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1 day ago

Amazing amazing trail! It’s hard to describe unless you’ve done it. As others have said, be sure to bring plenty of water as you’re in the sun and it gets hot fast. If you do an out and back, leave extra time for the climb back up. The views and silence in the crater are out of the world.

3 days ago

I’ve done a good number of hikes in my life and this was really up there! Beautiful grand vistas, changing scenery, a good length, and a very satisfying ending!

Going down was delightful. It’s as close to silence as few of us are fortunate to hear. For our hike it was clear and sunny, but I’ve seen it clouded out before.

The way up felt like work, but is accessible to anyone willing to take breathing breaks.

What you should know:
Trail starts at the very worn path next to, or maybe on, private property.
Narrow trail along a cliff.
Unofficial nude beach at the end.

If you're accepting of those 3 things then you are in for a real treat. The water against the red beach and vibrant jungle is stunning. Protected little cove with no waves.

We brought our 5 year old with us. Held his hand the whole time. The end was a little sketchy but the beach was in sight, so we slowed down for that 50 foot section. He thought the beach was so cool and was excited to jump in the water. He could've cared less about the nude guy and topless girl.

Shoes or boots encouraged for this. You're going down a steep worn dirt path with some rocks along the way. Jagged rocks, not really the kind you want to hold for support or brush against. Must get to the bottom though, it is otherworldly. The rock formations are so cool, massive lava field that looks like it could be the scene of a sci-fi movie. Oh, and there is a blowhole!

Really short hike but good shoes required as you're walking on potentially wet lava rocks. A fall is gonna hurt.
Pretty amazing to see mother nature in action, can't find rock formations like that many other places.

This is a nice trail that begins on private property. One pretty waterfall at the end. Not very challenging.

Great family hike! I’ve heard that this hike is super busy, but we didn’t experience that at all. I think the key is to go later in the day, to avoid everyone starting their excursions on the road to Hana. We got there around 330 pm and only saw a handful of people. We were totally alone at the 2nd waterfall and didn’t see a single person on our way back down. The 1st waterfall is super close. If you want to do the 2nd one, you’ll have to go through a gate which has a bunch of signs talking about how dangerous it is, and how it is for experienced hikers only. It wasn’t at all difficult for my kids. I think they have them up to make sure people are being cautious. I could see it being intense if there had recently been a lot of rain or something, but it was really quite mild when we went. Beautiful trail. Breathtaking waterfall!

off trail
private property
6 days ago

The beach was great however the trail map goes through a private property I couldn’t access. It’s easy enough to go around. Be weary of doing this in flat soles or sandals. The ground is very smooth and next to a cliff for much of the path.

Great short trail to a beautiful view overlooking the coast. Don’t miss this hike. Bright sun for much of the trail,so be prepared. If it has rained, can be pretty muddy.

Challenging but views are worth it.

10 days ago

amazing views! a bit muddy/slippery, but worth every step!

11 days ago

Super short hike down to the blowhole. I knocked off a star because of how incredibly crowded it was. I would advise hiking boots or at the very least tennis shoes, but you will see people venturing down in flip flops. Be prepared to have a few heart attacks watching children haul ass down the rocks while they're parents meander their way down, oblivious to the danger the surroundings present to their kids.

Spectacular hike! I loved every minute of it. The views are breathtaking and the silence was golden. I was the only person in site for 90% of the hike.

13 days ago

Bring shoes that grip. Muddy trail!

The blow hole is big and fun! Short hike and a neat thing to see, but there are other places that are 5 star.

14 days ago

Beautiful views. Well worth the hike. Took me 2.5 hours round trip. In OK shape. I’d rate this as moderate.

Beautiful Views! Easy walk to scenic lookout.

Loved this trail but did sliding sands to halema'u trail and hitchhiked back up. it's a long 11 miles but amazing and ever changing terrain. I did the sliding sands down and back up last time and it was extremely difficult due to the altitude between 9,000 and 10,000 feet. Finished sliding sands > halema'u in about 6 hours while taking a decent amount of breaks.

Breathtaking views, great workout could be slippery in spots be careful if raining! With the time!

This is an easy small trail for the entire family to see a few of the pools and the ocean. The good news is that the park is open and the bathrooms are working.even though the federal government is shut down. The bad news is that the trail to the pools is closed. Some people have found a way to get down there however, but you do so at your own risk. There are lots of reminders about flash floods and falling. Stick to the trail is the motto here. We came in the back way from piilani highway which was a nice route without any traffic. A little bumpy in spots but driveable. From there we continued into Hana and all the way around the other end of the north side of the island. Leave early as there is a lot to see.

20 days ago

Awesome trail but not for inexperienced. Pretty steep climb up.

20 days ago

Great one, do in the nmorning to avoid clouds. Did it for sunrise - turns out the gate is locked until 7 AM, so you'll have to add 0.7 miles x 2. Worth it. Easy to follow and walk, takes about 2 hours (with the extra 1.4 miles)

20 days ago

Nice one. There are several options while down in the crater, you can adjust based on weather and you fitness level. Terrain is VERY easy, so you might end up doing more miles than you think.

Nice one. There are several options while down in the crater, you can adjust based on weather and you fitness level. Terrain is VERY easy, so you might end up doing more miles than you think.

20 days ago

Nice one! Terrain is very easy, so you'll do more mileage than you might be used to

20 days ago

Go jump from there

This is really short, almost too short to be called a hike, and you can do it in flip flops... but it’s incredible! The landscape is rough and rocky (what I imagine Mars is like)... at one point I brushed up against a rock and it was a good thing I was wearing pants because it would’ve been a cut up leg. We ventured down to heart rock and got some awesome shots of the rock & blowhole. People... please pay attention to the warnings... the blowhole is dangerous and can suck you in and you probably won’t survive. There was a kid there that stuck his head in and all I could do was pray for him.

on Sliding Sands Trail

22 days ago

The Haleakalā Visitor Center is not open due to the government shut down. However, the bus/tour companies pay for a ranger to open the bathrooms so those are available, even if you make the trip yourself.

I agree with many of the other reviews: there is no shade so bring sunscreen and lots of water. It was sunny when we were there but the wind can make it cold. Check the weather before you go. We were comfortable wearing pants, long sleeved shirts, and brought a fleece jacket to wear as needed.

Amazing views throughout- I’ve never seen anything like it! We did 2.5 miles out and then came back and then 2 miles out and back on the Halemau'u Trail so that we could see both sides of the crater without having to hitchhike. Coming back on Sliding Sands was much more difficult due to the incline and the altitude. We saw several people running on the trail as well as families with children who looked as young as 13 and parents with younger children in carriers.

My mother would not let me get too close, and by that I mean we were a solid 2 football fields away from the blowhole. But besides overprotective mothers, this is a must do! I recommend no children, as it is a pretty steep climb down nothing but rocks. Also I saw some kids about 50 ft away from the hole itself, and I will not lie, I was kinda freaking out. Super dangerous. Still, it is beautiful, and you should do it!!!!!!!

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