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very adventurous. nice and cool shaded trail.

Loved this quick little shaded trail! Perfect for the dogs, just a little bit of mud. Really make sure you go clockwise to get the best view. Took us about 2 hours to complete.

I'd also park at the beach and walk up. The parking isn't designated and you don't want to park in someone's yard or something on accident.

Have to find someplace to park about 1/2 to a mile down the road. Not very many people go so it's not too hard. Pavement walk after you get around fence and then just one decline down with ropes to help to get you to waterfall.... worth the risk and just an easy walk

13 hours ago

For someone as out of shape as I am this hike wasn’t that difficult. It can be really steep in some spots but it levels out, the views? Incredible. You have a view of the H3 and it makes the hike well worth it, some reviews say the hike is close to 6 miles well that is inaccurate. It is in fact close to the 4.2 miles like the sign says. The trail is trafficked and everyone we passed was friendly and uplifting- we saw several kids doing it too so if they can do it- you can too!!

13 hours ago

Very easy going down. The way back up is slightly exhausting though. Make sure to go after a big rain, we went today and the waterfalls were all dried up. There was a small pool of water that some people were swimming in, but this hike is only worth it if the waterfall is flowing. The trail will be very muddy if the waterfall is flowing, if it’s dried dirt you probably picked the wrong day.

14 hours ago

A nice, easy trail. I recommend bug spray.

unless you plan on doing the stairway, the trail kind of ends lackluster. Be prepared for lots of mud after a mile and a half. Good hike though. Fresh air.

Many homeless, although I had no issues with my kids.

2 days ago

Great for Beginners and people looking for a nice trail for fellowship.

Lots of mud and shade. Will be back to look for the Plane Wreckage.

very difficult but a good workout

5 days ago

Great 2-hour hike! Went on a Wednesday at around 1400 and saw only about a dozen or so other hikers/runners. Mostly dry, minimal mud, lots of shade and tree cover. Definitely coming back to do it again before I fly home!

Hard, but worth every bit of sweat!

Nice afternoon hike. I wouldn't rate it hard, rather moderate. The view from the top was great!

6 days ago

I would say this is tougher than the rating but only due to the fact I carried about 30+ extra pounds on my back (baby+carrier). The “waterfall” wasn’t anything really worth the trip today but the view overall is amazing. The hike was up and down challenging and was a good workout overall. I’m sure there’s more of a waterfall when there’s more rain but not on a day like today.

Completed this hike 3 days ago with my mom! So proud of us.

7 days ago

Nice, well maintained trail but very muddy towards the end. Recommend clocking your milage because you can walk for over a mile and not see anyone. Also, recommend not starting later than 4 pm as there are places the trail gets very dark due to the wooded areas

worth it! not anyone there with us when we got there. mostly up hill but super easy

Well that was fun! I hiked it with my parents (50s) me (30yo). It’s officially their first Hawaii hike in the books! It was both challenging but doable. It’s definitely muddy, I don’t know why we even bothered trying to avoid the mud on the first half of the hike... getting covered is pretty inevitable, haha. We did go on a cloudy day though. So we didn’t get to see that incredible 360° view from the top, it was just misty. But it was very green and lush and had incredible views on the way up!! This one was a great one!

8 days ago

This was a challenging hike for me, but in a great way. It was my first “long” hike. It is more than four miles though for sure. My fitness watch registered 6.8.
The trail is very clear, and at some places narrow and steep, and if it has been raining the mud is something fierce. The views at certain spots are phenomenal. Bring lots of water and maybe a snack because like I said, it’s a long one. It took my inexperienced self around three and a half hours total. As others have mentioned PARK NEAR THE CAMPGROUNDS PARKING LOT. The incline from the exit of the trail up to the higher parking area is STEEP and not great after a 6-7 mile trek.

If you take the back trail it is more of a challenge and tales longer, but the views are amazing!

9 days ago

This trail is a very nice loop trail. It is, overall a good beginner trail. I definately recommend parking in the lower parking lot near the campgrounds, especially if you bring small kids. The loop ends there. If you park at the trailhead, you will have to walk up a steep section of road after you come off the trail to get back to your vehicle. the scenery is awesome. The tree canopy provides shade through almost the entire trail. Check the weather before you go, as the trail gets pretty muddy after a rain. This creates a more treacherous walk in certain areas. Overall, We loved this trail and will surely do it again.

I took my 10, 9, and 5-year olds on this hike and they managed better than I did! It has some great views during the first half, and then gets quite steep as you descend to the pools. Lots of folks were jumping off and doing pull-ups on the ropes that cross the water - it was fun to watch. It was very dry the day we hiked, which meant that the steep parts (hard-packed dirt) were extremely slick. We fell on our butts a few times, just due to skidding out. I will say I saw a few people hiking barefoot, or with Crocs - would not recommend that. It took us almost three hours RT, but that was with some snack breaks, and lots of time at the bottom of the trail to watch the jumpers. It was fairly busy on a Saturday, but not obnoxious -- and definitely not as crowded as Manoa falls. Don't be tricked by the first 0.8 miles -- really easy and fun. Then it gets quite steep... Definitely try it wth kiddos - they will like it a lot (if you continue tossing in the breaks for granola bars and fruit snacks!).

Great hike! A little muddy in certain spots but good steady incline and loop.

Took my wife and daughter on this path. We went slow, tracing the coast line on the way out for approx 60 mins, then turned around and used the primary “trail” on the way back. The “trail” is basically a road - ranging from gravel to a dirt road with lots of large pot holes. If they allowed it, taking a 4x4 would be a lot of fun.

The scenery is beautiful. Ocean, with huge crashing waves on one side, soaring, green mountains on the other.

The path is not hard at all. Saw lots of little kids.

If you want to appreciate the north shore waves, do this hike. Plus, plenty of parking.

Takes a little effort to find the trail after getting to the arch but well worth the uphill hike for the view at the top. DON’T climb over the arch unless you have climbing equipment or are an adrenaline junky

9 days ago

1/12/2019-Started hiking around 0815 and came across 17 groups/solo hikers. Lots of people were out and about so a good portion of the parking stalls were filled. Weather was overcast but the ground was relatively dry and there was a nice breeze going through. The view of H3 was nice as always!

such a great hike! took my boyfriend and I about 3.5 hours, with time to relax at the top. recommend wearing good hikers for grip as it can get slippery with the rain. when we got to the top it was too cloudy to see the view but the whole way up and down the view is amazing.

no shade
10 days ago

Love this hike.

I first reached the summit with my wife on our wedding anniversary.

I did it on New Year's day with my friend and my son. We only went halfway.

This past Saturday i did it with my friends and we tried to be there at Sunrise! Well worth it

trail running
11 days ago

Steep climb on an old train track. Great workout with very rewarding views

Awesome views! Some slippery spots, wear your climbing shoes/boots!

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