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No a hike, just a parking lot with a waterfall.

Not much of a hike but an absolutely amazing waterfall! Unfortunately your not able to get very close to it but definitely worth checking out.if your spending any time on the big island.

Short trail with amazing views! Steep walk down to the shore. The surf is heavy and the beach is rocky but it really is something special to look at with all of the dramatic cliffs sides.

4 days ago

This is an amazing hike. Two + miles straight up but the scenery of waterfalls, ocean and lush tropical flowers is SO worth it!!!

Hiked Sept 2018,
This hike was pretty much a walk in the woods. There is plenty of tree coverage so it’s good to do on a hot day or in the middle of the afternoon. It’s pretty dog friendly so if you have any four legged children they are going to have the time of there life.
The trail starts at the back of a residential neighborhood. This is both a good and bad thing because it’s a pretty upscale neighborhood so you don’t have to worry about your car being broken into while you’re immersed in the woods, but bad because finding a place to park can be a pain in the ass on a packed weekend.
There is plenty of natural beauty surrounding you on the way up and you’ll be zigzagging your way through the woods for at least an hour and a half, if you’re in no rush and want to take I. The sites along the way. There will come a point on the trail where there is a break and the valley is to your left with the ridge line continuing on your right. If I were you, I’d finish to the summit first and then back track to see the valley. I say this because the stairs are pretty brutal toward the peak and you’ll need those legs to reach the top. All in all I definitely plan to come back to this trail a second and third time. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I highly recommend this hike. It rained on us a bit early, but even with that, was a fun hike. It does get rough when it gets muddy, but definitely nothing too crazy. The views are stunning. Complete panoramic views.

Great trail! Amazing views

10 days ago

This hike was so beautiful and rewarding. When I went, it was cloudy and slippery. We were in the clouds and couldn’t see out from the summit at all. But the views along the way we’re stunning. It looks like a tropical Pacific Northwest while you’re walking through the trees. Then you’re in the mountains and it’s magical. It is definitely moderate, with a couple of really steep spots. I would recommend hiking shoes/gear. This was well worth the drive and trek!

Total bucket list visit. Not really a hike. It was very cool to see something featured on "Lost". Very slick in places so take care with your footing. The views were amazing.

This is a nature walk through a tropical area. There are many vines, beautiful trees, and tons of chickens! I enjoyed the walk very much.

DO NOT GO (unless you're willing to risk serious injury). There is no visibility for the hiker due to thick vegetation, maybe there once was, but there no longer is. The mud is a major risk as well. No one should be attempting this "trail" right now unless you're an acrobat with a great GPS, which you will need for every step you take.

Great trail to hike! Well worth the time. Take time to enjoy the views at the top.

14 days ago


Please dont bring bus loads of people to this trail.

14 days ago

DO NOT recommend this hike or Naniuapo Falls Trail. The same trouble impacts both, lots of rain and saturated ground has reshaped any paths you'd think would be there, plus lots of huge trees are down.
Very limited trail makers as well so have a good GPS for getting there and back, I did and it certainly helped.

Solid trail for families, but prepare to get a little muddy...kids like that anyway.

Great time! A bit muddy so I'm glad I brought my poles. I'm clumsy though - they aren't required!

great hike; done it several times; go early in the morning, lots of fog and rain in the afternoon hours.

amazing views!

24 days ago

As my friend put it: "One of the best views in O'ahu without the difficulty or dangerous ridges." You get a fantastic panoramic view of SE, and E coasts of O'ahu. Great first taste what O'ahu has to offer without the risk of many other trails.

My friend and I hiked this at night to get the sunrise in the morning. Started at 4 AM and reached the peak by around 5-515. We stopped at a little picnic spot halfway up which I thought was very unique for a trail like this. As we reached the top, the steps helping you up the broad ridge were fairly muddy but that was to be expected at the time of day and the elevation.

When you get to the top, there are several spots letting you see narrow views of the island. At the top you can see Diamond Head, Koko Crater, and a breathtaking view of Waimanalo. Seeing the town and the rest of O'ahu light up as the sun came through the clouds was so picturesque!

25 days ago

Not really a “hike” but a great place to go for the views.

easy trail, the kids loved all the little side trails to explore. bring bug spray and a pancho if you dont want to get wet by the falls.

I'm in love with this trail. I've been here twice. I'd recommend to go there when it's dry, but muddy/wet is a challenge too. I had a great experience. Amazing view! So beautiful!

27 days ago

slippery because it rained. better go barefoot than in flip flops (as we've seen people do pin the trail). take the trail through the forest to the other end of the beach. looks like some place from Lord of the rings.

This was my first hike in HI, lots of variations in terrain. The steps near the top were a muddy mess and they made me feel the burn. I was sore for 4 days after, but I really enjoyed the views from the top and the experience as a whole.

Great trail! You’re up in the clouds, so areas of the trail can be a bit slick with the dew/rain. But the hike is nice and short, and the views are gorgeous!

1 month ago

beautiful but a little intimidating when you hate steep dropoffs. I would consider it a bit dangerous for little kids, was a bit challenging if you have a bum knee....the views were breathtaking.

1 month ago

fun hike with great views, had been raining the morning of, making the trail quite slippery.

The path is a paved loop. I’m glad we started right because we witnessed the lush rainforest then worked our way towards the waterfall. I realize the beauty of paved paths is you don’t have to watch your step (as much) and you can actually take in your surroundings. The path takes you by rivers, bamboo, flowers, lookouts, and other sights.

We did get a few bug bites the size of quarters, which itched for almost a week. It’s been over a week now and they’re still there though smaller. Yes, we wore bug spray.

Shouldn’t get wet on this trail, as it’s far from the fall itself. Sometimes you’re in a canopy and sometimes open air. The hike is easy. I took my grandpa and he loved it.

The entrance fee is cash only but there’s an atm. There is a bathroom onsite too. My uncle asked for the dried bananas sold off the road to here, so those must be good.


very pretty trail. good time had by all.

Nice and easy with the kids (11 and 6)

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