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No mud to deal with so the hike went fairly smoothly. Amazing views all along the trail. The last hill is definitely a challenge when you think it's all over.
A definite must do hike on Maui.

6 days ago

This is an amazing hike. Two + miles straight up but the scenery of waterfalls, ocean and lush tropical flowers is SO worth it!!!

Great trail! Amazing views

We did this trail starting at Mike marker 38. it's called Acid War Zone to the Blowhole. It has some rock scrambles, but we enjoyed it. Much less crowded than from the other side (mm 38.5 or 39?)

12 days ago

This hike was so beautiful and rewarding. When I went, it was cloudy and slippery. We were in the clouds and couldn’t see out from the summit at all. But the views along the way we’re stunning. It looks like a tropical Pacific Northwest while you’re walking through the trees. Then you’re in the mountains and it’s magical. It is definitely moderate, with a couple of really steep spots. I would recommend hiking shoes/gear. This was well worth the drive and trek!

This is a nature walk through a tropical area. There are many vines, beautiful trees, and tons of chickens! I enjoyed the walk very much.

This was a bit of a climb down. I would wear hiking shoes or something stable. I saw plenty of people in sandals, though. The scenery at the bottom is beautiful and well worth the little trek!

Great views.

This was a fun moderately technical and strenuous hike with awesome views. It can get very windy near the top. There are two interesting educational boards near the windmill that explain the geography and how a windmill works, unfortunately both are very faded. Since others warned about car break-ins, I parked in a beachside lot just to the north of the trailhead. I figured parking in full sight of the highway might make the car a less attractive target. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this strategy since no one else parked there and you must cross a busy highway to reach the trailhead.

Highly trafficked. Some rocky navigation involved. Beautiful views. Highly recommend.

17 days ago

Beach walk. Cliff jumping optional!!

Great time! A bit muddy so I'm glad I brought my poles. I'm clumsy though - they aren't required!

great hike; done it several times; go early in the morning, lots of fog and rain in the afternoon hours.

Definitely a hike worth doing if you’re in town. It’s close to civilization, but makes you feel like you’re deep in the jungle! As you keep hiking up you get some pretty nice views of the ocean. Warning, there are some areas of overgrowth (tall foliage) on the trail, which may cause extra fine cuts to arms & legs; I survived. Proper outerwear is recommended, as well as appropriate shoes with good traction -lots of moisture on the ground. We didn’t make it the arboretum because of the confusing signage atop, but will definitely plan to do it again, someday!

I'm in love with this trail. I've been here twice. I'd recommend to go there when it's dry, but muddy/wet is a challenge too. I had a great experience. Amazing view! So beautiful!

Fun hike in Maui that actually has good elevation. Started at Aina Nalu and hiked up Lahainaluna Road to the solar panels (on the right side of the road just before the high school). Then started to hike up the mountain with the solar panels on my right. There weren’t any trail markers. I just followed what seemed to be the fire road up.

The All Trail path does a pretty good job at the start but it does not go all the way to the L. I noticed a couple of pale pink ribbons marking a side trail off the fire road that looked like a dry stream bed. I followed that and they lead to a series of switchbacks. Those eventually ended in the L.

Pretty incredible views of west Maui. Spoiler alert. The L is marked in chalk. Apparently the locals re-chalk it several times a year.

very pretty trail. good time had by all.

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes anywhere in the world. Have done it many times. Go early, go often.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful trail - so many lookouts and great views. Feels like you can see the whole island. This was a real highlight of my trip and I greatly recommend it to anyone visiting. The trail was not too difficult and my whole family was able to do it. We finished in a bit more than two hours and took lots of time to take pictures and look at the view. There are picnic tables at the top also so you could bring lunch and eat there.

1 month ago

Enjoyed this hike very much. Went up on a day when it was misting or raining for 90% of the hike, but that made it more enjoyable. Trail was a bit hard to follow in a couple of places so keep your eyes on the signs. Was good to have the gps to see when I was off track. Great flora on the way and loved it all.

Trail head was really hard to find since the trail is REALLY overgrown. It’s a short hike. Beautiful! Be careful of the wet rocks. They are SLIPPERY. My husband fell flat on his back. But you can play in the water and swim if you wanted.

For being less than a mile, this trail is harder than I thought it would be! The way down is more difficult because you have to scramble down rocks almost the entire way down. Good shoes are a must! Great views all around and the blowhole is fun to watch. Don’t miss the heart-shaped rock that is to the right of the blowhole.

1 month ago

Get here early. Catch the lady that sells warm banana bread. Wear hiking shoes. Check tides if you really want to see the blow hole explode. Watch out for sharp rock. Please dont leave trash around! Respect the land!

Breathtaking views, a heart shaped rock and an amazing workout! it’s very rocky and steep so be sure to wear sneakers! But it is a must go to!!

The gate opens at 7am. I headed out ready to start the hike at dawn which was 5:45am, so had to wait til 7. Didn’t see that info anywhere on here, but saw some wild bunnies, a giant snail, and a nice sunrise while I was waiting. The trail is very nice. The mountains around you are green and lush. You get great views across Kahului and the ridge. Waterfalls are visible in the distance, but no water near the trail. It rains often over there, so expect the trail to be slippery in some places.

1 month ago

Very nice hike. Very muddy and cloudy when I went. Pretty good workout. Bring a walking stick very slippery on the way down.

1 month ago

We really loved the hike! In our opinion, the most beautiful in Maui. It’s all the way up the hill, good cardio and legs workout, but the views and the landscape worth it.
Some tips:
• there are two parking lots, drive to the nearest parking to the trail and just wait for a spot!
• get there early! Clouds move fast..at noon they usually cover the trail and you can’t take advantage of the views (one of the most espectacular things on this trail)
• bring a lot of water
• use hiking shoes..it’s really moody

Today something happened that left me completely speechless, devastated, and in tears. I could not believe it today when I was taking my friends, who are in town, to see the Honolua Bay jungle to find that it was destroyed. There was nothing left but the piercing skeleton of what it once was; of what I once loved. As I walked in the usual opening I began to comment and notice that the foliage was greatly cut apart and the trees were cleared back and the sunshine was beaming in like never before. I could not grasp what was happening until I was able to see through, the former dense and abundant forest, straight to the other side. I then found myself in a graveyard of chopped apart trees thrown about to create a shoddy path to the bay. I have spent countless hours in this forest climbing and hammocking in its ancient trees, swinging from vines while reenacting Tarzan, snorkeling in the beautiful bay, and wandering around like a lost boy in Neverland. The magic was gone, the green glow through the jungle’s once dense leaves was faded, and my hope was lost. That jungle brought me so much happiness, joy, and peace. I consider this a death and have been mourning the loss all day. I could not bare to take a picture nor even spend much time in there today because I was so deeply hurt. It is ridiculous to see, first hand, what we are doing to nature. Whether we realize it or not we are all taking part in destroying the earth. We buy plastic, drive cars, kill animals, use paper and furniture without putting much thought into the origin or the result of its being... but those are just a few broad examples. I will never forget this jungle, I have never cried because a tree got cut down, but this is seriously so so wrong. I loved that place. This is the first place I explored when I visited Maui in 2016, this is the first place I came back to when I moved here in 2017, this is the first place I bring anyone who is visiting, this place is my go-to and so very special to me and now it’s nearly gone. I absolutely cannot believe or fathom why or how this could have possibly happened but I am so disappointed and heartbroken.

It’s a cardio workout with nice valley and ocean views. The trail is too well-groomed for my liking. Too easy—a bit boring.

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