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3 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. This was my first time doing this trail and my dog and I made it to the top without much problem. We are both experienced trail runners and hikers and I could see where if you don’t know what you’re in for and not prepared, you probably won’t make it very far

6 days ago

I was traveling from Cincinnati, OH and was in Arizona doing some hiking so had to try Humphrey's Peak. It was early March (3/5/18) and there had been plenty of snow recently so there was a pretty good covering. The weather was great for hiking (low 30's with plenty of sun) and I ended up with too many layers but was able to make myself comfortable (with a heavy backpack). The trail was easy to follow but had little room for error. If you stepped a little to the side you were a couple feet+ deep in the snow. I passed by another hiker on his way down and he told me he turned around due to the snow conditions towards the top. I kept going and made it a little past the 11,400 marker. At this point the trail (with the deep snow) split into several directions and was less defined. I decided it was time to turn around. It was a great hike and hope to make it to the top next time, hopefully without 3' of snow!

9 days ago

Conditions were great! Little windy coming up to the peak, very still at the top. Trail was easy to follow for the most part. Definitely recommend micro-spikes and poles!

10 days ago

Is it possible to park a motorhome at the trailhead? And if not, what is the camping like nearby?

Definitely the easiest state high peak I've completed, but a fun trail none the less. From the trailhead to the Mount Davis summit is only 0.9 miles and hardly any elevation gain, which makes it very accessible for any hiker. I ended up doing the entire loop which added a little bit more adventure to the hike. I wasn't expecting there to be snow and I was the only one who had done the hike since the snowfall so my trail running shoes were pretty wet by the end. The snow made it a little difficult to tell where the trail was at points but trees are well marked and the AllTrails app was very helpful. There are a couple creek crossings which were running pretty high and I had to find and throw a log down to cross one section, but that made it extra fun. Also saw three white tail deer cross the path about 30 yards ahead. Completed in 2h 14m.

18 days ago

This one was very challenging! 50mph winds at the top were frightening!

love this trail. a few spots for me we're a little confusing to stay on trail. difficult level for sure. but views were amazing and worth it!!

24 days ago

Did this back in July 2017. Truly scenic and beautiful! Brutal stretch above treeline with wicked winds and some snow! Trail was straightforward. Awesome to be able to see Sedona and the Grand Canyon far in the distance from the summit. Lots of parking. Start early! I made it to the summit around 9ish and there were dark clouds everywhere. Passed by alot of people, started storming around 12:30, hopefully no one was caught in it. Bring snacks and proper hydration!

off road driving
1 month ago

We used a tour guide/service which was great and allowed us to have time to enjoy the scenery instead of the drive. Altitude wasn't an issue we spent 40 minutes at the VIS. Go for a sunset/stargazing - it adds so much to the experience. Do not take the highpoint trail, while technically not closed it is a place of Hawaiian heritage and should be respected. Instead just go to the University of Hawaii Hilo observatory and that's within a foot or two of the highest elevation. We went in January and it had snowed the day before quite a wild feeling body numbing temps hours after being on the beach! HP#14 for us!

Packed my microspikes but didn’t ever have to pull them out of my pack. Awesome hike. Insanely windy at the summit. Make sure you dress warm!

You have to spot these tiny signs all the way up and it is an amazing view from the top (took a car) when you get up to the top there is also a mailbox to sign your name and to put it back inside the mailbox lots of empty pages. only if they could cut more trees down up top I’d give it a 5/5 that being so 3/5

Awesome trail. Very glad I had the chance to do this hike!

2 months ago

This was a beautiful hike. Did it in late October 2017, the weekend before the first snowfall happened. Also was a very calm (not windy) day luckily. Stunning. Gorgeous views from the top. Plus crossed it off my “highest state peaks” list. Gets rough at the top because of altitude and it’s rocky. 3 false summits, but it’s worth it. Took about 6 to 6.5 hours total. Didn’t stay at the top long because we started late in the day and were trying to get out before the sun set. Will do again.

2 months ago

Humphrey's crushed my soul, but was so rewarding at the end of it. I'm not the most experienced, nor am I adapted to altitude - so this required taking it pretty slow. Went with a group of friends, 2 have gone many times before and live in Flagstaff so they were on a pace much quicker than the other 3 of us. I think we got up and down in 8 hours, including a break at the saddle and lunch/pictures at the summit. Overall, amazing hike with generally great weather!

2 months ago

Been up 2 or 3 times, not to be under estimated. Real risk of altitude sickness. Start early, and you’ll be rewarded.

2 months ago

Strenuous hike! We took about six hours, going about as fast as we could. My girlfriend and I are from MN and just got into Flagstaff yesterday; not a lot of acclimation time for the altitude! We are very experienced in the wilderness and had no problem route-finding. Take plenty food and water, and this time of year (January) ample insulation: it's windy AF at the top!

one of my favorite hikes in Arizona. it's a must

Bring ur yak traxs! Lots of packed snow and ice to Williams lake. Then patches of snow/ice to the top of Wheeler. Happy New Year!

Beautiful and slightly challenging. Take enough water and trek poles would have been helpful on the way down.

Panoramic views of the best of the black hills!

Great trail with amazing views! Great camping!

There are two routes from Mystic Lake, the first trailhead breaking off to the Southeast, shortly after the Mystic Lake dam, will take you up numerous switchbacks leading to a 6+ mile hike across froze-to-death plateau leading to the saddle approach. (Hint: stay high on the plateau, to the east, it has a tendency to push you lower, as you think you are heading more direct to the peak but this leads to getting out on the many peninsulas and can cause a lot of additional distance)

As far as the Princess Lake route that is shown, this can be a spectacular trip and, as stated, is much harder in full pack than the plateau route.

The route shown from Princess Lake to Avalanche Lake is basically impassable without climbing gear. I have rappelled down this section but I would not recommend up climbing it as it is very loose and very steep. (Extremely frustrating with full packs!)

A better route from Princess Lake is to follow the light trail from the west side of Princess Lake that follows the drainage from Snowball Lakes, then bear east, staying North of Storm Lake and around the Northern tip of Avalanche Lake, and then south along the eastern shoreline until reaching the approaches to the Granite Peak Saddle.

Be prepared for serious boulder hopping for several miles along Avalanche Lake. Tighten down your pack as you’ll be needing to jump over pretty deep chasms as you proceed.

There is a small area at the southern tip of Avalanche Lake to overnight, but probably 3 tents, max!


Amazing trail! If I had to do just one in the hills it’d be this one. Trail is generally pretty moderate, take your time though cause as you near the top it’s pretty steep and rugged. Bring a snack and some coffee to enjoy at the top. Well worth the time

2 months ago

Took about 6.2 hours. Beautiful hike, not too steep till the end. The wind at the top was insane...
Saw a deer.

3 months ago


Incredible views once you make it to the top! We hiked in the middle of December and would recommend crampons and/or walking poles. There was plenty of ice once you start climbing the ridge.

3 months ago

This is a little over 10 miles out-and-back from Snowbowl. Careful with the altitude.

Incredible hike. Snowy, not much ice. Beautiful.

Fantastic experience! The hike from the trailhead to the lake is a pleasant stroll through the forest that includes streams and waterfalls. The trail is well marked and impeccably maintained. From the lake to the summit, one encounters seemingly endless switchbacks. The terrain varies from rock to dirt to snow and the intensity ranges from moderate to challenging. Once the saddle at the top of the climb is achieved, one is treated to an entirely new landscape of spectacular mountains on the other side. Several peaks are connected by saddles, so one can venture on after reaching Wheeler's summit.

Great place, easy hike with no technical aspects. Could not locate the geo marker on this Peak.

Camp at the lake/waterfall and enjoy. Campfire wood scarce.

Hiked and camped in August 2017.

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