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We did this hike as a sunrise hike so we Arrived around 5 AM. Our friend brought us and didn’t really tell me what the hike was going to be. I didn’t realize we were going to be climbing wooden steps up the side of a mountain. The hike is nearly vertical at times. It is very physically intensive so I was glad we did it early in the morning without the sun beating down. We were all dripping with sweat. I got really muddy and dirty, and coming back down was really difficult. I would suggest bringing knee braces for the way down. Watching the sunrise from the top was breath taking and incredible. I would recommend doing it that way so that the heat and the sun doesn’t make it more difficult on the way up.

We went in the morning around 8am and practically had the trail to ourselves. Wonderful little hike with a great waterfall at the end.

This trail can be considered off the beaten path. it is difficult but so worth it. Be careful and attentive. You will need to follow hard to see markers on trees in the form of ribbons and painted bottle caps. There may be pigs around, I saw footprints but didn't come across one.
Entrance to this trail is easy to miss, so download the map ahead of time, you will lose service and you might get lost.
The trail goes down the mountain to the river bed and follows the riverbed back up to the waterfall, but it cuts across back and forth several times over river. Look for markers, different colors, all the same trail.
When you get to falls, you can unwind and swim. Take the break, it will be rough getting back and looping around to the Aiea trail at the top. Going up it will be muddy and steep. Watch your step. There will be ropes to help in some parts and a lot of ferns hiding the trail. It goes up and up and up until you reach the Aiea trail. Definitely worth it, but go prepared. :)

13 hours ago

beautiful but a little intimidating when you hate steep dropoffs. I would consider it a bit dangerous for little kids, was a bit challenging if you have a bum knee....the views were breathtaking.

Did this trail this morning. Arrived around 0630 (Monday) was a little busy but not to bad. The hike up was good, a little challenging in some spots. It’s a lot like the Incline in Manitou Springs, Co only in worse shape. The hike is worth the view from the top.

19 hours ago

Love this hike, that much I’ve hiked it every time I’ve visited with my family. You can Uber back and forth from Waikiki easily, which means you don’t pay the $5 parking fee. You need shoes, as it gets muddy, sunscreen and bug spray. It takes 30mins to hike to the 150ft waterfall, with a clear water pool. Bring/wear swim gear as you can cool off with the family, which really makes a great experience. Great for kids, dogs, families, groups and anyone which wants to see a rainforest and epic waterfall.

Very difficult hike, which requires shoes, preferably hiking boots, not flip flops or running shoes. This is an extremely muddy, rutty pathway, that’s not suitable for kids. But, this has to be the most epic hard hike, with deep swim pool with 10-50ft rock jumps into the pool. It’s actually 3.9mi round trip, which requires 4hrs total to enjoy the hike and pool. The words for this hike: epic, awesome, stunning, difficult, very muddy, incredible ending! Bug Spray required :-)

Did this trail yesterday with my wife. It was hot and humid at 8am... and the Sun decided to personally watch the slope. But, it was great! We finished the climb and spent a good 40 mins at the top.

Note, there is a "bridge" area of about 35 steps that is suspended over like a 30 ft drop... it is not challenging to cross but if you are squeamish, there is a safer bypass which is short and easy, we took the bypass on the way down.

The trail is heavily trafficked which is not a bad thing. Sometimes people coming up behind you is motivation enough to keep going. We rested every 30 steps for the most part, sipped lots of water enroute and made it up with relative ease. We saw folks climbing with babies strapped to their back. We also saw a few ladies doing the climb with 30 lb weights... insane!

Overall, great activity!

Challenging but totally worth the view at the top!

I went up yesterday, by far the most muddy and slippery I have seen it so far, be prepared to get wet as the water was flowing though the creeks you have to walk over in the first hour of the hike, it got pretty muddy and wet towards the top. Crampons(spikes) recommended.
I'm going up the "back legal way" this Saturday the 25th. if you'd like to join send me a message on instagram @angelo_q or email me at chicolo@hotmail.com Make sure to bring plenty of water and food and maybe some layers because it can get pretty windy and wet up top.

1 day ago

fun hike with great views, had been raining the morning of, making the trail quite slippery.

Aloha! Hiked Friday and Sunday. Hiking again Tuesday and this upcoming weekend. Possibly other weekdays too. I have hiked most of the hikes on this island many many times! It is often windy and/or rainy but we never have issues as we always have the right gear supplied by me when we go. If you're looking to hike and want to link up or get some ideas of what this trail looks like feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram @mike.karas or mikekarasphotography@gmail.com. Bring plenty of water for this hike and other hikes out here in Hawaii.

Beautiful trail with two sets of waterfalls to look forward to and swim in. Very easy to hike, many people were also there with small children. The trail goes on after the second waterfall but there isn’t a lot past it, and you’ll have to come back the way you came in. Overall gorgeous little nature walk.

Beautiful. Quite easy for the most part, but get there early to beat the crowd.

Very beautiful trail. Enjoyed reading the historical information on the way. Waterfall isn't always available to swim in so you may want to call ahead and check if it's open. You can still walk to it, but if the water is rushing too hard, no swimming.

The only negative was the price and that we didn't know the area was closed to swimming for the day.

Great hike.... All up hill, lots of mud after a rain but the views are amazing.....

1 day ago

great hike great views, more than expected

Very Scenic hike! Took about an hour with lots of stops for pictures. Went at 8:20. Not much people yet.

Very touristy. Kid friendly. Rocks and roots can be slippery but it’s an easy hike.

Heavily trafficked, not everyone makes it all the way up, the view is definitely worth it though.

The path is a paved loop. I’m glad we started right because we witnessed the lush rainforest then worked our way towards the waterfall. I realize the beauty of paved paths is you don’t have to watch your step (as much) and you can actually take in your surroundings. The path takes you by rivers, bamboo, flowers, lookouts, and other sights.

We did get a few bug bites the size of quarters, which itched for almost a week. It’s been over a week now and they’re still there though smaller. Yes, we wore bug spray.

Shouldn’t get wet on this trail, as it’s far from the fall itself. Sometimes you’re in a canopy and sometimes open air. The hike is easy. I took my grandpa and he loved it.

The entrance fee is cash only but there’s an atm. There is a bathroom onsite too. My uncle asked for the dried bananas sold off the road to here, so those must be good.


the breeze and view at the top made it worth the hike up!

Challenging elevation cw or ccw. I went full loop ccw which I believe to be easier. Cw would have been uphill through brush. Not fun.

You will cross the stream more like 11 times not 8. The falls were going pretty good. The pool was deep enough to swim. May have had some misting rainfall the day before.

Be alert for trail markings. Some places have broken onto the forest floor.

Took about 4 hrs. Bring at least half a gallon of water, snacks and a pack so you can have your hands free. You will use the foot slide in places. Hiking pole is useful in places. Rocks are very slick.

The full loop is for intermediate to experienced hikers. Out and back to falls is for intermediate hikers. Beginners should be very cautious in deciding to do out and back to falls.

This is not an all day hike unless you make it one. We were the first to arrive at the beach early in the morning and left by 10ish. If you go any later (earlier’s better) take a hat as there is NO shade. Bring water and sunblock too. Sand will get in your eyes (windy).

The hike is 5 or 6 lanes of heavily eroded sandstone- easily 6ft in some parts- spread all along the area. I can’t recommend driving or paying the locals to drive you. The locals cars were beat up/missing bumpers, which along with their driving demonstrates their own lack of care (I take a dirt road to my house and the paid drivers did not demonstrate off roading knowledge as we witnessed from our walk). The hike itself is pretty flat.

If taking the “lane” closest to the ocean you’ll see heaps of trash blown in by storms. Nets, laundry baskets, buckets, tires, styrofoam, rope, etc. We planned to fill a bucket with trash on our way out but didn’t realize the path we took went inland instead of to the beach.

The green sand beach itself is very rare. The water is warm. Watch the waves first to get an idea of how they work and when you’re comfortable go in. The waves were large for us and honestly scary so we stayed where we could touch. The current wasn’t strong so it was a nice experience. Somebody took a floaty and got wrecked (they were at the break).

Walk back wet so it cools you; the sun will dry you anyway. I dressed for bugs, which wasn’t necessary. Also, you’ll probably get tan lines from your tank top/shorts so keep that in mind.

I really did enjoy this beach. The lack of respect from visitors is what lowered my rating.

If you go please be considerate to the environment and acknowledge it’s condition.


So i crashed my racing drone at the hole in the mountain and had to hike up to get it...scotts slippers, loose surf shorts and a tank top lol...i am considered a little overweight and boy this trail took a toll on me. Super nice views on the way there and the trail is fairly easy to follow. All in all i was able to retrieve my drone and make it back down before sundown

3 days ago

Loved every challenging minute of this hike! Great views all along the way and at the top. Lots of camaraderie on the trail.

3 days ago

8/18/2018-Definitely one of the muddier and more humid visits to this trail. We started around 0735 and crossed paths with 20 groups/solo hikers. There were a handful of large groups with kids in tow on our way out so it seems like the popular time to go hiking is around 0900. The waterfall was nice and the mud slowed us down quite a bit but well worth the exercise!

3 days ago

Decent easy hike with a lot of tourists

Definitely a chill hike, play in the mud on the way up and wash it off in the falls as you swim in some amazing pools!

The trail is closed

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