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9 hours ago

Amazing 3 hour round trip hike with beautiful views! The hike is not crowded, fairly shaded, and adventurous (but not scary compared to other ridge hikes on the island). The stairs at the end are steep, so I would not suggest the hike after rain; check the weather report before you make the journey.

no shade
9 hours ago

Challenging steep uphill hike, but super rewarding once you reach the top!

This is a very challenging hike but completely worth the sore legs after. The views are incredible; pictures just don’t do it justice. It is a high traffic area but is dog friendly. I saw people carrying infants in baby carriers, although they had to be in great shape. I had more difficulty coming down than getting up because my legs were so tired. Start early, bring a hat and plenty of water.

It was so hard to climb, but the scenery at the top is wonderful enough to make you forget all about it. Especially the sunset from the top is really the best.

Let me start this saying I had fun. This was a great experience for me. I hiked solo.

The trail was very muddy. I would never attempt it without proper water resistant shoes with good traction.

Up to the final loop was a decent, moderate hike. You are going up hill and it's not easy, but nothing too strenuous. You will climb throug banyan tree roots so that is fun (no sarcasm, it was really cool).

Now for the loop at the end. First, this hike is tagged as kid friendly. the upper section of the last loop is NOT for children. In many sections the trail is overgrown and you cannot see where you are stepping. It requires a lot of concentration and you are very close to the edge. I am an experienced hiker and I had trouble in some spots. It was a challenge, and I was looking for one. So this hike was great for me. I am not trying to scare anyone away. My hike was nearly 7 miles and took me about 4 hours.

I highly recommend following the advice in all the other reviews and if you are going to do the loop go counter clockwise. I went clockwise and missed the turn off twice and I had a GPS and trail map telling me where to go.

If you make it to the final loop and go either right or left you will get some amazing views before the hard part starts. and you can always double back. So don't be afraid, just be prepared.

Beautiful views. Wear comfy shoes & bring lots of water and sunscreen. The sun is brutal and there is no shade anywhere. Our first time and we saw whales. Awesome experience for our family.

It was 6.5 miles and takes about 6 hours. When you get to the fork, make a right so that you can climb up the waterfalls. Bring gloves because there’s a lot of rope climbing involved and it gets very muddy. The crater trail doesn’t have much cover so bring sunblock and at least 2 liters of water. Do the full crater hike past the water falls because the views of the entire island are worth it. Otherwise, you’ve wasted a long amount of time just going to the waterfalls. If you start before the sunrise, bring a headlamp because the hike starts with an immediate climb down.

2 days ago

This may have been my favorite hike I've done on Oahu so far! It's pretty tough (nearly uphill the entire time, some steep and hot parts at the top) without being dangerous like some of the other ridge hikes. There are people on it without it being overwhelming. And the vegetation changes to the top are fascinating. The view is unbeatable. You are looking down into Waimanalo over to Bellows and Kailua, and you can see south all the way back to Koko and even Diamond Head. It's not an easy hike, but so worth it!

washed out
3 days ago

Lots of reviews mention that this trail is muddy but I don’t think I was prepared for exactly how muddy it turned out to be. We went the day after some rain and the trail was shoe-sucking muddy from the very beginning until the end. You WILL be caked in it by the time you finish. We had planned to take the loop back to the beginning after the 3rd waterfall but missed it somehow as it was raining and there was very little visibility with the fog/vog. We ended up doing the crater ascent in this and it was pretty unnerving. Everything was incredibly slippery/ impossible to avoid sliding and there was one part in particular that I needed a boost from a military dude behind us to get up because there was literally nothing to grab onto but slick clay. Considering we had no view because of the fog it probably wasn’t worth the ascent but it was too treacherous to turn back. The slow pace caused about 5-9 of us to end up doing it in a group which made everyone feel a lot safer and we had a great time. Overall, didn’t need to do the summit but it definitely made for a very challenging and memorable hike. Planned to take about 4-5 hours with short loop back but it ended up taking us almost 7 with the slow pace. Our watches showed about 7 miles instead of the 5 listed here but with the elevation change it sure felt like more than that.

It's uphill, but paved so seems more trail than hike to me. Regardless, beautiful views from the top.
Hiking down the "secret" trail to the tide pools definitely increased both the challenge and the adventure.

First of all, the parking! Wow!! can't do much about it, but when when you get a spot your good. The trail is paved all the way and you are in a moderate incline. Worth a morning stroll as we were fortunate to see a few whales early noonish!

A beautiful but technical and treacherous hike. We hiked anti clockwise to the third waterfall then took the path to the right to circle around the crater ridge. The path around the crater was extremely muddy and slippery (I fell a few times). The ascent to the peak of the ridge was very steep and some parts were difficult even with assistance ropes (good upper body strength was required). The views of the crater and the beach and buildings were great. Once we completed the crater ridge we descended via a different path (not via the waterfalls). It took us about 8 hours (going at a slow pace). The All Trails app says the hike is 5 miles (including the crater ridge) but my gps watch recorded 7 miles.

If I were to hike this again I would skip the crater ridge as I felt that the effort was not worth the view a second time. Instead, I would take the path to the left at the top of the third waterfall to connect and descend via the non waterfall path.

- If you normally wear glasses, wear contacts. My glasses kept steaming up due to the moisture in the air.
- Do not wear quality pants and socks. They will get extremely muddy from the trail, the climbing and where you have to slide down the path because it is too muddy/slippery to walk
- Hiking poles would have helped
- We carried 3L of water per person which was too much. 1.5L would have been enough as the trail was cool (we went in Jan - temperature of Honolulu was 80 Fahrenheit) and the path was well covered (except for the crater ridge)
- Go with a group, on the crater ridge, having a helping hand or a boost up the muddy, steep ascents was very helpful
- Leave a change of clothes and plastic bags for dirty clothes post hike.

Short, paved walkway. Beautiful views at the top. It’s more of a uphill walk than a hike, but certainly still enjoyable.

Upward incline the entire time with some Lookout spots along the way. Some off-paved paths that looked interesting but I wasn't that brave... One wrong foot and you could slip right down the cliffs. Not much to see along the way except cacti and scary spiders in the brush. Once you reach the lookouts to the ocean it's beautiful. Deep blue and you might catch a glimpse of a whale. We saw a little baby one playing in the distance. At one of the whale watch spots there's a steep Rocky trail down to the tide pools. Wanted to do it but it was really windy and we were already pooped as it was our second hike of the day. Heard they are a must see though. Saw tiny people down there floating in them.

5 days ago

a bit muddy and plumeria not really blooming but the cacti are very interesting. overall nice 2 mile loop

5 days ago

steep stairs at the end, quite slippery roots when wet, best when dry conditions. spectacular view from the top! definitely don't bring dogs or young kids

on Kuliouou Ridge Trail

5 days ago

Pretty ridge hike with amazing vegetation changes. The trail is marked in places where the footpath is unclear by ties on trees or paint. The trail is easy-moderate until you pass the grove of pines and picnic tables. Avoid this hike if it rained-- descending some parts would be dangerous and undoable if slick with mud. Otherwise, this is a safe hike with no treacherous points.

The best part of the hike is the last leg, where the green vegetation, blue sky, and red dirt take on high contrast, psychedelic colors. You'll catch views before and behind you once you reach the top. We completed this hike in about 2.5-3 hours. No crowd on weekdays. Overall a beautiful and rewarding hike.

6 days ago

Super fun trail! Be careful about doing it when it’s been rainy because you do need to cross the stream bed several times and go up alongside three waterfalls with ropes. It’s muddy and there is a part where the trail is missing so you need to swing across with ropes. The trail follows the stream bed in along the last few houses in Palolo Valley (trail head is on private property but there is a hand painted sign marking it and warning caution and street side parking) and pipes bringing water from the crater. It can be windy along the rim of the crater but it’s a really neat and very different view! I’ve seen families try to bring kids along for this one but I wouldn’t... it’s pretty long and the last group I saw made it to the base of the third waterfall and was trying to figure the shortest way out. There are a few different paths that crisscross and can cut a little time off.

This was a last minute find and is now one of my favorite hikes. Can be a little tricky if you’re not sure footed. It gets a little slick in some spots. Enjoy!

very difficult but a good workout

Nice trail that can be connected to other trails to make it a loop.

Hiked January 2019,
This was a great trail. It started off a little sketchy just because you have to enter the trail in the back of government property complete with construction workers and warning signs telling you not to enter. There are probably a number of ways to reach the top, but I’m sure if you follow the actual river coming from the water fall you won’t miss it.
It’s pretty dog friendly and off of the beaten path so it makes good for a cool evening stroll.

Completed this hike 3 days ago with my mom! So proud of us.

9 days ago

It is a great hike that gives you an amazing view of Waimānalo and if you look back you can see town. Bring water because it can get hot if it is a sunny day. When you get close to the top there isn’t as much shade also.

Easily one of the more enjoyable routes Ive done. I didnt see another person on the trail until I was nearly back to the trailhead. Bring lots of water, wear long pants to avoid scratches.

Gorgeous hike got lost at the top of the crater. Don’t if you don’t want to go all the way around once you get to the top hang a left of the creek before the crater and it will take you back down.

This was a really great hike very worth it for the views at the top. It is definitely no joke, especially if you complete the crater and don’t take the shortcut after the third waterfall.

Short, sweet, side hike. Saw humpback whales. Lovely views and easy path.

12 days ago

100% worth it! This was a great hike but definitely should be noted on the more difficult end of moderate, just for the fact that it gets pretty steep towards the top and the down portion is a bit difficult.

The view was gorgeous and making it to the top was an amazing feeling after the steps towards the top.

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