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This was my very first trail hike a year ago, so I felt very accomplished. Absolutely beautiful scenery.

rock climbing
11 hours ago

Holy moly!!!! i hike a fair bit and this was one of the hardest trails I've ever done. I think a large part of it was that it had been rainy the few days before so the trail was as muddy and slippery as all get out. With that said, if it hadn't been as slippery this probably would have been a bit easier, but it's still a solid, hard workout. Would have loved to hike it in better conditions, but we didn't have too much time on Oahu and I really wanted to check it out. About 8 rope climbs to the summit of the first peak, none are too bad until the last rope climb where it's a vertical rock wall lol. Still not that bad if you have shoes with good grip and some body strength. We didn't have time to go to the 2nd (or 3rd?! probabaly wouldn't have even done that if we had time) because we had a flight to catch at 11 am that day, but took us about 3 hours RT to summit the 1st peak - that includes time we took to stare at the amazing views from the top and take some pics. The 3rd peak was almost in clouds, views were still cool, but would def suggest hiking on a day with ZERO chance of rain or clouds (if thats even possible in Oahu). enjoy!!!

Breathtaking views but stairs are difficult for non hikers


This is definitely a hard hike with all the scree. I decided to take the road down which made the hike 16 miles. Got tons of dust from passing cars, otherwise I would have given this a 5.

If you hate the stairclimber, you’ll hate this. Really awesome views at the top. Don’t go if you’re afraid of heights. You’ll be out of breath by the time you get to the top. If you’re looking for a unique trail up a railroad track, this is for you.

I questioned my hiking experience and abilities about 1/4 remaining to the top. I ended up bear crawling the rest of the way vertically up. No shame. I completed it and the views were a wonderful.

It’s good to see, but it’s overly crowded and difficult to get a good pace going when your in a “Congo line” going up the whole trail. It’s also hard to get a picture without getting some randos in it

Sketchy if you choose to go over the railroad ties, but overall a hell of a workout

Pretty disappointing to be honest. Sure it has nice views at the end, but these views can be found at most summit or ridge trails on Oahu. This was most certainly more of a trail or nature walk vs a hike. Not hard at all, just hot and exposed. We arrived at about 8am and there were already droves of people walking up and down. There was a wait for any view as people were taking turns with pictures. I would recommend taking the steep set of stairs immediately to the right after you exit the first tunnel. It's not much of an effort and gets you straight to the first observation deck which isn't as busy and has almost just as nice views as the very top one immediately above you. Nice for families or just people who was a quick walk to a view and don't mind TONS of people. For any hiker or someone who wants a bit of solitude, this is not for you.

2 days ago

A great little workout whilst on holidays, start early to avoid the heat and take your time to enjoy the view from the top. Around 30 - 40 minutes each way

Great trail. Beautiful waterfall.

trail is great. I have been a few times a day haven't regret it yet. when you go make sure you jump from the high point on the waterfall (the left if you're looking at the fall)

Nice short hike with some great views at the end. Recommend walking in and paying the $1. Can be pretty warm in areas where the breeze is blocked, so make sure you have water with. I must have hit it at a light time, I really didnt have to deal with that many people on the way up or at the top.

3 days ago

Super hard, but worth the rewarding view!

So hard but worth the views! Trail is still in pretty good condition considering all the rain last week. Not for the faint of heart!

Crowded, but pretty easy of a hike. Great views. You can drink out of a pineapple when your done. Easily accessible by the bus.

Feel’s like I’m in Jurassic park! Falls are a nice cool down at the top.

4 days ago

Beautiful walk through the rainforest. Feels like your in jarrassic park!

Very heavy traffic the entire time. Do it once to check the box.

4 days ago

Great first impression of trails on the island. Had a mixture of refreshing rain and sunshine breaking through at various points. Numerous photo opportunities , especially at the end of the trail of a fantastic waterfall. Highly recommend for any skill level, although near the top it can become a little slick for elderly. I have had to help hold a few hands to ensure they see the view.

Waterfall was great. Hike past the waterfall was an adventure

Very crowded especially at the top but good for a big group with people at all different levels

Little buggy but super fun!

Hiked Sept 2018,
This hike was pretty much a walk in the woods. There is plenty of tree coverage so it’s good to do on a hot day or in the middle of the afternoon. It’s pretty dog friendly so if you have any four legged children they are going to have the time of there life.
The trail starts at the back of a residential neighborhood. This is both a good and bad thing because it’s a pretty upscale neighborhood so you don’t have to worry about your car being broken into while you’re immersed in the woods, but bad because finding a place to park can be a pain in the ass on a packed weekend.
There is plenty of natural beauty surrounding you on the way up and you’ll be zigzagging your way through the woods for at least an hour and a half, if you’re in no rush and want to take I. The sites along the way. There will come a point on the trail where there is a break and the valley is to your left with the ridge line continuing on your right. If I were you, I’d finish to the summit first and then back track to see the valley. I say this because the stairs are pretty brutal toward the peak and you’ll need those legs to reach the top. All in all I definitely plan to come back to this trail a second and third time. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I highly recommend this hike. It rained on us a bit early, but even with that, was a fun hike. It does get rough when it gets muddy, but definitely nothing too crazy. The views are stunning. Complete panoramic views.

Great feeling and incredible views when make it

5 days ago

This hike was great. The trail immediately takes you into the wilderness feel. It’s short, but the scenery, especially the large open area at the bridge, is the most beautiful I’ve personally ever seen.

AMAZING HIKE! I would totally recommend this hike to anyone who isn’t afraid of heights and is in decent shape. Went to all three peaks. The first peak has amazing views and the next two peaks are just a fun adventure!

One of the most rewarding hikes. The feeling of accomplishment and the view from the top is amazing.

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