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2 hours ago

Wear appropriate shoes if you're not experienced or tend to be a little clumsy like me. Steep but well worth it. Lots of people but it's a short beautiful tropical hike worth visiting.

10 hours ago

steep stairs at the end, quite slippery roots when wet, best when dry conditions. spectacular view from the top! definitely don't bring dogs or young kids

on Kuliouou Ridge Trail

12 hours ago

Pretty ridge hike with amazing vegetation changes. The trail is marked in places where the footpath is unclear by ties on trees or paint. The trail is easy-moderate until you pass the grove of pines and picnic tables. Avoid this hike if it rained-- descending some parts would be dangerous and undoable if slick with mud. Otherwise, this is a safe hike with no treacherous points.

The best part of the hike is the last leg, where the green vegetation, blue sky, and red dirt take on high contrast, psychedelic colors. You'll catch views before and behind you once you reach the top. We completed this hike in about 2.5-3 hours. No crowd on weekdays. Overall a beautiful and rewarding hike.

By far the best hike I have done so far in Hawaii!!! I will not discourage anyone from doing this hike but please know that there will be some climbing to get to the top of the peaks. I only did two but next time I come back I will finish the trail. It is challenging but worth every step you take.

Can get a little muddy but definitely worth the hike. Easy to do and a definite must if you are visiting Hawaii.

1 day ago

Super fun, super beautiful hike. I had wanted to do this for years, ever since I was a little kid riding over the Pali. It did not disappoint and I’ve gone back several times. Avoid if too wet because it can get muddy and people have been seriously injured. But otherwise it’s a fun few hours. The views from the peaks are fantastic and (most) of the tricker parts have ropes to help.

This was such a fun hike, but a little longer than we were expecting! All four of us were baby-wearing our littles. We loved the falls at the end and jumped in the falls at the end. Crawl up the waterfall and see the waterfall at the top!

very difficult but a good workout

2 days ago

From Manoa Falls, I went up Aihualama. At the end of Aihualama where it meets Pauoa Flats, I took the right and headed towards a lookout point with a bench. Once past Manoa Falls, I hardly came across anyone.

Nice hike. Muddy. Great swimming under the waterfall.

Nice waterfall, but many people.

Terrific hike!

Nice trail that can be connected to other trails to make it a loop.

over grown
3 days ago

hike with the right conditions make the walk enjoyable, and definitely worth it. The trail does get confusing at the end if you haven't been to the falls before or there are very few hikers around. No swimming space at the waterfall, but often kids climb up and sit on the low ledges on the falls, foliage is also very beautiful, great for picture taking and nature enthusiasts. There are prime picture taking places before the falls if you're just going for the views, large trees and shrubbery/trail markings are nice props for photos. Does get muddy, and depending on how rainy it's been there are bugs/mosquitos. Children, dogs, and active adults will have a great time here, with the right weather conditions.

Nice afternoon hike. I wouldn't rate it hard, rather moderate. The view from the top was great!

Completed this hike 3 days ago with my mom! So proud of us.

4 days ago

This is not an easy hike! Several older hikers had to turn back. AllTrails has a tendency to underestimate the hikes. The falls at the top are tall but not too much water. It’s not Yosemite falls. You’re not suppose to go in the small pool at the bottom of the falls. Lots of steps to the top make it strenuous. When it’s flat then it’s easy. Very slippery and muddy because the trail is in shadow.

4 days ago

It is a great hike that gives you an amazing view of Waimānalo and if you look back you can see town. Bring water because it can get hot if it is a sunny day. When you get close to the top there isn’t as much shade also.

Beautiful scenery! We all loved this hike! The light mist was refreshing!

very fun trail. it can be very muddy and dangerous. great views and a nice challenge

Well that was fun! I hiked it with my parents (50s) me (30yo). It’s officially their first Hawaii hike in the books! It was both challenging but doable. It’s definitely muddy, I don’t know why we even bothered trying to avoid the mud on the first half of the hike... getting covered is pretty inevitable, haha. We did go on a cloudy day though. So we didn’t get to see that incredible 360° view from the top, it was just misty. But it was very green and lush and had incredible views on the way up!! This one was a great one!

5 days ago

Awesome but there are sketchy spots and difficult when muddy
Fun though!

Great hike! A little muddy in certain spots but good steady incline and loop.

6 days ago

Parking - we had to park about 0.7 miles away on the street. We hit the trailhead at 1pm. We only expected to be able to accomplish 1 peak (we are very experienced hikers but have heard how crazy this hike is and were actually scared to even do it), but ended up doing all 3!! It took us 6 hours from when we left my car to when we got back, we were stuck in the dark on the way back using flashlights on our phone, so start early!!

People hesitate to do the third peak because they see the drop down from the second peak, and it’s sort of an optical illusion. It does look like you drop off the cliff with a rope but don’t worry there are rock edges to put your feet the whole way down. I will say though, coming back from the third peak and back up the second peak was terrifying. You are bouldering, and I saw my life flash a few times. We also saw a trail of blood the whole way back up.

Just getting to the top of the first peak is a grueling hike in itself and has the best views of the hike, so if you’re uneasy I think you should stick to the first and feel accomplished of all of your hard work!

This is my favorite hike on Oahu.
Gona do this one again tomorrow morning!

such a great hike! took my boyfriend and I about 3.5 hours, with time to relax at the top. recommend wearing good hikers for grip as it can get slippery with the rain. when we got to the top it was too cloudy to see the view but the whole way up and down the view is amazing.

100% worth it! This was a great hike but definitely should be noted on the more difficult end of moderate, just for the fact that it gets pretty steep towards the top and the down portion is a bit difficult.

The view was gorgeous and making it to the top was an amazing feeling after the steps towards the top.

no shade
7 days ago

Love this hike.

I first reached the summit with my wife on our wedding anniversary.

I did it on New Year's day with my friend and my son. We only went halfway.

This past Saturday i did it with my friends and we tried to be there at Sunrise! Well worth it

trail running
8 days ago

Steep climb on an old train track. Great workout with very rewarding views

Awesome views! Some slippery spots, wear your climbing shoes/boots!

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