 45 minute escape from the rat race. We did catch a really cool horned toad last time out. I’ll post some pics.

Be ready for sore calves.

We loved this hike. The view of the top is an excellent and unexpected view of Victor Valley. Make sure you bring something to add to the geocache at the top. There was some good stuff up there when we went. We looked for climbing routes and we did a little bouldering on the way back. The trail was a little tough to follow some times but it made it an adventure.

Easy hike up
Beautiful waterfall for So-Cal worth the hike so don't quit

on Bonita Falls Trail

1 month ago

Finally got to go this morning and I loved it. Yes it took us a while to figure out where the trail started, and since there was no one around to ask we almost gave up. Thankfully some couple showed up and led us there. You have to cross the creek and head up the trail of rocks, so where comfy or hiking shoes, just be careful. Then there’s a trail towards the left side that leads you up to the waterfall, I know there’s a lot of graffiti, in some way it helped a lil because of some arrows leading you the way, but the trash wasn’t nice seeing. I mean I’d love to chill and relax too but make sure to take your trash with you, it is disgusting seeing clothes, dirty diapers, beer bottles, broken chairs etc. Cmon peeps let’s keep it clean! But other then that I’d definitely go back and hike.

An Awesome Pit stop for those looking for an easy Half hour hike on a hill Top. May look boring but once on top there are beautiful Views of Rock formations and the entrance to the wilderness

Great trail. went hiking with all my friends, once you get to the waterfall it's super cool and breezy.
the only problem with it is how sunny it is and how there is no shade going up it.

But all and all would do again.

1 month ago

I have been here a few times now and really enjoy scenery. When the creek is full, it’s absolutely stunning and I love to walk through it post hike! An amazing cool down. The waterfall is beautiful and not too difficult to get to. I highly recommend!

Great trail with some fun scrambling at the end. Too bad the power of Christ compelled some dipshit to spray paint a gobbledygook bible passage on a boulder at the peak.

Definitely more of a moderate hike than easy, especially in the heat. It's also uphill the whole way to the small falls. We'll be going back but in the fall/spring.

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