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Really enjoyed this trail. When it has rained it is a bit slick, but when dry, it is very nice.
Certain areas were soft enough to even go barefoot which I truly love.

I thought the trail was great. A little sketchy driving in, seems to have been a wildfire recently(months or years). Park right at the trail head and be prepared for some inclines. As others have said, great views about 2/3 up. Once at the top, carefully walk around perimeter of radar installation for views of most of island. After that, prepare for a trip back down. My knees still hurt from the decline.

Did a portion of this trail in 2 different spots, near K-hwy and in conjunction with/above crouching lion (CL). Certainly see the weight in the prior reviews as well as the news story, some dangerous spots to trek if committed. After only completing small sections, recommend only the CL portion for the experienced hiker.

Amazing views. Slippery and muddy in quite a few areas

very steep, yet well worth trail to the top of Oahu! ropes towards the top to help you. very interesting hike.

Ran it yesterday (15 sept). Don’t get discouraged by the entrance, it looked like a lot of bush whacking and not a great trail but after you get into it it’s actually a very open and clear trail. I’m used to single track in Utah where you are always running through bushes on either side of the trail but this trail was always wide enough to not touch any of the beautiful flora. At the first sign in the trail, turn left. Someone scratched it off but left is the correct way to the falls (and summit). It got very very muddy around mile 2.3 and the roots get very slippery. There is a stretch that is completely covered by trees growing from one side of the trail and bending over to the other. I had to duck down at many times. This was also the muddiest part, but while watching my footing and head slowed me way down, it was very enjoyable. Wasn’t ever steep, nice gradual climb that was only slowed by the elements. Fun trail!

We did the Tom Tom section from Waimanalo. I noticed more ‘ No Hiking’ signs are up from the Makapuu end.

Hiked Sept 2018,
This hike was pretty much a walk in the woods. There is plenty of tree coverage so it’s good to do on a hot day or in the middle of the afternoon. It’s pretty dog friendly so if you have any four legged children they are going to have the time of there life.
The trail starts at the back of a residential neighborhood. This is both a good and bad thing because it’s a pretty upscale neighborhood so you don’t have to worry about your car being broken into while you’re immersed in the woods, but bad because finding a place to park can be a pain in the ass on a packed weekend.
There is plenty of natural beauty surrounding you on the way up and you’ll be zigzagging your way through the woods for at least an hour and a half, if you’re in no rush and want to take I. The sites along the way. There will come a point on the trail where there is a break and the valley is to your left with the ridge line continuing on your right. If I were you, I’d finish to the summit first and then back track to see the valley. I say this because the stairs are pretty brutal toward the peak and you’ll need those legs to reach the top. All in all I definitely plan to come back to this trail a second and third time. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I highly recommend this hike. It rained on us a bit early, but even with that, was a fun hike. It does get rough when it gets muddy, but definitely nothing too crazy. The views are stunning. Complete panoramic views.

This was such an amazing hike, we went the wrong way, ended up going down the waterfalls instead of up. So happy there were ropes and vines to hold onto. It was very muddy, but well worth it!

Great trail to hike! Well worth the time. Take time to enjoy the views at the top.

About 5 hours. Can get confusing. So read up a bit before you go. Nice emerald amphitheater at the top

17 days ago


Please dont bring bus loads of people to this trail.

I hike this often, and difficulty always depends on how wet it is, as all the mountain trails here. This one has some great valley views and very interesting trees and fauna along the way, including some strawberry guava trees that form shady tunnels in some areas, and you can pick and eat them for a great vitamin C source and boost! Though it may lack the great coastal views of some mountain hikes, it makes up for it with it's interesting foliage, including steep fern valleys with giant twisted koa and other giants among the vast greenery! I personally love this trail, especially the west side of loop,(which I often go up and down)

19 days ago

Easy hike

on Aiea Loop Trail

21 days ago

Easy hike

Waterfalls, streams, ridge hiking, diamond head views and a hike around Ka’au crater itself. What’s not to love.
My favorite hike so far in Hawaii. I highly recommend climbing the waterfalls vs coming down them. This whole hike is a loop if you want it to be. We went up the waterfalls, around the crater to the right and then back down the ridge.
Use the all trails app so you don’t accidentally go backwards. We passed probably 6-8 groups of people that wanted to hike up the falls but took a wrong turn.
This place is always wet. Don’t worry about getting your shoes wet, it’s going to happen. As soon as you give into that, the easier and faster you will go.
There are 3 water falls you get to climb up over or around. The first two are tall drops. The third waterfall is very very long, a few hundred feet tall but a cascading waterfall not a drop. This waterfall you will cross multiple times.

Once you get to the top of the 3rd waterfall, you can start the crater hike if you like. Go right. If you want to take the ridge back, stay left.

The crater hike gets very steep and very slippery if wet. There are multiple sections that have nearly been washed out and need probably 70% rope/ weight usage. You will get dirty and it will probably rain on you. I loved it. The clouds came in and covered us about 50ft from the top, so most of the time we had and excellent views.

There is a small section when crossing from one peak to the other around the crater that is about 1 ft wide and drops off both sides. Look for this area and be careful if it is raining.

Muddy but enjoyable. Does require comfort with climbing with ropes. We loved it but our friend who is afraid of heights struggled.

Usually just take this trail to the puka. Its on private land. Good shoes, water and a hat is recommended, it does get really windy at times. Once you get the the top of the first climb it kind of flattens out for a bit then you will get into some ups and down hills. Its a 1.15 miles from the start and took me approx 1hr to reach the puka. Once you are on the trail witch is easy to follow look for the telephone poles, you will pass by to the right of it from that point it is approx. 20-25 minutes from there. After the telephone pole you will be climbing down a little steepness, its not bad but you will be using both hands. All total about 2.3 miles. Just take your time and be safe.

23 days ago

Absolutely Beautiful and fun hike. Many river crossing, muddy trail, and crossing waterfalls. Can be very slippery and dangerous especially when it’s raining or after rain. Was very cold and windy on the top.

on Mount Kaala Trail

23 days ago

Loved this hike

24 days ago

Little muddy don’t wear slippers we have seen some slippers on the trail stuck to the mud lol my husband and I did this hike back to back this week and loved the waterfall. We actually climbed down the rock and got in the water took pictures and climbed back up if you don’t have upper arm strength then you can’t pull your self up so don’t go down if you can’t pull yourself up please. Definitely a nice workout.

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24 days ago

Just about a nonstop uphill hike. I brought and 6L of water with me on this hike. I could have had a faster hike time, but there is so much to see and take in along the way. At the top please take extra care in the Reserve. Extremely fragile ecosystem and the top. Please follow all the rules posted on the signs by the gates. Endangered plant and wildlife.

27 days ago

This trail should be rated as Hard. Nothing moderate about it. A lot of trails that can make you end up literally being lost and you having to make your own path to get back on track lol. Overall great trail to do.

27 days ago

As my friend put it: "One of the best views in O'ahu without the difficulty or dangerous ridges." You get a fantastic panoramic view of SE, and E coasts of O'ahu. Great first taste what O'ahu has to offer without the risk of many other trails.

My friend and I hiked this at night to get the sunrise in the morning. Started at 4 AM and reached the peak by around 5-515. We stopped at a little picnic spot halfway up which I thought was very unique for a trail like this. As we reached the top, the steps helping you up the broad ridge were fairly muddy but that was to be expected at the time of day and the elevation.

When you get to the top, there are several spots letting you see narrow views of the island. At the top you can see Diamond Head, Koko Crater, and a breathtaking view of Waimanalo. Seeing the town and the rest of O'ahu light up as the sun came through the clouds was so picturesque!

This was my first hike in HI, lots of variations in terrain. The steps near the top were a muddy mess and they made me feel the burn. I was sore for 4 days after, but I really enjoyed the views from the top and the experience as a whole.

Great trail with some nice views from the summit. However, the half the of the loop coming back was currently closed due to construction. Overall it was a great time. Moderate difficulty is accurate, however I would say it could bump to hard when it rains, as it did today for us.

Climbed waterfalls, slid down muddy trails on backside due to rain at peak! Great hike.

If you’re looking for an adventure then this is for you! You will go through 3 waterfalls and see a beautiful view of the crater. I will warn you that this hike is not for the weak minded. This hike will take patience and physical strength. Pack tons of water and electrolytes (snacks) but try to pack lightly. You will get down and dirty as the trail is ALL muddy. Ladies... try not to wear shorts. Some of the plants are sharp and can cut your beautiful legs. It took me and my girls about 5 hours to complete this trail. That’s with stopping at all of the waterfalls and taking in God’s beautiful creation. Get in the water! Definitely worth it! Another important tip, this trail is extremely slippery. If can bring hiking shoes. I wore my Nike’s which had ZERO traction and I slipped a handful of times. And please... be careful. It’s not a competition. Try to take your time and just enjoy the nature!

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