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Beautiful scenery. Was a bit of a hike but totally worth it.

11 hours ago

Intense hiking over rocks with great views of Lake Tahoe and many other lakes. The 360 view from the top was amazingly spectacular and totally worth the effort!
Took my boyfriend and I 8 hours, and we are in very good shape. There were some people hiking faster than us, so I bet most people take ~7-9 hours to do this hike.

Perfect hike. Went with my wife and 9 year old daughter. Camped at Jamison lake, and hiked out. You really can not ask for a better hike to introduce kids to over night backpacking!

It’s a great hike , we did this hike on long weekend(Labor Day) but unfortunately we lost our cockatiel(pet bird) when we were almost reaching the top most point . If anyone finds please ping us 832-454-2772

1 day ago

An awesome hike. Makes the legs burn. I started a little after 8am. Only a few other folks on the trail. On the way down around 10am there were lots of people coming up. It's a narrow trail. Windy. Great views.

Fun little hike before the snows return. If actually trying to bag the true summit keep in mind it’s the easternmost crag. Def a bit of exposed class 3 climbing to get up top but we still managed to get up in a little under two hours.

beautiful views and amazing trail.

Beautiful views! A lot of climbing but worth it. Stopped at Summit Lake as well, another lovely lake! Off the try the Castle Peak connection...

3 days ago

Great mellow trail!

This was the first mountain that I have ever climbed and it was so cool sitting at the summit it felt like we were on top the world. It’s rated hard but I’m 65 years old and I made it so if you’re in decent shape climb and enjoy the view at the top.

3 days ago

So glad I can cross my first mountain peak trail off my bucket list. I wasn’t the fastest but I did get to the top. Sunshine and wind made for a cool start, but soon warmed up. I took plenty of rest breaks on the way up. Beautiful views and the trail was busy today as it was National Park Day. The last bit was the most challenging as the boulders were a bit more challenging with many ways to the top. Go prepared for a hike with some good shoes, appropriate clothing, some water and a snack so you can enjoy your day!

Challenging but amazing.

fantastic views await you at the top

4 days ago

Did this hike yesterday and it was a decent challenge. Great views all the way and especially at the summit. The entire park is beautiful.

We did a two night trip here. We hiked to Grouse lake, which according our gps is 4.1 miles. It is a climb but all and all not to bad. We made our camp here. Gorgeous lake with brook trout jumping. The next morning we hiked up to Hemlock and Smith. My gps said 1.3 miles from grouse, Total elevation gain from Wright’s lake was 1704. Both were full of trout. All these lakes are worth the effort. The last section to smith is very steep, hard to find and follow the trail and has loose rock. The view to the west is amazing! I would consider the trail a mod/hard depending on your fitness. I’m 52 in ok shape and carried a 28 lb pack. It took me 2.5 to Grouse. From grouse to smith took about 45 minutes but some of that was looking for the trail at smith. One way the hike is approx 5.4 so total 10.8. Hard on the knees going down. Hiking poles are your best friend here

Pleasant beautiful loop, definitely go out to Donner point.

6 days ago

When I did this hike on 9/15, it started out nice weather then quickly changed to super windy and snow at the top. I read that the weather can be unpredictable and afternoon showers were common so we started around 10 figured we can get to the top by noon. I started seeing the dark cloud coming toward us and by the time we got to the top it started snow. Adding to the strong wind, the snow made us very chilled. I saw many people not wearing gloves and I was glad I was prepared for a cold weather. It turned out the snow was temporary and after 15 minutes blue sky came out, revealing the surrounding scenic views. The wind was still strong though and made difficult to stay on the top enjoying the views. This hike itself was not a physically demanding but the weather element made us miserable. The view of Mt Shasta was very nice.

super windy and not necessarily fun since the hike is pretty much dry and rocky the entire time. nice to know you climbed the highest mountain in the park though!

Hard. Extremely windy. Breathtaking!

Beautiful hike! Very exposed and important to bring sunscreen. Lots of views of the lake. We went during the week in the afternoon and there was barely anyone else there. Took our dog down to the lake for a swim and didn’t see a soul! Water taxi no longer running for the season. But it’s a pretty easy hike with slow elevation gains.

7 days ago

We made a day hike out of this and was not disappointed by the challenge of mount Tallac. This is a beautiful Mountain, with several terrain changes. To start the hike about 0.4miles in we heard brush moving on the hill to our left, noticed very quickly that we were within 40 yards of a momma bear and two cubs....we backed off gave her space, she lets us know she saw us as well, she and the babies continued down the hillside crossing the trail and continued on there way. What a beautiful moment, with a great outcome! Be sure to be alert! Take plenty of water and energy snacks with you as you will need them. Sturdy hiking boots,& definitely would not do this one without trekking poles, someone offered to buy mine on the way down but I had used them so frequently at that point they were not for sale. The terrain rover the last three miles to the summit is strictly rock, which offers an awesome challenge and on the day we did the climb was coupled with a slight storm which offered a nice 50mph wind, making the summit just that more sweet! The views from the summit are absolutely breathtaking,& we highly recommend this climb!

9/15/2018: Our group including 5 adults and 3 kids (ages about 5-11) all wearing regular shoes, made the trip up and back with time to stop for lunch and views in about 5 hours. It was a stunning day to be outside as it was nice and brisk but sunny. Bring a windbreaker though- it was downright COLD with the wind up near the top and out of the tree line.
Side note: It's been several days since our hike and my calves are still barking! As others said, it isn't overly steep, but it'll still get ya!
We'll definitely be headed back! (I heard the flowers are lovely mid-summer!)

Beautiful views the entire hike. The summit is definitely worth the effort. Bring plenty of water if you're not used to the elevation.

Bring lots of water!!!

Bad ass awesome walk. Best short walk I’ve done in a long time.

9 days ago

Great hike

9 days ago

Amazing views!

Great hike with amazing views! Going down was a little tough/slippery... bring gloves!

9 days ago

Did this hike on a Thursday late August and the small parking lot was full by 9am, but never mind, just parked a little bit further down. AMAZING views, easy access to trailhead and plenty of other hikers on the trail and on top. Fallen Leaf Lake was stunning, as of course was Tahoe. Plenty of sun exposure so wear sunscreen and bring enough water.

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