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8 hours ago

tons of people, even more dogs. fall color coming to an end. trail was great. not easy but not hard. nice workout indeed...any vehicle can make it to the trailhead if you drive slow enough

Perfect weather for a hike. Absolutely loved the trail and the view.

We got there around 10.30 am and the parking was bit tight. (I'd recommend either early morning or later when people start leaving). The dirt road leading to the trail head was bit off-roady (recommend a high clearance vehicle)

Trail traffic was not bad at all and trail was mostly shaded. We were not used to the high altitude, so had to take small rests frequently on the way. It took us a little more than 4 hours totally (including half an hour break at the lake for a snack). We logged about 6 miles totally!!!

Great day hike, it took me about an hour and half in and an hour back, walking at a casual pace.

I got there at 10am on a Saturday and there were still a few parking spots...and plenty of spots open in the afternoon if you're ok with waiting for an afternoon hike.

Definitely some people but not overly crowded at all, there were several moments along the trail when we were alone without anyone in sight ahead or behind us.

Beautiful wander through the fall woods.

Easily one of my top hikes, if not the #1 hike in Colorado. Set off to just do 4 miles to the Fourth of July Mine and just couldn't stop. It's incredible how many photos I took because every time you turned a corner it got more and more beautiful - especially with those aspens showing off right now! Once I got to Lake Dorothy it was nearly 5pm and I wished that I had more time to explore. I will 100% be back. WOW!

2 days ago

Beautiful hike through the forest, 9/21 the trees are just about done changing, unfortunately we missed the golden aspen covered mountain most of the leaves were gone, but there was still a few left to enjoy! (Pictures posted) You hike 2 miles in to view the scenic mountain side, still worth the trek though because who doesn’t love walking through the forest. Parking lot and street parking were full, trail traffic was moderate.

Great views at end

4 days ago

Walked this yesterday and it was spectacular. We walked trail past the lake for about 1 mile. The views are out of this world. Hike is a steady up, but very nice trail with switchbacks. Only met 1 person the whole day. Recommended!!!

5 days ago

Beautiful fall hike! Like others said, you have to hike maybe 2-3 miles in before you start to get views of the really spectacular solid sheets of aspens covering the hills. After Helms Lake you don't see aspen, and the trail is a little hard to follow through the bushes (willows?), but they add some nice yellow color to the beautiful mountain views. My phone and FitBit both measured 18.9 miles round trip to Abyss Lake, quite a bit longer than the 15 miles All Trails lists.

5 days ago

This is a beautiful hike. It is a steady ascent all the way up, but there are 360 views up high. We walked for about 1 mile above the lake and then views of hunter-frying pan wilderness come into view. Truly spectacular

6 days ago

Absolutely stunning in the fall! The aspens are perfect shades of yellow right now, 9/17, and in order to see them blanket the mountainside, you need to hike about 3 miles in. Totally worth it. And it's nice and shaded all the way until it opens up...you walk through a few aspens in the trail, but holy moly, that mountainside. There's a beautiful stream, too. I've shared some pictures :)

Good trail. Did this for my first backpacking trip and had a great time. Being from the Midwest, it took me some time to adjust to the altitude, which made the hike a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. The first 1.5 miles on the Salmon Lake trail is grueling, particularly after we had hiked close to 8 miles before (we did a portion of the Rock Creek trail in the morning). Found a few great campsites toward the top with views of distant peaks and closer ones. Great for the sunset and sunrise. We even had a moose walk through our campsite. The views at the top are breathtaking and well worth the hike.

There is a point about mile 5 where you are walking in a blown out area filled with dead and fallen trees. The trail remained very clear (had to climb over a few) but I would be wary of doing this section on a windy day for fear of falling trees.

In all, a great experience.

Up to Cirque Meadows is very easy. The aspens are changed, making much of the path very colourful.
We were confused at first about the marked campsites which are farther up the trail past the meadow-the sites were nice, site 3 has a good view.
The rest of the way was tougher, and some places we lost the trail as it wound up the boulders.
The end views are breathtaking, and great photo opportunities. I plan on going again in June when the wildflowers are bloomed.

Incredible views at the lake! We logged 7.75 miles round trip with a short walk by the lake and parking close to the trail head.

Amazing hike with 360 views almost the whole way . Beautiful scenery and definitely a diamond in the rough . We didn’t see many people out on the trail and the parking lot is small. The road to the trail is definitely bumpy.. slow going for sure. But don’t let it keep you from going . I wasn’t expecting such an amazing hike . We didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted at the top because it starting storming and lightening. But the view at the top - AMAZING... half the trail is dirt and some is nothing but rocks. The hike isn’t too strenuous and we only got to check out Lake Dorothy but I would definitely love to go back and explore the rest of the trail .

Hiked nearly to the lake, had to turn around due to time. The last portion of hike (past the tree with grave marker/cant miss it) is mostly uphill. Lots to see on this hike, variety of terrain, plenty of shade, beautiful views.

Finally did this hike last weekend as a solo day-hike. Started the hike around 11 a.m. and and passed maybe 20 people on their way down. Had the lake all to myself once I got to the top! Abyss Lake itself is nothing overly special, but it was pretty cool to see the backside of the Sawtooth between Bierstadt and Evans. Very steady elevation gain. This is an amazing hike to do in the fall to see the foliage! The leaves were just about at peak last weekend, so I imagine this week to go if you want to see them in their prime!

8 days ago

Amazing fall colors today!!! Love this hike!

Fantastic hike with great views. Decently strenuous with nearly the entire trail at an incline. Some rockier parts, definitely bring proper hiking boots. Fantastic views, especially after the treeline. Camping is possible. To get to the lake, take the Caribou Pass trail and it will be on your left. Get to the parking area early!!! It will be full by 8AM or so.

8 days ago

Fall colors, incredible, next week they will be popping even more than they were on this hike.
beautiful Lake on top wasn't too busy on a Friday.

11 days ago

A real treat. First part uphill through trees is not too tough. The views and panoramas above tree line are spectacular. The lake is end of this trail but the views do encourage you to go on. A lot of bear scat at beginning of the trail. Makes you wonder with an entire wilderness to choose from why bears choose do their business on trails. No thought for others. Shameful! Recommend this trail without hesitation despite my reservations on wildlife toiletry habits.

Pretty steady hike up. Great camping at both lakes

We had a beautiful hike to Grizzly Lake. The last half has little shade or cover as you are at timberline. Saw big horn sheep! Got to the lake and fished for a while. Great fishing and caught beautiful native cutthroats. Saw only a couple of hikers on the trail. Had it to ourselves pretty much the whole hike. Took our time going up as the altitude and the incline took their toll, but the views and the lake are totally worth it.

FOUND (9/8/2018}: hiking poles at the peak. If you are missing your poles DM me with brand / description (919-622-3772)

Got an early start and missed most of the crowds. Trail is well maintained. Class 2 scramble looked impossible from below but was rather friendly once we got started. My 8 year old dog made it up without a problem. Wild flowers were beautiful and views were incredible!

15 days ago

Mildly steep, quick ascending trail. Totally beautiful reward arriving at Lake Agnes. All by ourselves, no one out there but us. Monday 6a start time.

18 days ago

Wonderful hike but LONG!!

20 days ago

Beautiful, short hike with some short areas of heavy climbing. We parked at the winter lot because that is where the GPS directed us, and walked up the road. I think it's about 2-1/2 miles roundtrip when parking from this lower lot,

If your vehicle does well off road, you'll probably still be able to get a spot up top right by the trail head. Lots of panic parking on the road up there, so don't give up hope if you see cars everywhere. The trail was busy this weekend, but the weather was amazing.

on Diamond Lake Trail

20 days ago

Great trail. Wonderful views of 13teeners, massive amounts of wildflowers (in spring and summer), fantastic waterfalls, water-crossings and streams all along the way. We saw a moose - bull (great rack!), a female and her baby). The waterfall from Diamond Lake can be heard and seen (most of the time) tumbling down the opposite ridge along the first half of the trail. We hiked with out 10 and 7 year old all the way to the lake - upper end of moderate rating due to altitude and elevation gain would be more of an appropriate rating for this trail. Very enjoyable. LOTS of people with limited parking. I would go again on a weekday NOT a weekend. The road in is fun to drive if you have a vehicle with clearance. You are driving on dirt road for about 7 miles after you go through the town of Eldora. The dirt road into the main parking has some serious ditches and obstacles. I would suggest parking off the side of the road if you don't feel like four-wheeling.

So many bikers, but all the friendly kind! Great little hike, would make for a great trail run but I brought my Frenchie and he isn’t much of a runner :-)

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