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Can’t give it 5 stars because of all the people and horse poo on the trail. Would not recommend the short cut after gunnison pass as rock slides are very easy to trigger. Good water source in valley right before the final climb to Kings. Shoulda got 2 liters there but only got 1.

Decided to do this with my brother in one day after doing a little research. We started from the trailhead at 3:45 AM and made quick work to dollar lake. We saw three different moose on our way up. We took the shortcut at Gunsight pass and bouldered up the mountain. The summit was hard as there is no defined trail through the boulders, but just keep making your way up and try and stay close to the ridge line. The one thing I would change would be not to take the chute down to try and save some mileage. The loose rocks sliding down the steep incline kept hitting my ankles and multiple times I had to sit down to try and stop myself. Finished the hike at 5:30 and was physically fine, but mentally drained from the long day.

Clear path up to dollar lake, but climbing up to peak isn’t so well marked but still not bad. Was still an amazing hike!

3 days ago

Don't be scared away by some of the other reviews! This is a great hike. Yes, it does have some steeper, more technical sections. Parts of it are more difficult than anything you would see on Timp, but overall I would say it's less difficult than Timp and much shorter. On the other hand, it's significantly easier than Provo Peak hiked from the valley. The steep section is maybe half of Provo Peak's ascent. The view from the top is amazing and hiking along the ridge can be pretty fun!

As many people have said, stay on the ridge. There are two false peaks. The first one is after Wolf Pass (just after hiking around the side of North Peak). The ascent here is the most strenuous. The second false peak is right before Nebo. Near the top of each of these, there are many paths leading off to the left. These are especially deceiving because the actual trail can be difficult to see when looking up from below. These other paths are not the trail and are much more difficult and even dangerous. For both false peaks, you want to go straight over the top of the peak. You can see in my recording that on the ascent we went off to the left for both peaks, which didn't turn out well. Try to follow the path we took on the descent, just straight over the peaks.

We summited in just under 2.5 hours, with maybe 10 minutes of breaks included in that. After about 20 minutes on the summit, we made it down in about 1.5 hours with a bit of trail running.

This review is important.
We planned to camp at dollar lake and made it easily up there in about 4 hours, the next day we summited and got altitude sickness but made it in about 11 hours to get back to camp.
What we should’ve done, hike near a lake after gunsite pass and had a shorter summit the next because that is the hardest part of the hike because about 90% of that day is bouldering. Good luck on this very difficult hike

Sustained, hard, but totally worth the effort! Just don’t forget to coordinate with your peeps, the loop direction beforehand!

Great hike. Day 1 we left Henry Fork trailhead and went in past dollar lake 2 miles to camp (9.5 total). Did this to make our summit shorter. Water was harder to find but it was less crowded. Day 2 we left camp at 7:30 am and hit the top at 11:15. We went the shorter but steeper route over the bolder field to Anderson pass. Back to camp just after 3:00 pm. Then packed up and went to dollar lake to camp to make day 3 shorter. Day 3 we left dollar lake at 8 and we were back to the trailhead at 11:00 am. Overall great hike with amazing views. Bucket list item checked off.

Amazing Views! Strenous, but well worth it! The tallest mountain in the Wasatch Range! Amazing flowers in August! :-)

15 days ago

Awesome hike but very strenuous. Bring lots of snacks and protein bars. And at least a 3 or 4 liters of water. Very beautiful but has steep climbs and two false summits. It's dog friendly but don't bring older/senior dogs.

I cannot add anything new than what has already been said in these reviews. I will reiterate and stress these points though.

1- It is very steep when ascending the false peaks. As someone who’s hiked Timp many times I can say that this was much more difficult. Be self aware of your conditioning and be prepared for some thigh busting, lung burning action here!

2- Take LOTS of water! You will need it no joke.

3- Bring a wind jacket. The top is super windy and chills you pretty good after you’re all sweaty.

I probably won’t be doing this bad boy again anytime soon. But I don’t regret doing it either. Great views and feels awesome after your done!

Took us 4 hours to go up, 2.5 going back down. We were a young group in our mid 20s and went a steady pace with only a handful of short breaks. Try some yells at the first summit, it will echo like crazy!!!! This was a tough hike that kicked our butts by the time we got back to the car but it was challenging and fun on the way up!

It was an awesome but very difficult hike. From TH to Dollar Lake is fairly easy. We went up Gunsight Pass and descended down into the valley. It is steep going up to Anderson Pass. It was much further to Anderson then anticipated. Once we got to the Pass it was boulder scrambling for an hour. It was very tiring and hard. Coming down off the summit was difficult because there isn’t really a trail so it is more boulder scrambling for about an hour. We anticipated that it would take us roughly 7 hours to summit and get back to camp. It actually took us 10 hours. Some people in the party took upwards of 12 hours. There are spots for filtering water almost all the way to Anderson Pass. I had 2 liters and ran out on the descent. All in all it was an extremely tiring hike and most likely won’t do it again.

Nice hike. Straight up the ridge line to the peak. The view is beautiful!

Gorgeous views. A wonderful knife edge scramble that was amazing.

Camped about 1.75 miles past Dollar Lake. Started up at 6:30am through Painter's Basin, made it to the top at 11:30. Great climb and hike and amazing views throughout. Went back the same way, and packed up and camped by the fork in the trail just after the river crossing to make the last day shorter. Good thing too as the clouds really rolled in and looked, like storms near Gunsite, the Basin, and the lakes. Great Hike, plentiful water with a filter.


Camped at Dollar Lake. Took the short way after the cairn at Gunsight Pass by hugging the side of the mountain instead of going into Painter Basin. There are markers all along the way until you can see Anderson Pass. Most of my group did take the chute down. Two went around the way we came. They beat us by 10 minutes back to Dollar Lake. This is something to consider if you are thinking of taking the chute down. It is probably a little quicker if you are at Henry’s Fork Lake, but not Dollar, and is definitely much more physically demanding.

28 days ago

Nebo North is a great hike. You get fantastic views almost the entire trail. The first 1.5-2 miles is fairly easy. After that there are a couple really steep sections. The first climbs up to the first false summit. From there you traverse over to the bottom of the second false summit. The climb to the top of that is steep and loose. Make sure you stay on the trail. It's much easier. The trail on the way up the second false summit tends to run straight up the middle of the mountain or maybe a bit to the right. Don't veer left. Once on top of that summit, the trail typically is on the north side of the saddle. Stay on that and you'll have the easiest final climb to the top.

She’s a steep one. There’s a few cute chipmunks at the top, get ready for a climb tho.

Awesome hike, very difficult (even for me, who just finished it for the fourth time). Make sure you have plenty of water. All four of my group started with at least 40 oz of water and we all ran out, and that was starting from base camp, eight miles from the trailhead, and it wasn't even a particularly sunny or hot day. Bring a water filter if you have it, there are streams to fill up almost the entire way.

The steep is real, be ready for your legs to melt underneath you en route to the final “scramble” - at which point you’ll have to shift into maximum overdrive and push for the summit. Absolutely worth the hard work, the view from the top is unreal.

Great trip. We hiked in to dollar lake area (difficult to identify which lake was what) and found a good spot to set up for the night. Did not get super cold (maybe low 50's). Set out at 6 am the next morning towards gunsight pass and took the shortcut around. Lots of rocks to climb and walk over. We made it to the summit by 11. Descent was easier but still difficult due to the rocks. We took a left coming off the trail to the peak down what we were told was called 'the Devil's Chute' (because who can pass something with that kind of a name up?). First half was walking down steep rocks, the second half was skiing down rocks with hiking boots. We wandered back to the main trail and found the camp by 2. Broke it down and walked out leaving the trail at 630.

Would 3 days have been more pleasant? Probably - with a more relaxed start time might have dealt with more sun but there would be more time to come down and recover before making the hike out. All in all - ~20 miles is a lot for one day.

1 month ago

Probably one of my new favorite summits! Lots of incredible views and gorgeous meadows filled with wildflowers. Also, a pretty chill hike overall. We took the ridgeline trail (not the Griffeth Creek trail suggested here by AllTrails). The ridgeline trailhead is at 38°22'59.1"N 112°23'48.5"W. Well worth it! Longer, more views, and more gradual incline. Will do again with kids!

1 month ago

Beautiful viewpoint. You can drive right up to the top. Did it in my Prius with careful driving. There is a lower parking lot as well with and out house that we like to start from and walk the road to the top to get a little more exercise since the "trail" at the top is just a little path to the old station and only about 50 yards long.

1 month ago

Great hike today. Surprisingly cool weather, and gorgeous wildflowers. Now is the PERFECT time to see the flowers. We spotted many columbines, forget-me-nots, wild rose, fireweed, penstemon, bluebells, golden aster, indian paintbrush, yarrow, geraniums. Also a bluebird, a golden finch, a doe, and hundreds of butterflies. The peak is rewarding, and the journey itself is worth it.

After reading all the comments, we decided to drive out to Nebo and see what all the rage was about. For reference, we are pretty experienced hikers, one of us coming from LA and the other from Providence, RI (so both at sea level with about a week of acclimation in Park City at ~7000ft).

The first part of the hike was beautiful. The hills were a little less gentle than some commenters have suggested, especially with the altitude (for all you out of towners), but it was nothing serious. The wildflowers were beautiful.

The hike began to get real when we hit the first significant climb. You walk into a big valley and see a notch extending through the center with tall trees going up either side. Here, you cross the notch from left to right and begin to climb. We estimate we gained about 700-800 feet in this section in less than a mile. It is steep and the trail is loose, dusty dirt. However, we both felt comfortable and at the top of the climb, felt like it was manageable and felt ready to keep going.

After this, you gain a ridge line and walk along a gently rolling path until you arrive at the base of the false summit. In the 1/2 mile leading up to this, you can see both Nebo and the false summit on the right and left respectively. The route to the false summit is another significant climb, perhaps gaining another 800 feet in about a mile of hiking. Once you get to the top of the false summit, it is a good time to take a little break and begin to plan your attempt at the peak.

The final stage of the hike is very different from the first part. You walk along a tight, loose, rocky ridge above tree line. The path is not clearly demarcated and it is up to you to choose the path of least resistance. The ridge line is narrow and the drop off on either side is steep. My best advice, after completing the hike today (which others also suggest), is to stay as close to the top of the ridge as possible. Paths diverging to the left and right side can look inviting, however, many of these paths begin to drift off into loose shale and scree. While it can be intimidating to walk on top of a narrow, rocky ridge, you will find the path of least resistance here over and over again.

The final push to the summit is scrappy and includes some scrambling. It's a good idea to test rocks with your hand/foot before trusting them. The things that look like paths are not always a good indicator of the best route -- we found that doing some class 4 or perhaps very easy class 5 scrambling/climbing made our lives a lot easier because we were able to feel secure with what we were holding and standing on.

The route down from the summit requires patience. As is often the case, it is slow going when you head down on a hike like this. Keep a cool head and, again, follow the ridge as much as possible. After you hit the top of the false summit, the rest of the hike flies by.

Our total time was 5 hours 50 minutes, 3:20 on the way up and 2:30 on the way down. This excludes a 20 minute pit stop we took on the peak to admire the views.

In general, I would consider this a stout hike, but nothing terribly difficult. The real difficulty in this one lies in the mental game. It is significantly exposed and requires some confident scrambling. If you haven't done something above tree line before, get nervous seeing steep drop offs/on ridge lines, or you aren't fully acclimated to the altitude, I would be cautious and think about something less intense. If, on the other hand, you are in decent shape, don't get easily intimidated by heights, and feel confident in your ability to securely place your hands and feet at ~12,000 feet, go for it! It's really not so bad and offers BEAUTIFUL 360 views of the territory below. The hike itself is also really fun, challenging, and offers a wide array of different experiences and a lot of elevation gain in an afternoon.

Absolutely gorgeous park. As others have said, trail is clear and not too strenuous up to Gunsite (unless you’re carrying a heavy pack). I didn’t see any signs for Dollar Lake where I had planned to camp so I overshot that and found a nice spot off the trail about a half mile further.

I had planned to take the trail at Gunsite that did NOT descend into Painter Basin but I didn’t see any sign or clear path so I decided to just hug the contour line off the trail. I don’t recommend that. Wasted a lot of time and energy scrambling over loose boulders and ended up dropping down into the Basin anyway.

The ascent to Anderson pass is steep, from Anderson to the false summit is steeper, from the false summit to the true summit is even steeper. Views are outstanding.

On the return I figured I’d play it safe and go down through the basin. The trails are hard to follow and it seemed much longer.

Overall excellent hike, tough near the summit and views are amazing. Water was plentiful up to Gunsite.

on Delano Peak

1 month ago

Lovely hike. Wildflowers are in full force. Was easy to navigate. There are rock cairns along the way to mark the route. Trekking poles are handy to have for this hike. Summit features peak sign and mailbox with registry.

1 month ago

Great hike! If you want to avoid snow you definitely can. FYI if you “send it” and slide down snow hills you will end up bloody. Other than that it is a great hike with great views!

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